Exterior photo of 1969 BMW 1600-2

1969 BMW 1600-2



Price: SOLD


Engine: M10 1600cc Engine

Transmission: Getrag G245 5-Speed Manual Transmission

Exterior color: Florida Green Exterior (066)

Interior: Saddle / Tobacco Brown Interior

Additional features:

M10 1600cc Engine:

Sleeved Block

Rebuilt Cylinder Head

Schrick 284 Camshaft

Schrick Valve Springs

Pertronix Solid-State Ignition

Solex 38 PDSIT Carburetor

2002tii Exhaust

BMW 1107897 Springs

Koni Sport Shocks

Re-Covered Crack-Free Dashboard

3-Spoke Wooden Steering Wheel

E21 Recaro Sport Seats

Modern Sony Stereo w/ Bluetooth

6x9” Rear Speakers.

Shoulder Harness Retrofit


OEM Carpet Replacement

BEHR E21 320i Radiator

13-Inch Steelie Wheels w/ Hubcaps

Michelin XAS FF Radial Tires

Originally a California Black Plate Car

Extensive Maintenance Dating Back to 2007


1969 BMW 1600-2 exterior photo

The BMW 02 Series sedans were defining models for BMW. Smaller and lighter than the Neue Klasse sedans they were derived from, the 02 cemented its own legacy and set the stage for the legendary BMW 3 Series that followed. It was the lens through which a generation of Americans discovered BMW and passed down that enthusiasm to their children. The simple, sporty three-box design has aged into an iconic form that is recognized far beyond the vestiges of the BMW enthusiast. Released in 1966 as the 1600-2, and later renamed the 1602, the “1600” was the first of the 02 Series sedans, (generically referred to as 2002s in the U.S.). Early 1600s had slight and distinct trim differences from the later 2002s, adding to their charm. They are also some of the most fun, as they require the driver to extract the most out of the M10’s 84 horsepower, but once up to speed they have the same impeccable handling and manners that came to define the 02 Series—and BMW.


 exterior photo

This Florida Green over Saddle and Tobacco Brown 1969 BMW 1600-2 is one of the most charming 02 Series we’ve had at Glen Shelly—easily a favorite of the dozen or so we have sold over the years. Florida Green is an iconic 2002 color (it’s more white than green) and is frequently complimented. It is the perfect complement to the Saddle and Tobacco Brown interior. This example is further made better by a rebuilt engine with an upgraded Schrick cam, wooden 3-spoke steering wheel, E21 Recaro sport seats finished in Saddle Leather with matching rear seats, Koni Sport shocks, and a 5-speed transmission. The 5-speed makes a vast and important improvement to the 1600, as it allows highway cruising speeds at civilized RPMs. The known history goes back to 2006, where it found its way to Aston Martin of New England from California. The original California Black Plate is included, as is a copy of the California title showing the sale and reassignment to the new owner from Aston Martin of New England. After that, the records show a comprehensive engine rebuild in 2007 by specialist Marc Feinstein of German Performance Service in Cambridge, MA, the total of which was $9,280. It also shows frequent services and a suspension refresh. After that, it was purchased by a 2002 collector in Texas, who we got it from with a bundle of 2002s. When it came to us, it didn’t have much that needed addressing. Our short list included re-clocking the distributor, replacing a lower radiator hose, tightening a few bolts here and there, and a fresh oil change.

As it sits, this is a fantastic example of an “02” Series, which is nicely improved by its upgrades. There is something unquantifiable about this particular 1600 that goes deeper than the early 02 Series grille and instrument trim rings, the wooden steering wheel, or the old-school shoulder harnesses—it is truly a sum greater than its parts. It has personality that few other 2002s have (a strong statement considering that every 2002 is rich with personality). Despite its lack of power compared to the other 2002s it came with, it is our favorite of the lot. It has also been the favorite of everyone within our extended family who has come out to see them. (a trio of 2002s made up of a Florida Green 1600, a Malaga 2002tii, and a Turkis 2002tii brought out all of the regulars!) We have no doubt that its new owner will share the same enthusiasm and are confident it will bring smiles and joy throughout its next chapter.


1969 BMW 1600-2 exterior photo

The Florida Green paint is in good shape. It is an older re-paint that is presentable, with minor flaws under close inspection. The worst are some paint chips on the top of the fenders where the hood meets them, and some spider cracks in the rear panel below the trunk lid. There is virtually no rust, all of the common 02 Series spots are clean. There is evidence of a superficial repair to the spare tire well, with some surface corrosion on the upper surface, but it is minor. The lower valance has some light pitting, but nothing close to what Colorado cars get. The front grilles also have minor pitting, but it is minimal. The Roundel emblems are faded, with the rear being the worst, but it adds a lovely patina—we wouldn’t replace it, although it is an easy task to do so. The bumpers and chrome-work are in good condition, with only minor pitting on the bumpers and minor indentations on the belt line trim. The Hella H4 headlights have good lenses, the left front turn signal lens has several cracks, the left rear marker light has a small crack, and all other remaining lenses are crack-free. The 13-inch steel wheels are wearing chrome hubcaps that are in great shape. The Michelin XAS FF radial tires look period-correct. They have 2012 DOT dates but no dry-rot and lots of tread remaining.


 interior photo

The interior appears to have originally been Tobacco, as indicated by the door cards. The E21 seats have been recovered in Saddle Brown with the rear seats recovered to match. Both the front and rear seats are in excellent condition. The dashboard has also been recovered and is very nice as a result. Open the door and you are greeted by that lovely 2002 smell. There are no odors and it does not appear to have been smoked in. The carpet has no stains or tears and also appears to have been replaced at some point. The headliner has some slight sag in the center and there are small tears around the sunroof panel. When you close the sunroof, it also has a few spots that need to be tucked back into the roof panel. The sun visors are present, although are a bit puffy as is typical of original sun visors. The door card trim is a little wavy with some UV fade on the passenger side. The door seals are fair, but the glue is not lifting and they do a good job of sealing—for an 02 Sedan. The wooden 3-spoke steering wheel is a defining element of the car and is in excellent shape. The dashboard is crack-free. The instrument cluster has early silver rings around the gauges, which look great. The steering column is covered to match the dashboard and looks great. The headlight, wipers, high beams, and fan switches all work. The turn signals and turn signal relay work, but they do not cancel automatically. The blower motor is quiet. The Sony Stereo sounds great with no blown-out speakers. The center console is also in great shape. The wooden shift knob is lovely; the shift knob Roundel emblem is moderately crazed—another patina item we would leave to proudly show off its age. There are aftermarket shoulder harnesses fitted—which appear to be original vintage and definitely add a cool factor to the interior. There is a rear carpet piece in the trunk. The removable panels underneath are in good condition, and below them the spare tire is present, as are the jack and lug wrench.


 engine photo

The M10 fires on command on cold or hot starts; the manual choke functions perfectly. It idles smoothly and pulls very strongly—for a 1600. It’s definitely not fast, but it is incredibly fun running it through the gears to get it up to speed. The 5-speed gearbox makes it livable in the modern world. On a 100-degree day at Colorado altitudes it’ll cruise on flat ground at 85-90 in fifth gear at reasonable RPMs. It does not have any notable leaks (just a few minor seeps), does not run hot and the electronic ignition does not need the periodic adjustments that the original mechanical ignition did. The 5-speed transmission shifts perfectly and the shifter bushings are crisp and tight. The clutch take-up is high on the pedal, but it does not slip. The steering has the typical feel of a 2002 steering box, but it does not have excessive play or the dead spot that is common in so many 2002s. The suspension is compliant, but comically good in the corners thanks to the Koni sport shocks. It’s one of the best handling 2002s that we’ve had. The brakes are strong with plenty of pad thickness and rotor run-out remaining. There are no notable driveline or wheel bearing noises or vibrations. As it sits, this has been one of our favorite 02 sedans. Of the bundle that it came with, we have all been driving it the most. Even the sole new-car lover among us begrudgingly admitted that it was fantastic! We’d like it to go to a new owner who shares our enthusiasm for it and will enjoy it for years to come.