Exterior photo of 1987 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera

1987 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 62,800 Miles

Engine: 3.2-Liter 6-Cylinder Engine

Transmission: G50 5-Speed Manual Gearbox

Exterior color: Guards Red Exterior (G1G1)

Interior: Linen / Black Full Leather Interior

Additional features:

Front Spoiler

Rear 3.2 Carrera Tail

Power Sunroof-Moonroof

Alpine CDA-7837 Stereo

Escort Passport Radar Detector Remote Wiring

Automatic Heating Control

Cruise Control

Porsche Red Logo Floor Mats

16” Fuchs Wheels

Battery Tender

Clean Carfax

California / Colorado Car

Recent 60K Service


1987 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera exterior photo

The Carrera 3.2 was the last of the traditional G-Body 911s—and one of the best in my opinion. By the Carrera 3.2, Porsche had perfected the traditional 911 recipe with more power and reliability than its predecessors, yet it still retained the elements that make a classic 911 so addicting to drive. The 3.2-liter engine had significantly revised internals, a different fuel injection system and updated intake and exhaust systems over its predecessors. These improvements produced slightly over 200 horsepower in U.S. market cars, which, thanks to a paltry 2866-pound weight, gave it 6 second 0-60 times in the real world. The later years of the 3.2 also featured the G50 gearbox, a vast improvement to the often difficult to shift 915 gearbox. The G50 was so good that it stayed in the 911 through the remainder of the air-cooled era, the 993 911. At a glance the Carrera 3.2 shares direct lineage to every 911 that preceded it—the iconic teardrop form is nearly unchanged from the lines Ferdinand Porsche penned some three decades earlier. As technology and refinement have marched forward, the 3.2’s raw and organic driving experience has improved like a fine wine. It is truly something that must be experienced to be appreciated. A 3.2 Carrera with the G50 gearbox is the pinnacle of the G-Body 911s and one of the best 911s ever produced.


 exterior photo

This 1987 911 3.2 Carrera in Guards Red over Linen and Black full leather interior with just over 62,000 miles on the odometer is a pinnacle example of a G-body 911. Guards Red looks great on any 911, and this example makes it look even better with the factory front spoiler and rear 3.2 Carrera tail over 16-inch Fuchs wheels. Additions include an Alpine stereo, Escort Passport radar detector wiring with remote mute, and Porsche floor mats. The G50 gearbox transforms the 1987-1989 3.2 Carrera into a wonderfully driving 911 without sacrificing the pure undiluted qualities that make the G-body 911s so good! It presents exceptionally well, indicative of its low miles, drawing a compliments and thumbs up on every outing.

Champion Porsche in Miami, Florida originally delivered it on December 5, 1986. The service booklet shows the delivery inspection, followed by regular and frequent dealer services through 1995 and 35,000 miles. The Carfax reports several owners until it landed with the current owner in 2003, which we are selling it on consignment for. The service records pick up again there showing services at Porsche specialists Stuttgart West and Eisenbuds. The work included frequent oil changes and consumables like brakes, belts, and the air filter, along with rear CV axles, a valve adjustment, and a rear brake caliper. In preparation for sale, we gave it a 60,000-mile service including another valve adjustment, valve cover gaskets, spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor, air filter, manual transmission fluid, front brake pads and rotors, a brake fluid flush, and a fresh oil change. We also replaced the clutch and flywheel, including the release bearing and guide, pilot bearing, clutch shaft bushing kit, and rear main seal. Lastly, we had a leak down test performed, the results showed: #1 – 5%, #2 – 5%, #3 – 4%, #4 – 6%, #5 – 3%, #6 – 6%.

This 911 checks all of the boxes, it has all of the correct options, the correct G50 gearbox, and has benefited from meticulous stewardship—it is in near time-capsule condition. The Carfax is clean, all paint and panels are original, and all maintenance records are organized in a three-ring binder. The owners’ manuals, a Certificate of Authenticity, and several keys are also included. We would like to find a new owner who will continue care for it as it has been for the next chapter of its story.


1987 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera exterior photo

The Guards Red Paint is in exceptional condition; there are no glaring defects. We did a minor swirl correction on it when we got it, and it looks absolutely fantastic as a result. All paint is original, we included a paint gauge report is in the records binder. All panels gauge between 4 and 6 mils. All VIN tags are in place and the hood sticker is included in the service manual. All trim and black-work are present and in excellent condition; the lower front splitter has no abrasions and the Carrera tail rubber is perfect. The rear bumperettes are present and also in excellent shape. The windshield has no cracks, but it does have some light pitting. The side and rear window glass is clean and appears to be original. The headlight lenses, fog lights, brake lights, and indicator lenses are clear and crack-free. The 16-inch Fuchs wheels are excellent, they have no curb rash or notable paint chips and the wheel locks are present. In preparation for sale we mounted fresh Continental ExtremeContact DW tires.


 interior photo

The inside is also in excellent condition. The carpet has no tears or stains and is protected by clear doorsill protectors and factory floor mats. There are no odors other than that lovely 911 smell and it has never been smoked in. The dashboard is crack-free and unblemished. The seat leather is soft, with no tears or blown out stitching; there is some creasing on the outboard seat bolsters. All power seat functions work. The rear seat fold-down backrests are present and form a shelf when folded flat. All gauges function correctly, the odometer works, and there are no burnt out bulbs or warning lights. The steering wheel is excellent shape. The gearshift knob and shift boot have no excessive wear. The Alpine CDA-7837 stereo is dated, but it works and actually sounds quite good through the factory speakers. An Escort Passport remote cancel button is mounted on the center console and a hard-wired power line is near the rearview mirror. The blower fan works, the heat blows warm and the air conditioning functions, although it is an air-cooled 911, so we wouldn’t describe it as cold. The power door locks and windows work, and the factory alarm indicator flashes when locked. The headliner does not sag; the sunroof can be finicky. Two keys, a car cover, and all owners’ manuals are included in the sale.


 engine photo

This 911 has always benefited from excellent stewardship, including regular maintenance and oil changes. The service booklet and Carfax report regular services, along with service invoices from the beginning of the current owner’s tenure. In preparation for sale we completed the work outlined in the summary paragraph. The engine fires on command and idles smoothly. It revs smoothly throughout the rev range and pulls strong to redline. The leak down test showed perfect results, between 3 and 6%. It does not leak or spot when parked. The G50 gearbox shifting is crisp and smooth—a dramatic improvement over the 915 gearbox of earlier 3.2 Carreras. The clutch was just replaced and the take-up is perfect. The suspension is firm but compliant, and it corners wonderfully. The brakes are firm with the fronts also been recently refreshed. There are no driveline or wheel bearing vibrations. Overall this is an excellent example of the one of the best G-body 911s ever made.

Hood Sticker Decode

 exterior photo

Hood Sticker Decode

  • VIN: WP0AB0914HS120782
  • 911 340 = 911 Coupe
  • 93025 – 64H = Engine for USA / Japan – (6) 6-Cyl Eng (4) 911 (G) 1987
  • G5001-74H = Transmission – (7) Trans for 6-Cyl Eng (4) 5-Speed USA (G) 1986
  • L80K = Guards Red
  • QA = Linen / Black Full Leather
  • 158 Radio “Monterey”
  • 395 Light Metal Wheels – forged
  • 454 Automatic Speed Control
  • 473 Front and Rear Spoiler
  • 533 Alarm
  • 650 Sun-Moon-Roof
  • C02 U.S. Emissions