About Us and Our Cars

Alex McCulloch is the owner and Glen Shelly renaissance man. In addition to being a full-time airline pilot, he is a passionate auto enthusiast, automotive journalist, skilled mechanic, and experienced performance and competitive driver. His credentials include: BMW Car Club of America (CCA) Performance Driving Instructor, longtime BMW CCA member, and he has regular columns in Roundel Magazine and BimmerLife. Alex also holds a National Auto Sport Association competitive racing license. He is a meticulous mechanic who has obsessively restored, rejuvenated, and built many cars from stock daily drivers to high-performance racing machines. Outside of the car world, Alex is a retired professional competitive hang glider pilot, ex mountain bike racer, and avid general aviation pilot. Alex specializes in BMWs and Porsches, but is also highly experienced with old-school Toyotas, Hondas, Nissans, Fords, and Volkswagens. He takes great satisfaction in using his knowledge and experience to match the right car with the right person to foster their automobile passion.

Parker Brown is our detailing specialist and head salesman. He has years of experience in meticulous paint correction, and auto exterior / interior rejuvenation and restoration. He drives a BMW E30 and an E34.

Josh Parker is our head technician and service advisor. He is BMW factory trained and has over two decades of experience working at the BMW dealer and independent BMW specialist shops in addition to restoring, racing, and building his own cars. He owns an S54-Swapped E30 and an E34.

Justin Bruch is our head fabricator and highly skilled technician. He has built such projects as our snow RallyX BMW M Coupe and a lifted off-road Toyota Previa—The Mean Bean. He was integral in the Honest Assembly S55-swapped E30 M3 build that premiered at SEMA 2018. He owns an E30 and a converted school bus camper.

Merrick Kleppe is our paperwork specialist. He TCBs—takes care of business! No stubborn DMV clerk is too daunting for his persistence and “No” is not an answer he accepts! He owns a red late-model 1st-generation Toyota Tacoma.

Bart Rose founded Glen Shelly, and he maintains a peripheral role. He graduated with an MBA from the University of Colorado in 2004 and has been a commercial airline pilot since 2007. He owns a 1991 Acura Integra.


2002 BMW M Coupe

2002 BMW M Coupe

Imola Red Exterior

Imola Red / Black Napa Leather Interior

55,000 Miles

S54B32 Motor

TC Kline Double Adjustable Coil-Over Suspension

TC Kline Camber Plates

30mm Front Sway Bar

Disconnected Rear Sway Bar

Apex Arc-8 17x9.5” Wheels Front and Rear

Super Sprint Exhaust

Sparco Evo II US Seats

HMS Harness Bar

Schroth 6-Point Harness

NRG Steering Wheel

This is number 533 of 680 S54-powered M Coupes built. It was the one car I wanted more than any other through early adulthood. I made huge sacrifices to get it, and that was before M Coupe values went stratospheric. I have since built it into a NASA time trial car classed in TTB. Time trial is the best venue to exploit the M Coupe’s athletic abilities and perfect my driving. It’s not an easy car to drive at the limit, but that’s what makes it so rewarding. Tame its nasty habits and you are a hero; lapse your concentration for a millisecond and it will punish you dearly. Purists need not worry; every modification I’ve done can be put exactly back to stock in a day’s work.

1997 Toyota Tacoma Crew Cab 4X4 LX

1997 Toyota Tacoma Crew Cab 4X4 LX

Black Exterior

Grey Cloth Interior

5VZ-FE V6 Engine

5-Speed Manual Transmission

Wildernest Camper Top

Manual Front Hubs

The 1st Gen Toyota Tacoma is my favorite truck of them all. Small and light (for a truck), but highly capable and able to go anywhere in stock form the Tacoma is the truck that does everything. I have put this one through 250,000 miles of hard use and it has asked almost nothing of me in return. Reliability like this cannot be found in modern cars. It has been my home for extended periods, taken me to some of the most desolate hang gliding sites in Colorado, explored the deserts of Southern Utah, and even towed my racecar across country several times.

1989 BMW 325iX Sedan

1989 BMW 325iX Sedan

Zinnoberrot (red) Exterior

Natur Leatherette Interior

195,000 Miles

5-Speed Manual

Recaro LS Seats

CD43 BMW Business CD Player

M Tech II Steering Wheel

The AWD BMW 325iX dispatches snow like an ’80’s cocaine habit. Its lightweight chassis and perfect weight distribution telepathically communicate the road to the driver. Add a nominally split 37/63% all-wheel drive system with proper snow tires and the world is your playground when the white stuff starts to fall. In fact, it is almost too good, taking the fun out of snow days. I suppose that is a quality problem. Luckily, the E30 iX is equally fun in the dry, no E30 collection is complete without one. I think I’ll keep this one forever.

1972 MG Midget MKIII

1972 MG Midget MKIII

500,000 Miles

British Racing Green

Brown Leather

My Dad purchased this car new in 1972. MKIII Midgets were some of the most desirable having metal bumpers and the 1275cc engine producing 65-horsepower. He further customized it with a ridiculous number of switches and gauges, along with some other features I can’t talk about. It makes me giggle every time I drive it. Small and light it is slow-car-fast fun!

1993 BMW M5 Touring

1993 BMW M5 Touring

135,000 Miles

Daytona Violet Metallic

Black Leather Interior

S38B38 3.8-Liter Engine

5-Speed G280 Gearbox

M Tech II Steering Wheel

M Parallel Wheels

Extra Hurricane Cloth Interior

The E34 BMW M5 was the last of the hand-built M cars, the last naturally aspirated big-block in-line six-cylinder engine, and the last evolution of what I consider the traditional BMW. For the final model years BMW made 891 Tourings, all of which had the Euro-only 3.8-liter version of the S38 motor. Daytona Violet was one of the most common colors, but it looks utterly amazing on the big wagon. There is no more ultimate wagon than an M5 Touring.

1982 Porsche 911SC

1982 Porsche 911SC

Dark Red Metallic Exterior

Black Leather Interior

Max Moritz 3.2 Short-Stroked Engine

5-Speed 915 Gearbox


Sport Seats

15” Fuchs Wheels

The 911SC (1978 to 1983 911), SC stands for Super Carrera, was the second to the last evolution of the traditional 911 lineage—an arc that spanned some thirty-five years. The SC played an important role in the 911’s history, because shortly after its release Porsche had planned on discontinuing the 911 in favor of the 928, but SC’s popularity changed that. The story goes that it was so well received that the 911’s future was draw off the whiteboard onto the wall! The SC not only saved the 911, but also cemented its future for the greatness that followed. That’s because the SC was utterly fantastic! Incremental evolutions from the previous Carrera 2.7 and Carrera 3.0 resulted in a wider-body design powered by an aluminum block 3.0-liter engine good for 180 horsepower in early US models. Like all traditional 911s, weight—or the lack thereof—was a key design component meaning those horses only had to move roughly 2700 pounds, making it fast and composed in the corners.

1990 Volkswagen Vanagon Carat

1990 Volkswagen Vanagon Carat

199,000 Miles

Tornado Red / Sky Gray

Grey Cloth Interior

Wolfsburg Edition

Weekender Package

South African Headlights and Grills

Audi Brakes

Bilstein Sport Shocks

I am smitten with the VW Carat. It’s like a cross between the 1973 VW Westfailia I had growing up and an E30. It lives in Southern California, where my pilot base is. Cruising the Pacific Coast Highway where it is most at home, serving as a launch pad for my SoCal adventures!