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1996 BMW (E36) M3 Coupe

1996 BMW (E36) M3 Coupe



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 120,300 Miles

Transmission: 5-Speed Manual

Exterior color: Cosmos Black Metallic Exterior (303)

Interior: Modena Leather Interior (N5AY)

Additional features:

Cold Weather Package

Heated Manual Vader Sport Seats

18-Button On Board Computer

Fold Down Rear Seats

Keyless Entry

100% Stock Except for Ireland Engineering Exhaust

Stock Exhaust Available

BMW Specialist Mechanic Owned

All Preventative E36 M3 Preventative Maintenance Up to Date

17-Inch Style 39 DSII Motorsport Wheels

Champiro WinterPro HP Tires

17-Inch ASA Black / Polished Wheels

Colorado Car

Clean Carfax / No Accidents


1996 BMW (E36) M3 Coupe exterior photo

The BMW E36 (1992 to 1999 3 Series) M3 is the best car for the buck—period! I have found, sorted, and sold many over the years including my own 1997 M3/4/5 sedan. Time has been kind to the E36, aging it with grace. When it debuted in the spring of 1991 for the 1992 model year it was revolutionary. It was the first BMW designed by computer-aided design and a stark contrast to the traditional 3-box design language used in the E21 and E30 generation 3 series. Don’t get me wrong, I love the iconic E30, but the E36 was such a leap forward that it still looks relevant amongst today’s modern cars.

What makes the E36 M3 so good is that it occurred at a sweet spot of BMW evolution where power, weight, size, suspension design, reliability, and luxury all intersected. The driving experience is connected and visceral, yet the driver enjoys luxuries that took other marquees years to offer. With only the slightest amount of talent it is a highly capable platform that can easily outperform much more powerful and expensive vehicles. The ease at which it can be pushed to the limit makes it the weapon of choice in many track applications. Abuse, neglect, and entry level buyers have decimated the population of worthy examples. Clean, unmolested, stock examples command significant premiums—and in my opinion as newer cars get worse with each successive generation, they are worth every penny.


 exterior photo

This 1996 Cosmos Black over Modena Leather M3 Coupe is one of the most desirable E36 color combinations. In stock form its lines are clean and tidy, especially with no rear spoiler. I am selling it on consignment for a BMW specialist mechanic whom I do a lot of work with. It has roughly 120,000 miles and is completely up to date on all of the routine and preventative maintenance items all E36 M3s need. The radiator, water pump, coolant hoses, thermostat, thermostat housing, accessory belts, tensionsers and pulleys, O2 sensors, power steering lines and reservoir, shocks, shock mounts, front control arm bushings, drive shaft, CSB, battery, driver’s window regulator and door lock, driver’s door card, and passenger seat SRS receptacle. All common E36 issues have been addressed or are not present. It is highly optioned with the Cold Weather Package, manual Vader seats (lighter and more reliable than power seats), 18-button on board computer, fold down rear seats, an Ireland Engineering Exhaust, and extra set of ASA wheels for summer tires if desired.

This is a properly sorted, turn-key E36 M3 that has benefited from excellent stewardship by its previous owners. It is certainly not the cheapest E36 M3 on the market, but it is worth every penny of the premium. It is a completely stock example, and a blank canvas for its new owner. It has benefited from excellent stewardship, we would like to find an owner who will continue its care pedigree and appreciate it as much as we do.

VIN Decode

 exterior photo

VIN Decode

  • Vehicle Identification Number: WBSBG9321TEY72970
  • Type: BG93
  • Model: M3 – USA
  • Developmenet Code: E36 (20
  • Chasis: Coupe
  • Steering: LL
  • Doors: 2
  • Engine: S52
  • Displacement: 3.20

  • Power: 240 Horsepower

  • Drivetrain: Rear

  • Transmission: Manual

  • Color: Cosmos Black Metallic, Cosmosschwarz Metallic - 303

  • Upholstery: Modena Leather, Teilleder W.n./modena - N5AY
  • Production Plant: REGENSBURG
  • Production Date: 1996-5-31


  • 243 Airbag For Front Passenger

  • 401 Sliding/vent Roof, Electric

  • 494 Seat Heating F Driver/front Passenger 534 Automatic Air Conditioning

  • 540 Cruise Control
  • 554 On-Board Computer
  • 686 Diversity-function Aerial
694 Cd Changer Preparation
  • 710 M Leather Steering Wheel

  • 818 Main Battery Switch

  • 925 Shipping Protection Package