Exterior photo of 1980 Porsche 911 SC Coupe

1980 Porsche 911 SC Coupe



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 93,200 Miles

Engine: 3.0-Liter Engine

Transmission: 915 5-Speed Gearbox

Exterior color: Guards Red Exterior (G1G1)

Interior: Black Leather Interior (YE)

VIN: 9119301821

Additional features:

ROW ’79 Build

Carrera 3.2 Timing Tensioners

Pop Valve

Wevo Precision Shift Coupler

Wevo Classic Short Shift Kit

Bilstein B6 Performance Shocks

Front Spoiler

Early 911 SC Euro Tail

Euro Bumperettes

Red and White Taillights


Momo Prototipo Steering Wheel

Coco Floor Mats

Stereo Delete

Non-Air Conditioning Car

US Sugar Scoop Headlights

Stainless Steel Test Pipe

Dynomax Muffler

16” Fuchs Wheels w/ Colored Crests

Bridgestone RE-11 Tires

Colorado / Tennessee Car

Extensive Records

Engine and Transmission Rebuild at 69K Miles

Swepco Fluids


1980 Porsche 911 SC Coupe exterior photo

The Porsche 911SC (1978 to 1983 911), SC stands for Super Carrera, was the second to last in the evolution of the traditional 911 lineage—an arc that spanned some thirty-five years. The 911SC played an essential role in the 911’s history; shortly after its release, Porsche had planned on discontinuing the 911 in favor of the 928, but the 911SC’s popularity changed that. The story goes that it was so well received that the 911’s future was drawn off the whiteboard onto the wall! The 911SC not only saved the 911 but also cemented its future. That’s because the 911SC was utterly fantastic! Incremental evolutions from the previous Carrera 2.7 and Carrera 3.0 resulted in a wider-body design powered by an aluminum block 3.0-liter engine good for 180 horsepower in early US models that increased to 204 horsepower by 1981. Like all traditional 911s, weight—or lack thereof—was a key design component, meaning those horses only had to move roughly 2600 pounds, making it fast in a straight line and composed in the corners. Collectors overlooked the 911SC for years, but the 911SC has seen significant appreciation in recent years. The time to get one is now, as even top-of-the-market examples are still attainable.


 exterior photo

This 1980 ROW (rest of the world) Porsche 911 SC Coupe is finished in Guards Red over Black leather with 93,200 indicated miles. The VIN (911 930 1821) decodes as a non-U.S or non-Japan market 1979 build 911 Carrera. It was most likely a European Market car, featuring smaller Euro bumperettes, white and red Euro taillights, and the early Euro 911 SC/Turbo tail. Early and Euro 911 SCs were good for 204-horsepower. Other factory options include the front spoiler, comfort seats, sunroof, no fog lights or air conditioning, and 16-inch Fuchs wheels. Upgrades include a pop-valve, 3.2 oil-fed timing tensioners, Bilstein B6 performance shocks, a Wevo precision shift joint and classic shifter, Momo Prototipo steering wheel, Coco floor mats, and a stainless-steel test pipe and aftermarket muffler (U.S. cats are included).

The known history goes back to September 2005 with a pre-purchase inspection at 69k miles at MPL Auto Repair in Englewood, Colorado. This was followed in October of 2005 by a comprehensive engine and transmission rebuild at 69,591 miles. The bill was nearly $10,000 in 2005 money. From there, the records document frequent maintenance and repairs along with the mileage. In 2013 it moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where it remained under the previous owner until we purchased it and brought it back to Colorado. Records under that owner show continued frequent maintenance and mileage documentation. Recent notable maintenance includes the Wevo shifter upgrades, Bilstein B6 shocks, control arms and tie rods, oil pressure sender and oil cooler, and tires. In preparation for sale, we pulled the engine and address some leaks and seeps. The work including replacing the valve cover gaskets, rocker shaft seals, valve adjustment, crank seal, balance shaft gasket, breather cover gasket, and oil thermostat O-ring. We also pulled the oil cooler to comply with the crankcase cast oil pipe technical service bulletin. In the process, we replaced the heater hoses and gave it a fresh oil change. When the heads were off, we noticed a small area of damage on the #1 cylinder cam exhaust cam lobe, but it is not engine-wear-related nor does it affect operation. Photos are included in the records binder. While we were at it, we inspected the remaining lobes, which had no notable wear. Lastly, we replaced the driver’s door lock cylinder.

As it sits, it is a fantastic driver-quality example of a well-optioned early 911 SC that absolutely rips! It is just imperfect enough to use and enjoy without guilt, but nice enough to draw compliments on every drive.


1980 Porsche 911 SC Coupe exterior photo

The Guards Red paint is in good condition, but close inspection reveals flaws in the form of small chips and scratches, light swirling, and several touch-up areas. The entire car has been repainted, and gauges at an average of 7-9 mils with one area of 10-40 mils on the passenger side door and the hood at 13 mils. A paint gauge report is included in the records. The finish is good and presents nicely, which fits the driver-quality nature of the car. There is no rust, except for the sugar scoop surrounds. All trim work is present and in good nick, but does have UV fade and typical age-related imperfections. The front spoiler is a little wavy in spots, the sunroof gasket is fuzzy in areas, and the passenger side door handle rubber gasket has a few cracks. The ROW VIN placard is present in the frunk. The glass is in excellent condition, some of it having been replaced according to the records. The sealed beam headlights are crack-free, as are the front market lenses. There are no fog lights to worry about. The rear lenses have cracks in both marker lenses and faint spidering in the Porsche centerpiece. The Fuchs wheels have no curb rash, but do have slight pitting in areas. The painted crests are very lovely. The Bridgestone RE-11 tires have lots of tread remaining with 2017 DOT dates.


 interior photo

Open the door and you are greeted with that lovely air-cooled 911 smell. The interior is overall in very good condition. The carpet is free of stains and tears and is protected by red and black Coco floor mats. The headliner does not sag, but the sun visors are puffy. The sunroof functions correctly. The dashboard has two large cracks extending from the passenger side defrost vent; a fitted carpet cover is included with the car. Both door cards have slight separation where the handles meet the map pockets, but they are not failing. The door card leather is very nice as well. All instruments function correctly and are properly backlit with the headlights on. The high beam/turn signal stalk works correctly, as do the front wipers; both appear to have been replaced at some point. The rear wiper does not function and should be deleted. The blower motor functions and is quiet on all speeds. The power mirrors do not operate. The stereo has been deleted with a block-off plate, but door speakers and the antenna are present. The Momo Prototipo steering wheel is in excellent shape, and the horn works correctly. The shifter and center console are in excellent shape as well. The front and rear seats are also excellent, with virtually no notable wear. The frunk carpet is in good condition; underneath the factory spare tire, jack, and toolkit are present, although the latter is incomplete. The owners’ manual and one key are included.


 engine photo

Few driving experiences can match that of an air-cooled 911, especially one that has been so fastidiously maintained. The 3.0 engine fires on command, idles smoothly, and rips to redline. It is one of the faster 911 SCs we’ve had at Glen Shelly. Since the rebuild, leak-down and compression tests have always been healthy, which is consistent with how strongly it pulls. There are small oil seeps at the oil return tubes, but they do not spot heavily. The 915 gearbox and Wevo shifter shift smoothly and precisely, which is indicative of the former’s rebuild when the engine was done. There are no driveline, transaxle, or wheel bearing vibrations. The steering and suspension are very tight and firm. The brakes are strong. As it sits, this is a fantastic example of a 911 SC. We ensure it passes and pay for emissions in the State of Colorado.