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1989 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ61

1989 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ61


A full description is coming soon.



Mileage: 228,000 Kilometers (141,672 Miles)

Engine: 12HT 4.0-Liter Inline 6-Cylinder Turbo Diesel Engine

Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic Transmission

Exterior color: White Exterior with Red Turbo Stripes

Interior: Brown Cloth Interior

Additional features:

Full Floating Rear Axle


 exterior photo

This is a preliminary listing for our latest Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) import, a 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ61. The HJ61 was based on the same 60 series we enjoyed in the U.S. but it was outfitted with the 12HT four-liter six-cylinder direct injection turbo diesel engine. The 12HT is a significant upgrade to the anemic petrol engines U.S. spec Land Cruisers received. Plentiful torque and turbocharged power make the HJ61 the Land Cruiser we always wanted, but couldn’t get until they were legal to import under the 25-year exception rule. Factory red turbo stripes on the outside and turbo logos embroidered on two-tone brown and tan cloth seats inside differentiate this JDM import from the run of the mill U.S. spec 60 series Cruisers.

At present the vehicle is Stateside, we are completing the import process and will have it available soon. When we are done it will be 100% legal and come with a Colorado title. Contact us in the meantime with questions.

Right Hand Drive / JDM Imported Vehicle FAQs

1989 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ61 exterior photo

Right Hand Drive: Driving a right hand drive vehicle is as easy a left hand drive—don’t be intimidated by it. The HJ61 is one of the easiest right hand drive vehicles to drive thanks to excellent visibility. I teach performance driving and would be happy to give any necessary instruction required to develop confidence driving from the right seat.

25-Year Rule Import: Owning a 25-year rule imported vehicle is legal according to Federal regulations, as long as it passes emissions. The only states that have extra requirements are California and Hawaii. California requires 1975 and later vehicles to be CARB legal, which the HJ61 is not. You would need to have it independently tested ($1500 per test at most labs) and CARB compliant in order to get it CARB certified. Hawaii is even stricter, making it cost-prohibitive to certify a 25-year rule car there.

Parts Supply and Maintenance: HJ61 Land Cruisers are very simple vehicles. They were designed to be ultra reliable and repaired easily—in the field if necessary. Parts can be sourced via a multitude of Land Cruiser sources and many were available on US-spec Land Cruiser models. Ordering JDM only parts can take some time, usually less than one to two weeks, but plan accordingly.