Exterior photo of 1987 BMW (E24) M6

1987 BMW (E24) M6



Price: Sold on Bring a Trailer | Visit the Bring a Trailer Auction Mileage: 58,900 Miles

Engine: S38B35 6-Cylinder Engine

Transmission: 5-Speed G265 Transmission

Exterior color: Cinnabar (Zinnoberot) Metallic Exterior

Interior: Lotus White Highline Full Leather Interior

Additional features:

1 of 1767 North American E24 M6s

Metric Mechanic G280 to G265 Conversion

Mason Engineering Strut Brace

Turner/Conforti Performance Chip

Super Sprint Headers

VSR High-Performance Catalytic Convertors

Super Sprint Performance Exhaust (original exhaust included)

Self-Leveling System (SLS) Delete (original parts included)

Custom Ground Control E24 Suspension:

Shortened Strut Housings

Sport Camber/Caster Plates

475lb/290lb Springs

Custom Valved Koni Struts w/ Top Adjust

Custom Valved Koni Shocks w/ Top Adjust

Ground Control Bump Stops

Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46 DAB Stereo

R134a Air Conditioning Conversion

Early M6 Highline Full Leather Interior (leather dashboard)

Rear Sunshade

Power/Memory Leather Seats

Rear Air Conditioning

Rear Center Console w/ Beverage Holder

Power Sunroof

Cruise Control

On-Board Computer

Large Tool Kit with Red Screw Drivers and BMW Cloth

Battery Tender

Coco Floor Mats

Factory BMW Floor Mats

Style 5 Metric Wheels


Style 29 Wheels

Colorado Car

Clean Carfax

Extensive Recent Maintenance


1987 BMW (E24) M6 exterior photo

The first-generation BMW 6 Series was codenamed the E24 internally, but the rest of the world knew it by a more formidable name: the Shark. The name fits not only the 6er’s form, but also its function. Unleashed on the autobahn, the Shark was an exceptional grand tourer that would devour miles at terrific speed while treating its occupants to fine sporting luxury. Its sleek and graceful lines were the product of BMW Director of Design Paul Bracq, who ensured that it was a classic in the making. The best of the 6 Series offered in the U.S. market was the M6, where BMW M GmbH took the regular 6 Series and gave it the full motorsport treatment. At its heart was the high-revving 256-horsepower S38B35 engine shared with the E28 M5. The suspension and brakes were tuned and subtle exterior and interior revisions were enlarged. Early M6s feature a full leather Highline interior wrapped in opulent soft leather. Time has been kind to the E24, earning it the status of a classic and as one of BMW’s most elegant designs. The M6 is the pinnacle of the U.S. market E24, with a total of 1,767 examples being delivered.


 exterior photo

This 1980 BMW M6, finished in Zino Red over Lotus White leather, is a time-capsule collector-grade example with only 58,900 miles. As an early U.S. Market M6, it features the Highline interior with opulent leather covering the majority of the interior, including the dashboard. Legend has it that it took 27 rawhides to finish one Highline interior. Other options include cruise control, premium sound, power/memory seats, an onboard computer, a power sunroof, the rear center console with beverage storage, and rear air conditioning. This M6 had a production date of January 1, 1987, and was reportedly sold in Colorado later that year. It was driven 50K miles over the next several years before being purchased by the second owner, a fellow Rocky Mountain Chapter BMW CCA member. Under his stewardship, it remained in his collection for the next two decades. In 2020, we took it into the Glen Shelly fold and did a round of routine maintenance to bring it up to spec. After that, we sold it to a Glen Shelly regular and helped him build it into the modern classic that it is. We are happy to represent it on consignment for him as one of the best and most well-sorted E24s in the country.

One of the problems with the U.S. Market M6 was a “soft” suspension that featured a problematic self-leveling system (SLS). Copious body roll hindered the sporting quotient of the M6’s grand-touring mission. This M6 has solved that issue with a costly and custom-engineer Ground Control coil-over suspension/SLS delete (all SLS components are included to preserve collectability). The suspension is fully adjustable and tunable, featuring shortened strut housings to accommodate custom-valved Koni struts and rear shocks, 475/290-pound springs, front camber/caster plates, and proprietary bump stops. A Mason front strut brace adds rigidity on turn-in. The end result is an M6 that goes around corners like BMW’s flagship Ultimate Driving Machine should, and although firmer than stock, doesn’t compromise the grand-touring mission of the “Shark.” To take advantage of its new-found athleticism, we added a Tuner/Conforti Performance chip, and allowed the S38 engine to breathe by removing the neutering U.S. Market exhaust manifold. Those were replaced with Super Sprint headers, a VSR high-performance catalytic convertor, and Super Sprint exhaust.

Another weakness of the E24 M6 was the G280 gearbox, which could succumb to failing synchros. When the clutch master went out earlier this year, this M6’s G280 gearbox met such a fate. This provided the opportunity to convert it to the robust and tighter-shifting G265 gearbox, which was done by Metric Mechanics. Other notable maintenance includes a valve adjustment, air filter, intake boots, thrust arm bushings, brake lines, and a brake fluid flush at 56K miles. The suspension was replaced simultaneously, the exhaust was installed, and the SI board was rebuilt. At 58.7K miles, the clutch master and slave cylinder were replaced, the gearbox converted, and the air conditioning converted to 134a. Open squawks consist of a driver’s seat up and down motor that will blow a fuse if adjusted with weight on it and a tach needle that takes a short drive to come alive. Like any classic BMW, it will need continued care and maintenance, but as it sits, it has been maintained and upgraded into one of the best M6s on the market.


1987 BMW (E24) M6 exterior photo

The Cinnabar (Zinnoberot) Metallic Exterior Paint is glossy and in fantastic condition. The car paint gauges between 3 to 6 mils, with a few higher areas on the hood; it looks to be all original and consistent. All VIN tags are in place. There is no rust. Imperfections consist of a small scratch on the passenger side roof between the sunroof and door jam. A dime-sized dent on the crease of the driver’s rear fender. Several minor scratches on the hood. A small crease in the driver’s front fender. The bumpers are both in excellent shape; the trim is present and very clean. The front valance has moderate scuffing on the lower outboard leading edges, consistent with age and patina. There are light rock chips present on the hood and front upper valance and on both front fender flares. The windshield has very light pitting but no chips. All of the door trim is present and in amazing shape. The headlights are free of cracks and have only minor pitting. Both taillights are in amazing condition. All Chrome trim is in excellent shape. All markers and corner lights are clear and crack-free, aside from the passenger side rear marker, which has a few hairline cracks. The 15” wheels are wrapped in Michelin TRX all-season tires; all four have 9/32 tread life left and no evidence of dry rot. A BMW car cover is included.


 interior photo

The interior is in overall excellent condition. The carpet is free of stains and tears; there is a slightly more worn area on the driver’s footwell, but it is negligible. The headliner is free of stains or tears, does not sag, and is excellent. The door cards are in excellent condition, with a very minor crack in the leather of the driver’s side door card. The steering wheel is excellent. The dashboard is crack-free, and the leather is in excellent shape (not shrunken, which was an issue with the Highline cars). The instrument cluster functions as it should, but the tachometer takes a short drive to come alive. The stalks and switches are in excellent shape. The power windows operate smoothly, and freely. The regulators and switches function correctly; however, the up and down and headrest functions on the driver seat will blow a fuse with weight in the seat. The heat and blower motor work, and the air conditioning system is cold; it has been converted to R134. The stereo head unit is upgraded with a period-correct Blaupunkt SQR-46-DAB Bremen. The front seat leather is soft and supple. There is light wear on the driver’s outboard bolster from entry and exit, but in overall amazing condition. This is the nicest interior we have seen on an M6 to date. The passenger seat is original, and the base is slightly wrinkled. The rear seats are trimmed in the same fashion; there are a couple of minor scratches in the leather, but they are otherwise excellent. The spare tire and jack are present, as is the trunk carpet. The tool kit is complete, including two BMW red screwdrivers.


 engine photo

This M6 has benefitted from significant recent maintenance, repairs, and upgrades, as outlined in the summary paragraph. The S38 starts on command and settles into a nice idle. Roll into the throttle, and it pulls wonderfully strong to redline (once the oil is warmed up, of course). The Super Sprint exhaust sounds terrific without being overbearing. There are no notable oil seeps or leaks. The clutch take-up is correct, and it shifts smoothly with the Metric Mechanic G265 conversion. There are no transmission or driveline whine or vibrations. The Ground Control suspension is firm but compliant. It does bound slightly over very bumpy surfaces, but the trade-off in handling is easily worth it. The brakes are strong, with lots of pad thickness and rotor run-out remaining. This is an outlier M6 that would take tens of thousands more than we are asking to replicate based on cosmetic condition, history, maintenance, and upgrades. We want to find a new owner who appreciates it for what it is and will write the next chapter of its story.

VIN Decode

 exterior photo

VIN Decode

  • VIN: WBAEE1404H2560348
  • Type: EE14
  • Model: M6 – USA
  • Development Code: E24
  • Chassis: LIM
  • Steering: LL
  • Doors: 2
  • Engine: S38
  • Displacement: 3.50
  • Power: 252 Horsepower (in stock form)
  • Drivetrain: RWD (HECK)
  • Transmission: Manual (MECH)
  • Color: Zinnober-rot (138)
  • Upholstery: Nature Leather Interior (Natur Volleder – 0237)
  • Production Plant: BORN
  • Production Date: 01-15-1987

Option Codes

  • 291 BMW Light Alloy Wheel, Cross Spoke 2 Piece
  • 441 Smoker Package
  • 459 Seat Adjustment Electric Driver / Passenger
  • 553 Air Conditioning, Rear