1988 BMW 325ix


Price: SOLD

Mileage: 215,500 Miles

Exterior color: Lachssilber (Salmon) Silver Metallic Exterior

Interior: Silver Leather Interior

This car was destined for the junkyard when a chance encounter allowed me to save it and give it a new lease on life. Here’s the story. I specialize in E30 generation BMW 3 series. A friend was pulling into the junkyard for a wiper relay when this beauty pulled up on a flatbed tow truck. As the driver was waiting at the gate my friend ran up and said “Whoooooa, hold on!” It was way too nice to be a junkyard car and worth it for the parts if it wasn’t runner. The tow truck driver said it just needed a battery (they all say that), but knew that it needed to be flatbed towed (a good sign). It was a donation car to a local non-profit. It could only be sold wholesale, my friend referred the driver to me and I had it delivered to my shop. The non-profit got more money than the junkyard would have paid, and we saved another one from the crusher.

What a save it was! The car was purchased new in 1988 from Gebhart BMW in Boulder for $38,782.20, that’s $74,375.82 in today’s money. It was traded-in in 1989 and purchased by the second owner (another Colorado resident) who kept it until he passed away after loving and cherishing the car for the next twenty-five years. E30’s are like rescue dogs (each one has a story), they find their way to me in various states of past abuse, misuse, love or care. This one was in a sad state, but showed the signs of being correctly cared for underneath the peeling paint and torn interior. Once I got it home, I sampled the fuel (it was good), checked the oil (also good), turned the engine over by hand a few times, put a battery in it and it fired right up! Next I tested the AWD system. There was no need for jack stands, as there was a nice patch of ice in the alley (this was in January mind you). A few hooning passes up and down showed it worked perfectly. I would later gleefully confirm its operation with prolonged hooning in successive snowstorms.

The IX as It Arrived, Saved from the Junkyard Gates