Exterior photo of 1976 Porsche 911S Outlaw

1976 Porsche 911S Outlaw



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 87,231 Miles Shown, TMU (more information detailed below)

Engine: 1982 911SC 3.0-Liter Engine Built by SSI Auto

Exterior color: Silver Metallic Exterior (Z2)

Interior: Tartan Plaid Custom Interior

Additional features:

1982 911SC 3.0-Liter Engine Built by SSI Auto:

1978SC Heads (better flow)

Euro Pistons

964 Cams

3.2 Oil-Fed Timing Chain Tensioners


11-Blade Cooling Fan

SSI Heat Exchangers

M&K Ceramic Coated Headers

Elephant Racing Big Mouth Oil Cooler w/ Finned Hard Lines

Fabspeed Airbox

Classic Retrofit CDI Digital Ignition

915 Transaxle Rebuilt by Eurowerks

Wevo Tall Shifter and PSJ (Precision Shift Joint)

Turbo Tie Rods

Turbo Torsion Bars (22mm and 28mm)

Koni Sport Shocks

Upgraded Bushings

Corner Balanced

Fresh Axles

Glass-Out Bare-Metal Repaint in 2014

Fresh Rubber and Windshield Glass

Black / Orange Vinyl Livery

Porsche Side Logos

Hella H4 Headlights w/ Relay Kit

Amber Euro Taillight Lenses

Rear Mesh Vents

IROC Rear Bumper

Rebuilt Gauges w/ Green Lettering

GTS Classics Bucket Seats w/ Wool Tartan Plaid Centers

RS-Style Door Cards Upholstered to Match Seats

Manual Windows

Power Sunroof

Momo Mod 07 Alcantara Steering Wheel

DAS Sport Bolt-In Roll Bar

Radio Deleted

Cruise Control Deleted

Rennline Floor Boards and Shift Linkage Cover

Replacement Headliner

Rennline Fire Extinguisher and Mount

Factory 15-inch Fuchs Wheels

Rennline Wheel Studs

Pirelli Trofeo R Tires

Porsche Certificate of Authenticity

Extensive Documentation

Clean Colorado Title


1976 Porsche 911S Outlaw exterior photo

The 911 2.7 (1974 to 1977 911) was the first of a lineage that would last over a decade, the G-Body—the last of the traditional 911s. The 2.7 was offered in the regular 911 and the 911S. The 911S is the 175-horsepower performance version of the 2.7-powered 911S, although that gap was closed in 1976 when the 2.7-liter 911 received a power bump to 165-horsepower. Like all traditional 911s, weight—or the lack thereof—was a key design component, meaning those horses only had to move the paltry weight of 2400 pounds, making it fast and composed in the corners. Collectors overlooked the 2.7 911 and 911S for years until recently, when they experienced rapid appreciation. That said, even with its recent appreciation, the 2.7 911 is still one of the best buys in the classic 911 market.


 exterior photo

This 1976 Outlaw Porsche 911S in Silver Metallic came to us from a fellow Porsche enthusiast. It underwent an extensive restoration and modification into its current form before the current owner took possession of it. Highlights of the build are outlined above, with the majority of the work happening in 2014. It is documented through extensive records dating back to 2008. The odometer currently reads just over 87,000 miles, which received a documented rollback of 100k-miles shortly after the extensive rebuild when all of the gauges were refurbished.

The build checks off desirable upgrades for any air-cooled G-body 911, including an SSI 911SC 3.0-liter engine with Euro pistons, 964 cams, 1978 heads (which breath better than later SC heads), SSI heat exchangers, a Fabspeed airbox, and M&K ceramic-coated headers. Cooling is achieved through an Elephant Racing Big-Mouth oil cooler, finned hard lines and an 11-blade cooling fan. The rebuilt “915” transaxle is mated to a Wevo tall shifter and PSJ (precision shift joint. This is a vast improvement over the stock shifting. The suspension is upgraded with 22mm and 28 mm Turbo torsion bars, Turbo tie rods, Koni Sport shocks, and upgraded bushings. A corner balance was performed after everything was installed. The exterior received a glass-out, bare-metal repaint in the original Silver Metallic. An IROC rear bumper, along with mesh cooling grilles, H4 headlights, and amber Euro taillights were also fitted. Removable vinyl black and orange stripes were added, along with Porsche decals on the lower sills and period correct sponsor stickers. Matched 15-inch Fuchs wheels with orange powder coated centers complete the exterior theme. They are wrapped in very sticky Pirelli Trofeo R tires. The inside features a Momo Mod 07 alcantara steering wheel, Rennline aluminum floorboards and rear shift linkage cover, a Rennline fire extinguisher, and recovered GTS Classics bucket seats featuring Tartan plaid centers and matching RS-style door cards—the fabric was imported from Scotland! When the gauges were refurbished, matching green lettering was added. A DAS Sport bolt-in roll bar is fitted behind the seats. During the restoration the headliner was redone, along with all of the carpet, door and window seal rubber. The windshield was also replaced. Recent work includes a Classic Retrofit CDI digital ignition, fuel filter, alternator belt and pulley (w/ shim), and a Classic Retrofit fuse panel upgrade.

The end result is a 911 that turns heads and has the performance to back it up. Driving it is the quintessential 911 experience! It screams to redline in the visceral way only an air-cooled 911 does. This one has the volume turned up a notch, yet is still civilized enough to drive long distances and is at home on public roads. Steering and cornering are telepathic, with added crispness thanks to the Turbo suspension upgrades. There are no bump-steer issues and the ride is wonderful on the 15” Fuchs. It gets thumbs ups everywhere it goes. I literally had an officer of the law leave their investigation of a traffic accident and walk across the road to compliment me on it! It represents a fantastic value for the sum of its parts. It would take well over the asking price to build this car, and is a considerable sum to upgrade any 2.7 or 911SC with its desirable parts. As it sits, it is a turn-key 911. We would like to find a new owner who will enjoy it for the next chapter of its story. It comes with two keys, a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, a lengthy records binder, and a few spare parts.


1976 Porsche 911S Outlaw exterior photo

The Silver Metallic paint is in excellent condition. The finish is brilliant and presents fantastically, although close scrutiny does reveal minor imperfections. The repaint it received is high quality, but driving and time have revealed a couple of imperfections, most notably being a 4-inch long crack in the paint on the passenger rear fender lip. It is visually tolerable from 10 feet away, but may bother some people. The front bumper and leading edge of the hood both have minor pitting and rock chips. The rear IROC bumper fits tightly, not the poor fit that some aftermarket bumpers have. The headlight, indicator and taillight lenses are clear and crack free. The fog lights and Hella H4 headlights have minor pitting. The taillights have amber Euro lenses and look great. The windshield glass is clear with only minor pitting; it was replaced after the repaint. The Fuchs wheels are in great shape, with some minor chipping of the powder coat around the lugholes. They have no curb rash and are wrapped with Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires. They measure 225/50/15 in the rear and 205/50/15 in the front with 2016 DOT dates.


 interior photo

Open the door and you are greeted with that lovely air-cooled 911 smell—part leather, part engine. There are no odors and it has never been smoked in. The carpet is free of stains thanks to the Rennline floor panels. The re-trimmed GTS Classics seats and RS-style door cards look fantastic. The seat leather is soft and the reupholstered centers look very nice. The seats are fully manual with fixed backs; the driver’s seat is mounted on a slider. The dashboard leather is soft and crack-free. The replacement headliner is in good condition with no stains or tears. The sunroof works. The driver’s side visor sags a little bit. A Broadway convex mirror attachment is fixed to the factory unit. The Momo steering wheel looks great, with only minor wear on the alcantara. The Wevo shifter drastically improves the vague factory feel of the 915 transaxle. The instrument clusters show no warning lights, the speedometer and odometer work, and the cluster needles are not UV faded thanks to recent refurbishment. It has manual windows and manual side mirror adjustment. The heat blows warm. The spare tire is present. There is a Rennline fire extinguisher mount in front of the passenger seat.


 engine photo

There are few driving experiences that can match a well-sorted air-cooled 911. The rebuilt 3.0 engine fires on command, idles smoothly, and pulls strongly to redline. The 964 camshafts and Euro pistons add the perfect amount of power to these engines. The receipt from SSI for the rebuild totals to $18,229.06! It sounds incredible though the M&K exhaust. There are no oil leaks or drips, the cylinder heads, timing chain covers, and the oil return tubes are dry. The oil temp is kept in check thanks to the Elephant Racing oil cooler—it even runs cool on 100-degree summer days! The clutch has zero slip, the take-up is correct, and the shifter is crisp. The 915 takes finesse to shift smoothly, but mastering that is one of the highly rewarding aspects of the classic 911 experience, and is hugely improved by the tall Wevo shifter. As a 911SC owner, it is actually one of my favorite aspects of driving the car. There are no driveline, transaxle, or wheel bearing vibrations. The suspension is firm, yet compliant with the Koni Sport shocks. The brakes are strong, and the Pirelli Trofeo R tires are very sticky. As it sits, this is a turn-key 911 Outlaw ready to be enjoyed by its new owner. I wouldn’t hesitate to drive it across country. We would like to find a buyer who will continue to care for it and appreciate it for years to come.

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