Exterior photo of 1995 Honda (EH) Civic Si

1995 Honda (EH) Civic Si



Price: $28,926

Mileage: 28,500 Miles

Engine: D16Z6 1.6-Liter VTEC Inline 4-Cylinder Engine

Transmission: 5-Speed Manual Transmission

Exterior color: Frost White (NH-538-4) Exterior

Interior: Black Cloth Interior (Type D)

VIN: 2HGEH3389SH508372

Additional features:

Black/Tan Pin Stripe

1 of 1353 Frost White EH Civic Si’s

1 of 451 1995 Frost White EH Civic Si’s

Rarest Color Combo EH Civic Si

Stock Options:

4-Wheel Disc Brakes

9,000 RPM Tachometer

Power Sunroof

Passenger Side Mirror

Sport Seats

Cruise Control


Color-Matched Bumpers

Color-Matched Mirrors/Door Handles

Air Conditioning

Rear Speakers

NOS Mud Flaps

NOS Arm Rest (original center console trim included)

Cup Holder

SiR Front Spoiler

14-Inch Steel Wheels (removed)

15-Inch Alloy EK Civic Si Wheels

BF Goodrich G-Force Sport Comp-2 Tires

NOS NIB Yakima Roof Rack w/ Fairing

Battery Tender

Honda-Badged Seat Covers

Clean Carfax

Original and Unmolested Time-Capsule

Original MSRP was $13,920 = $28,926 in 2024 Dollars

*We reserve the right to refuse the sale of this car to any person we deem unfit.


1995 Honda (EH) Civic Si exterior photo

The Honda Civic Si debuted in the U.S. market with the third-generation Civic in 1986, and with it, one of the best hot hatches ever was born. This was followed in 1989 by the fourth-generation Civic Si, and then in 1992 with arguably the peak Civic Si hatch—the fifth-generation EH. Commonly referred to as the EG after its Sedan counterpart, the EH Civic Si was truly the last remarkable Si hatchback. Power came from the 125-horsepower 1.6-iter D16Z6 engine, the first Si with VTEC. Standard Si kit consisted of four-wheel disc brakes, a power sunroof, sport seats, air-con, cruise control, a clock, and color-matched bumpers, door handles, and mirrors. Optional anti-lock brakes and a standard 9,000 RPM tach sealed the deal. It was also the only Civic with a tailgate! Unfortunately, most EH Si’s have been decimated by generations of kids (and adults), who have neglected, stolen, or modified them into obsolescence—or folks who drove them into oblivion because they were that good!


 exterior photo

This Frost White over Black cloth 1995 Honda Civic Si has only 28,500 miles! It is 1 of 1353 Frost White EH Civic Si’s, and 1 of only 451 Frost White EH Civic Si’s for the 1995 model year—making it the rarest year/color combo of the EH Civic Si. White was also Japan’s official Formula One racing color, tracing its lineage to the 1965 Mexican Grand Prix-winning Honda RA272. This is the lowest-mileage and most pristine EH Civic we have ever seen—literally a museum-grade example of one of the best cars in the world. It’s also one of the rarest cars we’ve ever had at the hangar; people preserved Acura NSXs and Honda S2000s, but nobody saved a Honda Civic Si like this one. It is completely stock and unmolested other than 15-inch alloy wheels from an EK Civic Si, a new-old-stock EH Civic SiR front spoiler, new-old-stock mudflaps, and a new-old-stock arm-rest center console. Extras include Honda-badged seat covers, a battery tender, and a new-old-stock Yakima roof rack with fairing, sealed in the box.

It came to us via a connoisseur of Honda EH civics; his collection included a time-capsule Civic Vx, a 400K-mile Civic Vx, and a daily-driver 165K-mile Civic Si, in addition to a 1994 Acura NSX Coupe. He purchased it on Bring a Trailer in early 2019. It was originally delivered by Mathews Kennedy Honda of Marion, Ohio, (now Mathews Honda/Acura) on April 7, 1995, by a retired employee of Honda’s Marion, Ohio plant. The gentleman was 69 years old at the time, and paid cash for it. He kept it for the next 23 years, driving it sparingly, taking it to car shows, and performing all his own maintenance. The original buyer’s order and registration are included in the records, as are registrations and insurance records throughout his ownership. There are periods of non-use and reinstatement documented by the insurance records. When he passed away in 2018 at the age of 92, a local purchased it from his estate sale and sold it to the previous owner via Bring a Trailer. Other than superficial undercarriage component corrosion, it is rust-free, and all paint is original, gauging at 3 to 4 mils, except for the right rear quarter, which gauges at 6 to 7 mils. The paint match is perfect.

The previous owner brought it to Florida, added the EK Civic Si wheels with BF Goodrich tires, and kept it in his climate-controlled garage next to the NSX, driving it just under 300 miles over the next three years. He sourced the new-old-stock mudflaps and armrest center console, and the new-old-stock Yakima roof rack and faring. In late 2021, we brought it to Colorado and into the Glen Shelly fold. Once it was here, we handed it off to our NSX specialist Chris Wayland, at Fisher Acura, for a comprehensive service to reset all maintenance intervals. The work included a timing belt service, water pump, coolant flush, accessory belts, valve adjustment, distributor cap and rotor, spark plugs, wiper blades, engine air filter, transmission fluid flush, brake fluid flush, drained and flushed the fuel tank, fuel injection service, fuel filter, oil service, front and rear brake pads, turning front and rear brake rotors, brake master cylinder, power steering fluid flush, replaced the rear trailing arm bushings, and a four-wheel alignment. We replaced the clutch slave cylinder, bled the clutch, and replaced the battery.

From there, we completed a thorough round of paint correction, paintless dent repair, and steam cleaning of the interior. For further restoration, we installed a new-old-stock OEM SiR lip that we sourced from Japan (and we ordered a spare if they go NLA) and replaced several speakers with RetroSond S-52 speakers from Crutchfield. We also installed the factory mudflaps and center armrest. The last item on the list was to address superficial corrosion on the undercarriage suspension components and hardware from spending most of its life in an Ohio garage. There is no body or frame rust, but the appearance of the bolts and suspension components undermined the pristine condition of the car. For that, we used premier restoration specialists, Farland Classic Restoration. The phone call was hilarious, speaking with a shop more akin to dealing with six-figure Jaguars and Porsches; “You want to do what to a Honda Civic?” Once they saw the car, they understood. We had them dry ice blast, hand restore, and paint all relevant undercarriage components. We did this (at a considerable cost) to maintain the original Honda OEM suspension components (many of which are no longer available) versus replacing them with aftermarket alternatives to preserve the car’s pedigree. Undercarriage pictures from before and after are available and included in the records to show exactly what was restored.

As it sits, we are confident this is one of the most preserved, most original examples of one of the best Rad-era cars in the country, if not the world. We have painstakingly brought it to its full potential while being good stewards and preserving its integrity as an un-molested classic. The original MSRP in 1995 was $13,920, which is $28,926 in 2024 dollars (that also is less than $1 per mile). We want to find a new owner who will honor our investment, time, and energy, and who will continue this stewardship standard we have set for the next chapter of its story.

*We reserve the right to refuse the sale of this car to any person we deem unfit.


1995 Honda (EH) Civic Si exterior photo

The entire exterior of this car is in pristine condition. The Frost White is exceptionally nice. The paint is original, gauging at 3 to 4 mils, except for the right rear quarter, which gauges at 6 to 7 mils. The paint match is perfect. The pinstripe has some crazing, but it takes searching to find. There are some very slight imperfections throughout the exterior, but they also take searching to find. All blackwork and rubber seals are in excellent condition. There is no rust, and we addressed the corrosion on the undercarriage components mentioned in the summary paragraph. The rear bumper cover is slightly warped on the driver’s side, which is typical of plastics of this generation. The glass is in excellent condition. All headlight, indicator, and taillight lenses are clear and crack-free. The EX Civic Si wheels are perfect; they are wearing BF Goodrich G-Force Sport Comp-2 tire with 10/32s tread remaining and 2018 DOT dates.


 interior photo

The interior is as consistently pristine as the exterior. The only notable flaw other than the hatch floor and tailgate trim mentioned below is a faint odor, likely from being stored for so many years. Mentioning it is entering the pedantic realm, but I have the nose of a bloodhound and do not find it offensive. The carpet and factory floor mats have virtually no wear. The headliner is very nice. The seats are nearly perfect, with no failed stitching or bolster wear. The door cards have none of the UV hardening, cracking, or shrinking typical of most Civics. The same is true for the dashboard, which is crack-free. The steering wheel has virtually no wear. The instrument cluster has a few very faint scratches in the clear coat, as if the original owner had put something on top of the steering wheel column. There is no evidence of it ever being tampered with or removed, or the tell-tale sign of a broken clock surround. The clock also functions correctly and has no blown-out pixels. The stereo sounds fantastic; we replaced several speakers. The blower motor is quiet, the heat blows warm, and the air conditioning blows cold. The cupholder extends correctly, and is one of the coolest novities of the EH generation. The shifter, shifter boot, and center console are exceptionally nice. We installed the factory armrest, and the original emergency brake surround is included. All interior functions work correctly, including the power windows, door lock, and sunroof. The rear seats are pristine. The hatch area has the only real flaws of the interior. The trunk floor panel is slightly warped (typical of the particle board subfloor), and the tailgate trim does have some scratches. The spare tire, jack, and tool kit are present. The owner’s manual is also present, as are two keys.


 engine photo

This Civic SI has always been well-cared for, and we did the comprehensive round of maintenance outlined in the summary paragraph to reset the clock on all maintenance intervals. The D16Z6 engine starts on command and pulls strongly once up to operating temperature. The timing belt and water pump were just replaced. There are no leaks. The clutch take-up is correct, and it shifts smoothly. The suspension rubber is healthy, the suspension is firm, and the ride is awesome. The most notable thing is how quiet and tight the car is while cornering. The brakes have all been refreshed. We pay for and ensure it passes emissions in the State of Colorado.