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Sales, Service, and Expertise

Who Is Glen Shelly?

Glen Shelly Auto is operated by Alex McCulloch and our small staff of highly skilled specialists. We are auto enthusiasts, fabricators, technicians, detailers, journalists, airline pilots, and friends who bring a high level of professionalism and attention to detail to the automobile business. We pride ourselves on providing a vastly different experience than the stereotypical automotive environment. We are enthusiasts first and foremost. Meet our team and see our cars here.

Glen Shelly was started after many long discussions about how connecting the right person to the right car could build a better business in the pre-owned auto industry. We have over 20 years of experience restoring and repairing automobiles and take a journalistic approach, researching each car and sharing its story. In the process we do the inspections, service, detailing, and corrective maintenance using only OEM-grade parts and service manuals.

Our Services

Glen Shelly Auto focuses on the highest quality vehicles. We offer an informed and low-pressure sales environment resulting in a premium buying experience for you.


We buy and sell pre-owned vehicles, typically dealing in practical and efficient sedans and SUVs as well as high performance sports cars. We keep a small inventory of vehicles for sale that we have acquired through wholesale and retail sources and private sellers throughout the country. By keeping our inventory small, we can focus on thorough mechanical and cosmetic preparation of the vehicles we select.


Do you have a car to sell? Consignment sales are a core component of our business. We offer knowledgeable, detailed, and comprehensive listings that tell the complete story of your car, ensuring it will find a home with the right buyer. While under our stewardship your car will be kept in a safe and secure facility, only being shown to serious buyers under our watchful eye. We can correct any mechanical or cosmetic issues necessary to bring it up the best possible spec.


We specialize in high-quality, hard-to-find automobiles. Are you looking for a specific model in a rare color? Are you looking for a specific model with a particular option package? We can find it for you. Glen Shelly has worked with numerous clients to find the exact car that the client was looking for.


"Alex is a rockstar! He found me my dream car at a great price and I couldn’t have been more thrilled working with him!..I wound up with way more car than I ever expected for the price I was wanting to spend…I truly felt he had my best interest at heart in finding the perfect car to meet my needs and desires."

—Michelle C.

"You were seriously the most patient, informative, person I have ever encountered and always willing to put me before the sale…If the car industry took a page from you on how to treat their customers, it would forever change the car buying experience."

—Dan A.

"Alex, please accept my thanks again for the great job you did. It was a pleasure from beginning to end. You showed yourself to be an enthusiast as well as a great guy…I will not hesitate to call you again and will recommend Glen Shelly Auto to anyone interested in selling their car."

—M.R. M.