1976 BMW 2002



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 69,000 Indicated Miles (Total Mileage Unknown)

Engine: M10 4-Cylinder Engine

Transmission: 4-Speed Manual Transmission

Exterior color: Fjord Blue Exterior (070)

Interior: Blue Interior

VIN: 2365244

Additional features:

Freshly Rebuilt Engine Featuring:

Head Gasket and Re-sealing

121T Head w/ Fresh Valves and Springs

Bathtub Domed JE Pistons

H-Beam Connecting Rods

Weber Dual Barrel 32/36 Carburetor

Ireland Engineering Tii Mechanical Advance Distributor

Bosch High Performance Coil

Fresh Fuel Pump, Cooling System, Plugs, and Wires

Stahl Performance Header

Ansa Exhuast

H&R Sport Springs

KYB Shocks

3-Spoke Wood-Rim Nardi Steering Wheel

Kenwood Stereo w/ Bluetooth

Pioneer/JBL Speakers

15-Inch Panasport Wheels

Goodyear Tiger Paw Tires

Extensive Restoration

All Maintenance Up to Date


1976 BMW 2002 exterior photo

The BMW 02 Series sedans were defining models for BMW. Smaller and lighter than the Neue Klasse sedans they were derived from, the 02 cemented its own legacy and set the stage for the legendary BMW 3 Series that followed. It was the lens through which a generation of Americans discovered BMW and passed down that enthusiasm to their children. Its simple, sporty three-box design has aged into an iconic form that is recognized far beyond the vestiges of the BMW enthusiast. The best 02 Series was the 2002, powered by the 2-liter version of the 4-cylinder M10 engine. That engine was mated to a chassis, suspension, and brakes that were unapologetically driver focused, yet all in a comfortable two-door sedan that you could drive you mother to church in. Rust, neglect, and age have taken their toll, but a loyal and fanatical following have ensured that a healthy population of 2002s remains compared to other cars of the period—a testament to how good the 2002 is. As time continues to march forward the 2002 has enjoyed notable appreciation.


 exterior photo

This 1976 Fjord Blue 2002 came to us on consignment from a fellow airline pilot (retired), enthusiast, and car collector. Fjord Blue is one of the best 2002 colors and this example looks fantastic in it. The engine is fitted with mild performance upgrades in the form of a Weber 32 / 36 dual-barrel carburetor, domed JE pistons, a 121T cylinder head, Ireland Engineering 2002tii distributor, Stahl header, and an Ansa exhaust. The suspension consists of refreshed rubber and bushings, KYB shocks, and H&R lowering springs. The interior features a wooden Nardi three-spoke steering wheel and a Kenwood Stereo and speakers. The history is limited prior to the current ownership, but it was a Colorado car for the majority of its life.

When the current owner acquired it, he set about restoring it into a presentable driver-quality example with tasteful upgrades. The body was stripped to bare metal. Superficial rust repairs were completed in the lower front valence, spare tire well, and other small areas. The front fenders, doors, and lower doorsills were replaced. Remaining critical areas like the rear shock towers, floor pan, lower windshield cowling, and structural members were rust free. The entire car was then re-painted in the original Fjord Blue. Trim and exterior moldings were replaced where the originals were unusable and very nice impact bumpers and trim were sourced. The interior was restored with a fresh carpet kit and headliner with sound insulation under both, very nice used front seats, re-covered rear seats, a dashboard cover, and rebuilt door cards and replacement door seals. The heater box was rebuilt and the heater valve was replaced. The engine was rebuilt with the aforementioned JE pistons, H-Beam connecting rods and a refreshed 121T head. After the initial build we handed it off to 2002 specialist Mark Hutto who completely resealed it (head gasket, timing covers, oil pan gasket, and accessory gaskets). Spark is provided via an Ireland Engineering 2002tii mechanical distributor, Bosch coil and fresh plugs and wires. Fuel is delivered by the dual-barrel Weber 32/26 carburetor tuned for Colorado density altitude and a fresh fuel pump. The cooling system was refreshed with replacement hoses, thermostat, and fan switch. The battery tray was replaced, and engine bay electronics were also cleaned up—a Mark Hutto signature. The original four-speed gearbox was replaced with a serviceable unit from a 1973 2002 with an upgraded shift linkage to match the late-model 2002. The gearbox was resealed and all shifter parts refreshed, along with the clutch slave and master cylinders. The flex disc and driveshaft center bearing were replaced and a serviceable differential was installed with fresh fluid, along with the axle boots. The suspension was upgraded with H&R springs and KYB shocks, along with Ireland Engineering front control arm bushings. All suspension bushings, shock mounts, tie rod ends, and the steering control arm were done in the process, along with a fresh alignment. The brake system was refreshed with refreshed with front calipers, discs, and pads; rear brake cylinders and shoes were also replaced. The brake hydraulic system was also refreshed with a good master cylinder, slave cylinder, reservoir, and rubber brake lines. We have retained the air pump; it will pass emissions in the State of Colorado.

The end result is a fine example of a 2002 in a desirable color combo with some tasteful upgrades. It’s the type of 2002 that you will be proud of, and can use and enjoy—it’ll put a smile on your face every time you drive it. We would like to find a new owner who will continue to enjoy it for the next chapter of its story.


1976 BMW 2002 exterior photo

The Fjord Blue paint has great gloss and presents very well. It has recently received a driver-quality repaint. There is no notable rust outside of a small area on the passenger side of the gas tank. All trim is intact and in good condition, although some of the door trim clips are a little loose. There are some small dents and dings commensurate with a 45 year-old car. The headlights have been recently replaced and look fantastic; the markers, turn signals, and taillights all have some light spider cracking but still present well. The windshield has light pitting.The windshield wiper arms and inserts are in good condition; the speed fairing on the driver’s side wiper is present. The 15-inch Panasport wheels are in great shape and perfectly complement the classic lines of the 2002; they are wrapped in Goodyear Tiger Paw tires with 2019 production dates and 90% tread remaining.


 interior photo

The Blue interior is in great shape. Open the door and you greeted by the perfect 2002 smell—classic vinyl with a hint of gasoline. There are no odors—other than that wonderful 2002 smell, and it has never been smoked in. The carpet is in good shape with some light staining in the driver’s foot-well. The front seats have been recently recovered and look fantastic. The door cards are in good shape; the passenger side is missing a couple of clips. The “scissor” door handles are quintessentially classic BMW. The manual windows operate smoothly and quietly. The door brakes are quiet and intact (a common issue). The dashboard has a clean plastic dash cap installed. The wood-rimmed Nardi steering wheel is perfect. The headliner is clean but has some loose material around the edges. All instruments function properly. The stereo plays through a Kenwood KDC-X303 head unit with Pioneer speakers in the front and JBL speakers installed in the rear parcel tray. The heat blows warm and all controls function correctly. The blower motor is quiet. The trunk flooring panels are present, as is the jack. The spare tire is not present.


 engine photo

As it sits this is a turn-key 2002. There are no unresolved mechanical issues. The M10 fires on command on cold or hot starts. It idles smoothly and pulls strongly to redline. It runs cool, even on hot days, and does not leak or spot. The 4-speed transmission shifts perfectly smooth and the shifter bushings are crisp and tight. The clutch take-up is correct. The H&R and KYB suspension is firm and compliant and the brakes are strong with plenty of pad thickness and rotor run-out remaining. There are no driveline or wheel bearing noises or vibrations. The Ansa exhaust has a nice sporty tone to it with no drone. As it sits, this is a great 2002 ready to be enjoyed by its new owner. None of us would hesitate for a moment to drive it across country.