Exterior photo of 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera

1986 Porsche 911 Carrera



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 115,000 Miles

Engine: 3.5-Liter Twin Plug 6-Cylinder Engine

Transmission: 915 5-Speed Manual Transmission

Exterior color: Paint to Sample Marble Grey Exterior (L673)

Interior: Burgundy Partial Leather Interior (NA)

Additional features:

Engine Rebuilt to 3.5-Liter Twin Plug Spec @101K Miles

100mm Cylinders/Pistons

Pauter Connecting Rods

ARP Fasteners

MSD Ignition

Stock Shifter

Limited-Slip Differential

Koni Classic Orange Shocks

Griffiths Kuehl Air Conditioning (4 Condenser System)

Front Sport Spoiler


Blaupunkt SQR 46 DAB Stereo/Media Player w/ Bluetooth

Original Blaupunkt Stereo Included

H4 Headlights with Painted Surrounds

Fog Lights

16x7” Front, 16x8” Weidman RSR Finish Fuchs Wheels

Michelin Pilot Exalto Tires

Coco Floor Mats

Owners Manuals

Factory Tool Kit

Factory Jack/Compressor/Spare Tire

Colorado Car

Clean Carfax

Complete Records and Documentation


1986 Porsche 911 Carrera exterior photo

The Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 was the last of the traditional G-Body 911s—and one of the best. By the Carrera 3.2, Porsche had perfected the traditional 911 recipe with more power and reliability than its predecessors, yet it still retained the elements that make a classic 911 so addicting to drive. The 3.2-liter engine had significantly revised internals, a more modern fuel injection system, as well as updated intake and exhaust systems over its predecessors. These improvements produced slightly over 200 horsepower in U.S. market cars, which, thanks to a paltry 2866-pound weight, gave it 6-second 0-60 times in the real world. At a glance, the Carrera 3.2 shares direct lineage to every 911 that preceded it—the iconic teardrop form is nearly unchanged from the lines Ferdinand Porsche penned some three decades earlier. As technology and refinement have marched forward, the 3.2’s raw and organic driving experience has improved like a fine wine. It is truly something that must be experienced to be appreciated.


 exterior photo

This 1986 911 Carrera is an exceptionally rare and unique example finished in Paint to Sample Marble Grey over a Burgundy Partial Leather interior. The color combination is one that must be seen in person to be truly appreciated; it is paradoxically both classic and modern, thanks to the popularity of Porsche’s latest Chalk White offering. At first glance, the color combination is the most defining feature of this Carrera, but there is more than meets the eye. Underneath that tasteful sheet metal, the matching-numbers 3.2 engine was stroked and rebuilt into a fire-breathing 3.5-liter twin-plug hotrod by local old-school Porsche specialists Eisenbuds, INC. More air, fuel, and fire significantly improve the original 3.2-liter’s performance without compromising its character. That power is routed through a rebuilt 915 gearbox and a limited-slip differential, while Koni classic orange shocks and sixteen by seven-inch front and eight-inch rear Fuchs finished by Harvey Weidman put it to the road. Other notable options and upgrades are a sport front spoiler, H4 headlights, Coco floor mats, and a modern classic Blaupunkt SQR 46 DAB stereo/media player. Two keys, all owners’ manuals, the factory jack, spare tire, compressor, tool kit, and records dating to 1986 are included in the sale.

This 911 Carrera had a production date of July 21, 1986, followed by an in-service date of September 26, 1986, and was sold by Stammler Porsche of Boulder, Colorado. The records show it traded hands several times before landing with long-term owners for the majority of the 1990s and the 2000s. The service records are thorough and document regular and frequent services, including an engine overhaul done under warranty in 1992 by Stammler Porsche. In the late 2000s, it landed with another long-term owner in Castle Rock, Colorado, who invested a considerable sum into rebuilding and restoring it into the car it is today. There are receipts for the hood and several other panels being re-painted over the years. The car paint gauges at between 4 and 12 mils, with the average being in the 6 to 7 mil range (a paint gauge report is included in the records). When the hood was painted, the windshield was also replaced. The interior was refreshed with dashboard and headliner repairs, and the seats were rebuilt and recovered with slightly darker burgundy covers (the original covers are included in the sale). In 2011 at 84,699 miles, Eisenbuds overhauled the 915 gearbox and installed a limited-slip differential (the clutch was previously replaced, and the flywheel was re-finished at 67,394 miles). The front brakes were also overhauled, and the master cylinder was replaced. In 2013 at 101,344 miles, Eisenbuds rebuilt the engine to 3.5-liter twin-spark specs. The work included 100mm cylinders, 100mm pistons, ARP head studs, a polished crankshaft, timing components, all bearings, cam lines, heads, valves, and a twin-plug setup powered by MSD ignition. At the same time, the shocks were upgraded to Koni classic shocks, along with a fresh alignment. The following year Eisenbuds refreshed the air conditioning system with a Griffiths Kuehl upgrade kit, featuring a total of four condensers. Eisenbuds continued to service the car through earlier this year when we purchased it due to health issues the owner was having.

In preparation for sale, we removed and re-installed the windshield due to seal fitment, replaced the inoperative original Blaupunkt stereo with a modern classic Blaupunkt SQR 46 DAB stereo/media player with Bluetooth, and lowered the ride height to European spec. As it sits, this is one of the nicest, most unique, and well-optioned G-body 911 Carreras on the market. Considering the rarity of the color, quality of the build, recency of the restoration items, and upgraded components—like the air conditioning system—it also represents a fantastic value. We would like to find a new owner who will maintain the fastidious standard of the previous stewards and write the next chapter of its story.


1986 Porsche 911 Carrera exterior photo

Overall, we consider this car to be a Hagerty Grade 2 example. The Marble Gray paint is in excellent condition, with no glaring defects. Several panels have been repainted; the paint thickness ranges from 4 to 12 mils, with an average of 6 to 7 mils. A paint gauge report is included in the records. The paint match is perfect. Imperfections are minimal, but close scrutiny does show light to moderate rock chipping on the lower front bumper and valance. There are a few larger chips on the leading edge of the hood, and there are some light scratches on the driver’s door (the largest being about 10” in length). The color white does an excellent job of diminishing these as well. There is no rust. The VIN tag and placard are in place, along with the hood sticker. The lower front splitter has slight waviness and typical abrasions on the bottom edge. All trim and black-work are present and in good shape, showing only slight UV fade and age-related patina. The windshield has no cracks, but it does have light pitting; we removed and re-installed it to correct the seal fitment. The H4 headlight lenses are clear and crack-free, as are the front markers and indicators, with the exception of a small spider crack in the right front indicator lens. We replaced the left front fog light due to a cracked lens. The 16-inch Fuchs wheels are in good shape, being previously re-finished in the RSR pattern. There is some etching in the finish on each wheel, almost as if they were cleaned incorrectly. The tires are worn evenly with over 60% tread remaining; they have older DOT dates. We are open to replacing the tires with the buyer’s prerogative if desired.


 interior photo

The interior is also consistent with Hagerty Grade 2 condition. Burgundy is as much a defining feature as the Marble Grey exterior, and they complement each other perfectly. There are no odors other than that lovely 911 smell, and it has never been smoked in. The carpet shows only light wear in spots and has been protected by color-matched Coco floor mats. There are receipts for the headliner being refreshed and reattached. The dashboard is crack-free other than a small hair-line crack at the instrument cluster bezel. The steering wheel leather is very good, with only a few areas of very light wear. To the touch, it feels wonderfully soft and tactile. The front seats have been recovered in a slightly muted Burgundy; they are in excellent condition. The original seat covers are also included in the sale. The rear seats are virtually pristine. All power seat functions work. The shift knob and boot are in excellent condition. All gauges function as they should, as do all switches and controls. The Blaupunkt SQR 46 DAB stereo is a lovely modern touch while appearing factory correct; it sounds fantastic through aftermarket speakers. The heat blows warm, and the air conditioning blows cold; the fan blower is quiet at all speeds. All doors, windows, and the sunroof function correctly. The door cards are intact, with no splitting at the map pocket/door handle. Two keys, all owners’ manuals, the records binder, factory tool kit, jack, and compressor are included in the sale.


 engine photo

This 911 has always benefited from excellent stewardship, including frequent maintenance and services. The service booklet shows an in-service date of September 26, 1986. There are service stamps through 1993. Additionally, the maintenance records are thorough and date to the original delivery date. All upgrades, rebuilds, and restorations are documented in the records binder. We completed the work outlined in the summary paragraph in preparation for sale. As it sits, this is a turn-key Porsche 911 that we wouldn’t hesitate to drive across the country. The engine fires on command and idles smoothly. There is no excessive smoke at start-up or normal operations. Once it’s warmed up, it pulls very strongly across the entire rev range, no doubt helped by more significant displacement and more efficient fuel combustion. The 915 gearbox shifts wonderfully smoothly and is one of the best 915s we’ve had. A nicely shifting 915 is our gearbox of choice, being much crisper than the Honda Accord vagueness of so many G50 gearboxes. The clutch take-up is correct and it does not slip. The limited-slip differential is something every Porsche 911 should have, and it noticeably improves tight cornering and on-throttle corner exit. The suspension is perfectly compliant for long drives, but sacrifices nothing in hard cornering. The steering is tight, and there are no driveline or wheel bearing vibrations. We ensure it passes and pay for emissions in the State of Colorado.

As it sits, this is a spectacular example of an air-cooled Porsche 911. It checks all of the right boxes from the color combination, performance upgrades, documentation, and condition. We have priced it accordingly but at a fraction of what it would cost to build it, representing considerable value in the air-cooled market. It strikes the perfect balance between a recession-proof investment, but also being one that you can use and enjoy—as every Porsche 911 should be.

Hood Sticker Decode

 exterior photo

Hood Sticker Decode

  • VIN: WP0AB0913GS122537
  • 911 340 = 911 Coupe
  • 93012-640 = Engine for USA / Japan – (6) 6-Cyl Engine (4) 911 (G) 1986
  • 91573-748 = Transmission – (7) Trans for 6-Cyl Engine (4) 5-Speed USA G) 1986
  • L673 = Marble Grey
  • LX = Burgundy Partial Leather
  • C02 Equipped with Catalytic Converter
  • 158 Radio “Monterey”
  • 401 15-Inch Forged Fuchs Alloy Wheels
  • 650 Sun-Moon-Roof