1989 BMW M3



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 86,100 Miles

Engine: S14B23 Inline 4-Cylinder Engine

Transmission: 5-Speed G265 Manual Transmission

Exterior color: Zinno Red Metallic Exterior (138)

Interior: Natur Beige Leather Interior

Additional features:

4:10 Limited-Slip Differential

Stock M3 Suspension

M3 Sport Seats

M Tech 1 Steering Wheel

Mushroom Shift Knob w/ 1-Piece Leather Boot

BMW Alpine CM-5908 “LED” Head Unit

Premium Sound System

13-Button On-Board Computer

Map Light Mirror

Crack-Free Dashboard

K40 BW 200 Period-Correct Radar Detector

Factory Tool Kit Including S14 Spark Plug Tool

15-Inch M3 Style 5 Wheels

Dunlop Direzza DZ102 Tires

Enthusiast Owned

Clean Carfax

Stock and Unmolested E30 M3


1989 BMW M3 exterior photo

The 1984-1991 BMW 3 Series, known generationally as the E30, is the one model more than any other that earned BMW its Ultimate Driving Machine reputation. E30s are one of our specialty vehicles at Glen Shelly Auto Brokers. The most iconic E30 was the E30 M3, which was built specifically for racing homologation by BMW Motorsport in an era when M stood exclusively for Motorsport. BMW Motorsport transformed the regular E30 into one of the most successful Touring Cars of the era with a completely revised suspension, aggressively flared fenders, front and rear aerodynamics, and the high compression, high-revving S14 engine. The S14 breathed through a pair of dual throttle bodies into a shortened version of the M88 head above a revised four-cylinder M10 block. It was high strung and lightweight, putting out nearly 200 horsepower in the initial 2.3-liter version. As a result, the E30 M3 was wildly successful in Motorsport, cementing a legacy that endures through BMW M GmbH today.


 exterior photo

This 1989 M3 finished in Zinno Red over Natur Beige interior is a low-mileage, stock, and unmolested example. All of the stock M3 options are present, including M3-specific front sport seats and a bolstered rear seat, M Tech 1 steering wheel, mushroom shift knob with the one-piece leather shift boot, the Alpine CM-5908 “LED” stereo and premium sound, 13-button on-board computer, map light mirror, 15-inch Style 5 wheels, and the factory tool kit. There is also a period correct K40 BW 200 radar detector; it functions, but isn’t useful in the modern world. We are selling it on consignment for a fellow BMW enthusiast who has owned it since 2013. Prior to his ownership, there is little documentation, but it does show that it was purchased from a body shop owner in Crawfordsville, IN. That owner had it repainted at some point in the original Zinnoberot. The Carfax goes back to 1994 and 62,010 miles and shows regular registrations, but little else. Records from the current owner show regular oil changes, the crank position sensor, distributor cap and rotor, alternator bushings, and accessory belts being changed in 2015 at 81,950 miles. There is an invoice for the right front fender and door being repaired and painted at Gerber Collision in Boulder in 2015. The odometer gears were also rebuilt in 2015, with a prior invoice and emissions certificate showing them operational. Based on the overall condition of the M3 we believe the mileage to be accurate, but do not have documentation to support that. In preparation for sale, we replaced the water pump, lower radiator hoses, thermostat, rear shock mounts, and gave it a fresh oil change. Our inspection showed the typical oil leaks that would be expected from an S14 engine that has not been resealed. The S14 engine is healthy, pulls strongly, and runs great. A compression test showed very healthy numbers: Cylinder 1: 195 psi, Cylinder 2: 195 psi, Cylinder 3: 203 psi, 208 psi. The oil leaks could be lived with for quite some time, but when the time comes, the proper way to address them would be an engine-out service. It would make sense to do all of the seals and gaskets including the head gasket, oil pan gasket, and timing cover profile gasket at the same time. While it is all apart, it’s a good time to address any cylinder head or timing components that need replacing and maybe the clutch too—since you’re in there. We can do all of this if desired, but wanted to give the buyer the choice, since it runs so well as it sits. As such, this E30 M3 represents an excellent opportunity for entry into the market with a stock, unmolested, and low mileage example.


1989 BMW M3 exterior photo

The Zinnoberrot paint is glossy and presents well, however the paint is not original. The paint is a good match to OEM and presents very well; there are some minor imperfections, but it is overall an above average repaint. The undercarriage is clean with no signs of notable corrosion anywhere. All VIN tags are present, with the exception of the passenger front fender, which is a DOT-R replacement. The impact was clearly minor; the body panels line up correctly. The front bumper has some scuffing on the underside and some scratches on both sides; the tow hook cover is not present. The rear bumper is in similar condition. The exterior trim is clean, with the typical minor UV fade. The glass is in great condition around the car, with some moderate pitting on the windshield. The headlights are Hella US ellipsoids (generally considered better than Bosch) that have minor pitting, but no cracks. The passenger side fog lens has a slim crack in it. The taillights are both clear and clean with the exception of a couple hairline cracks on the passenger side piece. All the wheels have some curb rash; the tires are Dunlop Direzza DZ102’s with 2016 DOT dates and 70% tread remaining.


 interior photo

The interior on this M3 is very nice. There are no odors and it has never been smoked in. The carpet has no tears or stains. The dashboard is as near perfect as they come, with no cracks or imperfections. The leather is good, and all seat functions work; the seat shocks do have some play in them like most, but it is minor. Both seats have had the lower leg bolsters re-dyed and some creasing; the driver’s seat has some cracking on the outer bolster, but no tears. The rear seat is very nice. The HVAC controls work correctly; the blower is quiet at all speeds. The A/C compressor kicks on, but it does not blow cold air. The BMW Alpine CM-5908 “LED” stereo sounds great through the premium sound system. The OBC and check panel have no burnt bulbs. The center console is clean, and the OEM one-piece shift knob/boot is present. The shift knob has moderate wear. The trunk carpet is clean, the spare tire is present, and the tool kit is complete. The gauge cluster functions correctly, as does the odometer, which has recently had the gears replaced. This was done promptly after they failed, to keep the mileage accurate. The owners’ manuals and one key are included.


 engine photo

This is a great example of a low-mileage driver quality E30 M3. It has been well maintained, with records going back to 2013 when the current owner purchased it. It runs and drives like a lower-mileage E30 would; the suspension is tight and the S14 pulls very strongly. There are the typical leaks to be expected of an S14 that has not been fully resealed; we would recommend a drip pan as it sits. We also recommend enjoying it as for a while since it runs and drives so well and doing a full engine-out reseal when the time comes. The S14 engine starts on command, idles smoothly, and pulls very strongly to redline. There is no excessive valve train or timing chain noise. The clutch take-up is correct, and G265 gearbox shifts smoothly. There is a little bit of 3rd gear hop and some vibration in the shifter. There are no driveline or wheel bearing vibrations. The suspension is firm and compliant and the brakes are strong. We pay for and ensure it passes emissions in the State of Colorado. This E30 M3 is a slap in the face to a market filled with examples that are too precious to use. It looks and presents very well, yet it has enough flaws to actually use and enjoy. We have priced it aggressively to allow a unique opportunity for entry into the E30 M3 market that has passed for many buyers.

VIN Decode

 exterior photo

VIN Decode

  • VIN: WBSAK0302K2198624
  • Prod. Date: 12/15/1988
  • Model: M3
  • Series: 3
  • Generation: E30
  • Body Type: 2 Doors
  • Type Code: 1003
  • Engine Code: S14
  • Power: 162
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Displacement: 2.30
  • Drive Type: RWD
  • Steering Side: Left
  • Color: Zinnoberrot (L0138)
  • Interior: Natur Leder (P0295)
  • Transmission: Manual


  • 401 Sliding/vent roof, electric
  • 410 Window lifts, electric at front
  • 530 Air conditioning
  • 540 Leather-covered steering wheel with multifunction keys
  • 551 On-board computer II with remote control
  • 675 Rear seat area audio system