Exterior photo of 1976 BMW R90/6

1976 BMW R90/6



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 50,000 (Total Mileage Unknown)

Engine: 898cc Air-Cooled Opposed-Twin Boxer Engine

Transmission: 5-Speed Manual Transmission

Color: Blue w/ BMW Red and White Pin Stripes

Additional features:

10” Front Disc Brake

Electronic Starter

Vetter Faring

Optional Removable Hard-Sided BMW Saddle Bags

Single-Family Ownership

Service Records


1976 BMW R90/6 exterior photo

The BMW R /6 family of motorcycles are in the lineage of the R Series motorcycles that date back to 1925. The BMW R /6’s came in the R60/6, R75/6, R90/6, and the R90S sport bike, which were produced from 1974 to 1976. The R /6’s evolved from the /5 with the same air-cooled horizontally twin-opposed boxer engine architecture that had come to define the segment. The R90/6 featured an 898cc version of the engine good for 60 horsepower and 53 pound-feet of torque. Putting that power down through a 5-speed transmission and shaft-drive to the rear wheel, the top speed was 116 miles per hour. A disc front brake, 12-volt electrical system, electric starter, turn signals, and optional accessories rounded out the package. Time has been kind to the 1970s BMW R Series thanks to their rugged construction, wonderful manners, and being downright cool as hell!


 exterior photo

This 1976 BMW R90/6 has been in the same family since its original sale date on November 11, 1976. It was purchased after a trade-in from a BMW R75/6, and earlier BMW R60/6 that had warranty issues (all documentation that is included in the records). It was sold from the original owner to a nephew, and then to another nephew, who we are selling it on consignment for (due to young twin sons). The color was changed in the 1990s from red to its current blue. It is stock other than a “CHIPs” style Vetter faring and BMW removable saddlebags. The total mileage is unknown, but the best guess is close to 50,000 miles. Overall, the condition is very good and indicative of proper care and ownership. It always starts, pulls strongly to redline, and is quite enjoyable to ride. First gear can take a little finesse to engage before its up to operating temperature, but becomes smooth once the gearbox is up to temp. It has never been laid down, although it does show small scratches and imperfections here and there. At 22,000 miles the transmission was also replaced. It has reportedly received annual services including engine oil, gear oil, fork oil, and final drive fluids, along with frequent plugs, condenser, and points throughout it’s history. The recent records support this, with the work being done at Bavarian Motorcycles West. In preparation for sale we changed the engine oil. As it sits, this is a great example of a classic BMW R90/6. Keep it exactly as it is, or remove the Vetter faring and make it into a café racer (the wiring and headlight assembly are present underneath). We would like to see it go to a good home to be enjoyed for the next chapter of its story.