Exterior photo of 1973 BMW 2002

1973 BMW 2002



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 7,728 Miles (Total Miles Unknown)

Engine: M10 2-Liter 4-Cylinder Engine

Transmission: Getrag G245 5-Speed Manual Transmission

Exterior color: Malaga Exterior (027)

Interior: Saddle Brown Interior

VIN: 2763545

Additional features:

Expected Completion September

Ported and Polished Head

Mahle Pistons

Schrick 292 Camshaft

Aftermarket Exhaust Header

123 Ignition Tune + Distributor w/ Bluetooth

Factory BMW Mid-pipe and Muffler w/ Silverline Tip

Limited-Slip Differential

Behr Air Conditioning System

E21 Recaro Front Seats Recovered in Tobacco Brown Leather

Momo Alpina 4-Spoke Steering Wheel


Alpine CD Player w/ Bluetooth

Coco Floor Mats

Maroon Seatbelts

H&R Sport Springs

Bilstein Sport Shocks

Slicktop (No sunroof)

Chrome Bumperettes

13-Inch BMW Light Alloy FPS Wheels

Kumho Solus TA11 Tires

Original Window Sticker

Numbers Matching Engine

Extensive Records

40-Year Owner


1973 BMW 2002 exterior photo

The BMW 02 Series sedans were defining models for BMW. Smaller and lighter than the Neue Klasse sedans they were derived from, the 02 set the stage for the stalwart BMW 3 Series. It was the lens through which a generation of Americans discovered BMW and passed down that enthusiasm to their children. The best of the 02 Series was the 2002, powered by the 2-liter version of the 4-cylinder M10 engine, and the best of the 2002s was the “tii”—Touring Injected International. The 2002tii was a pure driver’s car with everything that you needed and nothing that you didn’t. At its release in 1972, Car and Driver called it “…the essence of motoring truth: no strobe stripes, no phony teardrop racing mirrors, no triple turret taillights. Just finely honed machinery in the simplest steel and glass case.” Some forty years later, those words have only become more relevant as BMW has shifted from a driver’s brand to a technology brand. The 2002tii improved upon the regular 2002 with upgraded suspension, brakes, and different gearing, but at its heart was a hot 130-horsepower fuel injected version of the M10 engine. That “finely honed machinery” produced plenty of buttery torque down low, but screamed above 4000 rpms in a way few cars could match. It was capable of 55 mph in second gear (indicated by the maximum speed-per-gear ticks on the speedometer) and a top speed of 115 mph—all in a simple, comfortable, innocuous two-door sedan that you could drive you mother to church in.


 exterior photo

This 1973 “roundie” finished in Malaga over Saddle Brown 2002tii is an outstanding example with some very desirable options, including E21 Recaro seats refinished in close-matching leather, a 5-Speed G245 gearbox, H&R Sport springs, Bilstein Sport shocks, and a limited-slip differential. It was originally imported by Hoffman Motors to Olympic Foreign Car Sales in Edgewater, New Jersey for a suggested retail price of $5,373.45—as reported on the original window sticker (which is included in the records binder). It remained with the same original owner, a doctor who split his time between New York, Illinois, and Florida, from 1973 to 2013—four decades of ownership! It has extensive records from his ownership showing frequent and regular services. In 1981 it had an engine rebuild where the head was ported and polished, along with Mahle pistons, a Schrick 292 camshaft, and an aftermarket exhaust header. In the same year, it also received a bare metal respray with extensive bodywork, including replacement of both fenders, both doors, and some rust repair from year-round use. It reportedly has not seen slush or snow after this rebuild. In 2000 it moved to Florida, where it stayed for the remainder of his ownership. It was repainted again in 2008. In 2013 when he sold it, it moved to Texas, where it eventually landed with a 2002 collector who used it as is “favorite” 2002, no doubt in part due to the color combo, 5-speed swap and functional air conditioning. He added H&R sport springs, Bilstein Sport shocks, a fresh exhaust system from the header back, the 123ignition Tune+ Bluetooth distributor, and fresh Kumho Solus tires. We brought it to Colorado with a bundle of 2002s and it is hands-down the best of the lot! In preparation for sale we replaced the shift fork bushings, tuned the fuel injection system, secured the fuel pump, replaced the engine ground and cleaned up the engine bay wiring, adjusted the steering box, and replaced the turn signal relay. We also mitigated several small rust spots, preventing them from propagating. The most important were a previous repair in the rear fenders below the rear shock towers, which were ground down to bare metal along the entire seam, inspected, repaired, and re-painted. The driver’s side floorboard and one small spot on the passenger side frame rail was also repaired. Vintage restoration specialists Franktown Collision completed the work. As it sits, this is a wonderful “roundie” Malaga over Saddle Brown 2002tii with some very desirable options. It is just imperfect enough to use and enjoy, but is pristine enough to draw crowds and compliments on every drive.


1973 BMW 2002 exterior photo

Overall, the Malaga Red paint is in excellent condition. There are no glaring defects, and it takes a keen eye to point out the few occasional imperfections. As noted in the summary paragraph, we repaired several rust spots in the rear fenders below the shock towers, driver’s side floorboard, and passenger side frame rail. Pictures of the repairs from before and after are documented in the records binder. There is a non-tii front core support, as indicated from the intake pipe, which was likely replaced when it was involved in a minor fender-bender in 1975. The chrome bumpers are in good shape with only very light pitting in spots, as is the bumper rubber. All trim is intact and in good condition. The Hella H4 headlights are crack-free, as are all of the other lenses, with the exception of several thin cracks in the right front turn signal. The windshield is crack-free and has only minor notable pitting. The side window and rear glass are in great shape. The windshield wiper arms and inserts are in good condition; the speed fairing on the driver’s side wiper is present. The 13-inch FPS wheels are in impeccable condition. They are wearing Kumho Solus TA11 tires with 2017 DOT dates. They have 70% tread remaining.


 interior photo

The Tobacco Brown interior is in excellent shape. Open the door and you are greeted with that lovely 2002 smell; there are no odors other than leather and a hint of gasoline. The carpet is in good shape, but there is some wear on the driver’s floorboard behind the pedals. The headliner does not sag, but the sun visors are a little puffy. The door cards are nice, but the passenger side chrome trim strip does have some de-lamination. The dashboard is crack-free with the exception of a slight crack on the right side where the raised instrument cluster bezel meets the dashboard. The Momo steering wheel is in good shape with only minor wear. All instruments function correctly. The wipers, wiper speed, turn signals (we replaced the relay), and blower motor work correctly. The heat blows warm and the Behr air conditioning blows cold, although the compressor does make some noise during operation. The Alpine stereo sounds great through the rear speakers. The wooden shift knob is a nice accent; its Roundel emblem has some slight peeling. The E21 Recaro seats are in excellent shape and a very close matcht to the rest of the Saddle interior. The rear seats have some wrinkling in the finish. The trunk carpet is present above the removable panels; underneath the spare tire, jack and tool kit are present.


 engine photo

The M10 fires on command on cold and hot starts. It idles smoothly and pulls very strongly once it’s warmed up. It does not leak, does not run hot and the electronic ignition does not need the periodic adjustments that the original mechanical ignition did. The 5-speed transmission shifts perfectly smooth and the shifter bushings are crisp and tight. The clutch take-up is correct and it does not slip. The steering has the typical feel of a 2002 steering box, but it does not have excessive play or the “dead spot” that is common in so many 2002s. The H&R / Bilstein suspension is an excellent improvement, flattening cornering without compromising the original ride quality. The brakes are strong with plenty of pad thickness and rotor run-out remaining. There are no excessive driveline or wheel bearing noises or vibrations. The aftermarket header mated to an OEM exhaust adds a slightly more aggressive note, without being loud or droning. As it sits, this is a very well sorted 2002tii with some very desirable additions. None of us would hesitate to drive it across country. We look forward to finding its new owner and starting the next chapter of its story.