Exterior photo of 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Coupe

1986 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Coupe



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 140,000 Miles

Engine: 3.2-Liter 6-Cylinder Engine

Transmission: 915 5-Speed Manual Transmission

Exterior color: Black Exterior (L700)

Interior: Burgundy Partial Leather Interior (LX)

Additional features:

Limited Slip Differential (220)

Porsche Short Shifter (241)

Automatic Heating Control (424)

Cruise Control (454)

Whale Tail

Steve Wong Cat-Delete Performance Chip (210+ RWHP)

Cat Delete w/ O2 Sensor Bung Added (OEM Cat Included for Passing Emissions)

Weltmeister Cambermeister Strut Bar (Allows More Front Camber)

Bilstein Shocks / Aftermarket Large Diameter Torsion Bars

Turbo Spherical Tie Rods

Fresh Suspension Bushings

Vitaloni Sebring Mirrors on OEM Bases (Original Flag Mirrors Included)

Euro H4 Headlights with Painted Surrounds

Rear Bumperettes Removed (Included)

Momo Mod7 Steering Wheel (Original Steering Wheel Included)

Griffiths Aftermarket Dual-Condenser Air Conditioning System

Period-Correct Hard Mounted Escort Radar Detector (Inop, but it’s cool)

‘90s-Era Pioneer Super Tuner CD Player

Kenwood Speakers and Amp

16” x 7.5” ET 17 Front BBS RS Wheels (Custom .5” Deeper Barrels)

16” x 9” ET 26 Rear BBS RS Wheels (Custom 1” Deeper Barrels, 20mm Spacers, Studs)

Bridgestone RE-11 Tires

Factory Tool Kit

Extra Whale Tail Delete Rear Engine Cover (Needs to be Painted)

Battery Tender

Clean Carfax

California / Colorado Car

1986 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Coupe exterior photo


The Carrera 3.2 was the last of the traditional 911s—and one of the best in my opinion. By the Carrera 3.2, Porsche had perfected the traditional 911 recipe with more power and reliability than its predecessors, yet it still retained the elements that make a classic 911 so addicting to drive. The 3.2-liter engine had significantly revised internals, a different fuel injection system and updated intake and exhaust systems over its predecessors. These improvements produced slightly over 200 horsepower in U.S. market cars, which, thanks to a paltry 2866-pound weight, gave 6 second 0-60 times in the real world. At a glance the Carrera 3.2 shares direct lineage to every 911 that preceded it—the iconic teardrop form is nearly unchanged from the lines Ferdinand Porsche penned three decades earlier. As technology and refinement have marched forward, the 3.2’s raw and organic driving experience has improved like a fine wine. It is truly something that must be experienced to be appreciated. Unfettered with power steering and retaining the torsion bar suspension, the 3.2 will “always do exactly what you want—even if it’s the wrong thing.” In recent years, Carrera 3.2 values have ridden the surge of the overall Porsche appreciation, but they are still relatively affordable, making them one of the best buys in the market.

 exterior photo


This 1986 3.2 Carrera strikes the perfect balance between condition, build, mileage, and price. It presents exceptionally well, always drawing a crowd at the local cars and coffee, yet with 140,000 miles, is just broken in enough to enjoy without guilt. The 3.2-liter engine is known for reliability that lasts several hundred thousand miles. Unlike collector examples that live on battery tenders and leak oil out of every seal, this is the 911 that you can use every day without regret. It is built with the performance driver in mind. A Steve Wong performance chip and cat-delete are said to produce about 210 wheel horsepower—an engine friendly, but significant performance increase. The original cats are included with the sale for emissions purposes. Large diameter torsion bars with Bilstein shocks and a Weltmeister front strut bar add athleticism well beyond the stock setup. Its appearance is unique and striking thanks to Vitaloni Sebring mirrors, a factory whale tail, and custom gold BBS RS wheels. If the whale tail isn’t to your liking, we are including a separate engine cover, but it needs to be refinished. It was originally sold in California and spent the majority of its life there before coming to Colorado in 2013. The previous owner was meticulous and detailed in his stewardship, proof of my theory that Porches are like airplanes, in that care and maintenance are much more important than strictly age and mileage. All original parts are included except for the wheels. The Carfax is clean and all maintenance records are organized in a three-ring binder.

1986 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Coupe exterior photo


At rest, the 3.2’s classic 911 form is all business. Black captures subtle design elements that just aren’t highlighted by other colors. Impact bumpers frame a low-slung hood under upright circular headlights and fenders—elements that were watered down in successive 911 generations. The profile view is aggressive, thanks to its deep-dish gold BBS wheels and whale tail. The BBS wheels are a refreshing (perhaps polarizing) departure from the factory wheel options and the most defining visual element. Open the door and you are greeted with that lovely air-cooled 911 smell—part fine leather, part air-cooled engine, and exclusively Porsche. Fire the 3.2-liter engine and its raspy flat six-cylinder idle is unmistakable. Roll the floor-hinged clutch pedal forward, slide the shift knob crisply into first and off you go into a motion picture that can only be viewed through the lens of a classic 911. Visibility is excellent, thanks to an upright windshield and small door pillars. The road ahead is framed between those distinctive front fenders, but your eyes need to be much farther down the road—this is a 911 after all. The steering, brakes, clutch and shifting are raw and firm, requiring physical effort to execute your will. The reward is absolutely intoxicating and one of best driving experiences, period! The added camber from the Weltmeister strut bar erases typical 911 understeer on turn in. Set up your apex, roll into maintenance throttle and point the exit—and DO NOT LIFT! Okay, it’s actually quite forgiving. The feedback the 3.2 delivers to the driver is delightfully honest—you can’t help but wonder how modern cars have gone so wrong. I absolutely love this car! Compared to other Porsches I’ve had it shouldn’t stand out, but it does. There is something special about it. Walk away as it ticks itself cool, and you can’t help look back for one last glance. On several occasions, we at Glen Shelly have caught each other quietly staring at it resting in the corning of our hangar.

1986 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Coupe exterior photo


The black paint is exceptional for its age and mileage, having no glaring defects. When I first saw how good the paint is, I thought there was no way it could be original, but I paint gauged the entire car and all readings were between high 3 to low 5 mils. A paint gauge report is available on request. I’ve also had two detailers look at the car and both were very complimentary of the paint condition.The hood and lower valence have some pitting, but not the pockmarks that most Colorado cars have. This is likely due to fair weather use and spending most of its life in California. The left rear fender is slightly rolled out; there is a small crease above it, which we virtually removed with high-end paintless dent repair. All panels are original and all VIN tags are in place. All trim and blackwork are present and clean; the lower front splitter has slight abrasions from driveway curbing. The rear bumperettes are removed, but holes are still present. The bumperettes are included with the sale. The windshield has no cracks, but it does have some pitting. The windshield seal is old and leaks under heavy water exposure, like at a brushless car wash. The side and rear window glass is clean and appears to be original. The headlight lenses, fog lights, brake lights, and indicator lenses are clear and crack-free. The BBS RS wheels have no bends or glaring defects. They were professional built and finished by the previous owner. All center caps are present and included. The 16-inch Bridgestone RE-11 Tires are in good shape. The front tires are 205/55 the rear tires are 245/45 with over 60% tread remaining.

 interior photo


The inside is in excellent condition, and a testament to how well-built 911s were. The carpet has no tears or stains. There are no odors other than that lovely 911 smell and it has never been smoked in. The dashboard is crack-free and unblemished. The seat leather is soft, with no tears or blown out stitching. There is minor color fading on the seat bottom cushions. All power seat functions work. The rear seat fold-down backrests are present and form a shelf when folded flat. The left side rear seat lock can be a little tricky to lock up, but it does with some finesse. The rear seat belts are removed, but included with the sale. All gauges function correctly, the odometer works, and there are no burnt out bulbs or warning lights. The Momo Mod7 steering wheel has minor wear spots and the horn works. The gearshift knob and shift boot have no excessive wear. The Pioneer Super Tuner stereo is dated, but it works and actually sounds quite good through the Kenwood speakers. The heat blows warm and the Griffiths air conditioning functions; we will ensure it has a fresh charge before leaving our hands. The power door locks and windows work, and the factory alarm indicator flashes when locked. The windshield washer system is installed, but does not function. The headliner does not sag and the sunroof operates on command. The front seal needs replacing, which we will do before the sale is complete.

 engine photo


This 911 has always benefited from excellent stewardship, including regular maintenance and oil changes. Records are sparse, but the Carfax shows regular services and emissions tests dating back to the early 1990s. The previous owner kept a maintenance log that includes:

  • 06/2013 132,000 miles: OEM hood & deck-lid struts.
  • 06/2014 135,000 miles: Mitch Leland steering column bushing.
  • 07/2014 136,100 miles: Oil change (Brad Penn 20w-50, Mann filter), OEM voltage regulator.
  • 11/2015 138,400 miles: Passed emissions with cat in place.
  • 03/2016 138,500 miles: Dart Auto service: alignment + corner balance, Turbo tie rod kit, clutch spring + clutch cable adjustment.

In preparation for sale we replaced two torn axle boots, including re-packing the CV joints, and a weeping transmission plate. The engine fires on command and idles smoothly. It like slight gas on cold starts, but settles into idle shortly thereafter. It revs smoothly throughout the rev range and pulls strong to redline. It does not leak or spot when parked. The 915 gearbox shifting is crisp, but notchy—typical for the 915. The gearing is tall, which helps top speed and fuel economy. It goes into 1st gear the smoothest when completely stopped. The clutch engagement is smooth and the take up is correct. The suspension is firm, but it corners wonderfully thanks to its recent alignment and corner balance. Personally, I would want a slightly higher ride height, but not much. The brakes are firm. There are no driveline or wheel bearing vibrations. Overall this is a solid driver, just imperfect enough to be driven and enjoyed without guilt. It makes me smile every time I drive it. If you have made it this far through my ad, then you have serious interest. That type of detail-oriented buyer is whom I’d like this Porsche to go to.

 exterior photo


Hood Sticker Decode:

  • 911 340 = 911 Coupe
  • 93021 – 64G = (93021) Engine for USA / Japan – (6) 6-Cyl Eng (4) 911 (G) 1986
  • 91573-74G = (91573) Transmission – (7) Trans for 6-Cyl Eng (4) 5-Speed USA (G) 1986
  • L700 = Black
  • LX = Burgundy Partial Leather
  • 158 Radio “Monterey”
  • 220 Locking Differential
  • 214 Short Shifter Travel
  • 341 Central Locking System
  • 395 Light Metal Wheels – forged
  • 424 Automatic Heating Control
  • 438 Comfort Seat Right
  • 454 Automatic Speed Control
  • C03 California Type Car