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1988 BMW M5

1988 BMW M5



Price: Contact for pricing

Mileage: 225,000 Miles

Transmission: 5-speed Manual

Exterior color: Black Exterior (Schwarz 086)

Interior: Black Leather Interior (Schwarz Volleder 0232)

Additional features:

1 of 30 Black Exterior / Black Interior US E28 M5s

Euro Bumpers

Euro Grills

Euro Headlights

Formerly owned by two known and well-respected figures in the E28 community.


 exterior photo UPDATE: If you have been following this car on our website, we are almost done with it. If you are new visitor to Glen Shelly—welcome. We are nearing completion of this project and will be officially listing it soon. I haven’t tallied the final bills yet, but I’m guessing our asking price will be in the high $30s / low $40s depending on what original parts the buyer wants. In the meantime here are the details. Feel free to contact us with questions.

Build and History

 exterior photo

Engine (all work completed at 224,959 chassis miles)

  • 96,000-Mile S38B35 6-Cylinder Inline Engine (original engine available for extra)
  • Powder Coated Valve Cover and Intake Plenum
  • Miller MAF Conversion
  • Miller War Chip with Selectable Tunes
  • 4” (100 mm) Intake
  • Custom Degreed (Slotted) S38B36 Intake Cam / S38B35 Exhaust Cam
  • Rebuilt Timing Components
  • Bead Blasted / Hot Tanked Rebuilt Head (guides, seals, multi angle valve job)
  • Steam Cleaned / Painted Block
  • Bottom End Inspected
  • Ceramic Coated BMW S38/M88 European Exhaust Headers
  • Custom Test Pipe (currently fitted)
  • VSR High Performance Catalytic Convertors (on order, not installed)
  • OEM Catalytic Convertors (available for extra, not installed)
  • Stebro High Performance Exhaust (original exhaust available for extra)


  • 5-Speed Manual Getrag G280 Transmission
  • UUC EVO3 Shifter / OEM Shift Selector (No DSSR) (installed at 210K miles)
  • All Shift Bushings Replaced with UUC Installation
  • OEM Clutch and Flywheel (inspected with engine swap)

Suspension (Overhauled at 220,000 Miles)

  • M Technic Front Springs with Bilstein Sport Shocks
  • Front E28 M5 Upper Control Arms with Wokke Spherical Bearings
  • Front 840Ci Aluminum Lower Control Arms
  • M Technic Rear Springs with Bilstein Sport Shocks
  • OEM Rear Subframe and Control Arms Bushings
  • AKG Poly Rear Trailing Arm Bushings
  • 140,000 Mile Steering Box Installed


  • BMW 840Ci Brembo Front Calipers with 324mm Rotors
  • BMW E34 M5 Rear Calipers and Rotors
  • Porterfield RS4 Brake Pads


  • European Bumpers
  • European Grills
  • European Headlights
  • European M5 Chin Spoiler (Valence)
  • Chromeline Door Trim


  • 1 of 30 Black on Black E28 M5s
  • Heated Seats
  • Power Seats
  • 13-Button On Board Computer
  • Premium Sound
  • Denon DCT-a100 Japanese Domestic Market Stereo with Old School RCA Aux
  • Brax X2400.4 German Domestic Market Amplifier
  • OEM Premium Sound
  • 12” Subwoofer

Wheels and Tires

  • 16-Inch BBS RS Wheels (Center Caps Included, but not pictured)
  • 225/50ZR16 BF Goodrich g-Force Rival Tires (40% Tread Remaining)


  • 2013 BMW Car Club of America Oktoberfest Concours 3rd In Class (2nd Gen)
  • 2013 BMW Car Club of America Oktoberfest Autocross Class Winner (7B)
  • 2012 BMW CCA Rocky Mountain Chapter Autocross Overall Winner (BDS and Overall)
  • 2013 BMW CCA Rocky Mountain Chapter Autocross BCS Class Winner


 interior photo

This is one of thirty US market 1988 (E28) M5s with the desirable black interior. It has been converted to a nearly European spec M5 with many other highly desirable upgrades. I am selling it on consignment for a good friend and a fellow longtime BMW CCA member and instructor. It is an exceptionally clean E28 M5, despite its high mileage. It is so clean that it won 3rd in Second Generation Class at the 2013 BMW CCA Oktoberfest Concours in Monterey, California. It is also proof of my theory that BMWs are like airplanes in that proper care and stewardship are much more important than strictly age and mileage. Nearly all mechanical components have been refreshed, yet it just imperfect enough to enjoy on the street, track, or autocross—as every BMW M car should be—without the guilt you might have with an extremely low mileage example. It is also highly competitive, a class and overall winner at the autocross events listed above—a rare feat for an E28 M5.

Like most M5s of this vintage, the original engine developed the timing chain housing leaks that every S38 eventually gets and we suspected the valve seals also needed attention. But, it just so happened we knew of a 96,000-mile E24 M6 S38B35 engine. We acquired it and sent it to old school BMW engine builder Mark Hutto to properly sort and build into the S38 that every US-spec M5 should have come with. This included inspecting the bottom end, resealing all leak areas, replacing the timing chain components, and rebuilding the head. In the process we added an S38B36 intake cam and had it custom degreed to work with the stock exhaust cam. The engine is breathing through a Millar MAF conversion and 100mm intake tuned by a Miller War chip and exhaling through European E28 M5 exhaust headers—the single best performance enhancement you can make to an S38. We had the headers ceramic coated and mated to a custom test pipe. A VSR high-flow catalytic convertor will be included with the sale for emissions compliance. The original cats are also available for extra. Remaining housekeeping items included re-brushing the alternator, adding new oil cooler lines, and tidying up wires and hoses to look factory correct. The original engine is also available for extra.

The end result of our build is a fire-breathing monster, but one that retains the elegant understated class of the iconic E28 M5. This is the monster that you can bring home to meet your mother. When I drove it to the exhaust shop with un-muffled European headers it sounded exactly like a classic DTM racecar. I may have taken the long route just to enjoy it more! I’ve heard a lot of intoxicating BMW exhaust notes, but none were close to this. The Stebro exhaust retains this sound, but makes it refined enough for daily driving. The enhancements allow the S38 to breath at high RPMs in a way the stock motor never could. The noticeable effect is that this M5 keeps pulling exponentially as the revs build where a stock M5’s power band would start to flatten. It’s all blissfully mechanical—that old school M car recipe of a high revving, high compression, and normally aspirated inline engine unfettered by the forced induction or highly computerized engine management.

We would like to find an owner who will continue this M5’s excellent stewardship pedigree and enjoy it for years to come.