Exterior photo of 1989 Honda CR-X JDM 1.5X

1989 Honda CR-X JDM 1.5X



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 65,655 Kilometers

Engine: 1.5X 16-Valve CV Dual-Carbureted D15B Engine

Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic Transmission

Exterior color: Flint Black Metallic Exterior (NH-526M)

Interior: Black Cloth Interior

VIN: EF6-1106238

Additional features:

Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) CR-X

JDM “Cyber Glass” Full Glass Roof

Cloth Sport Seats w/ Tri-Color Inserts

3-Spoke Steering Wheel

2+2 Folding Rear Seats

JDM Double-Din Pioneer Carrozzeria Stereo w/

Mini-Disc Player, CD Player, and Equalizer

Functional Factory Air Conditioning

CR-X Floor Mats

Power Windows

Power Mirrors

Factory Clock

Rear Hatch Cover

All Exterior Trim Intact

Fog Lights

Front Mud Flaps

Rear Spoiler

13-Inch Wheels w/ Honda Hub Caps

Bridgestone Sneaker Tires

Clean Colorado Title


1989 Honda CR-X JDM 1.5X exterior photo

When it was released in 1985 the Honda CRX was like nothing else. It was a sporty, two-seater (for the U.S. market) Kammback style hatchback, but—because it was a Honda—it was exceptionally engineered and remarkably reliable. Rumor has it that CRX (CR-X in the Japanese Domestic Market) allegedly stood for Civic Renaissance Experimental or Civic Renaissance Model X. As the CRX evolved, a sport-focused “Si” version was released that remained throughout the production run. The second-gen CRX was released in 1989 and featured a sleeker exterior, revised four-wheel double-wishbone suspension, and more powerful engines. It also had a glass rear lower hatch panel, and for the Japanese Domestic Market an optional glass roof. Like all Honda’s from the period, CRXs were used and enjoyed. They were usable, reliable, and disproportionally fun for their price tag. Finding a clean example that hasn’t been abused, neglected, or driven a half a million miles in the current market is rare—very rare.


 exterior photo

This JDM 1989 Flint Black Metallic over black cloth Honda CR-X (CR-X vs. the U.S. Market’s CRX nomenclature) is the cleanest CR-X we’ve ever seen. In an age where the typical example has well north of 200K miles, seeing one with only 65,655 kilometers (that’s roughly 40,000 miles!) it truly is an outlier. It being a JDM car, we have no records to prove those are the actual miles, but based on the overall condition of the car it is certainly plausible. The night before I wrote this, I spent 20 minutes just sitting in the car admiring how pristine the interior is! Being a JDM car it is right-hand drive, and tragically, it is an automatic. However, in contrast to the U.S. enthusiast market, autos were favored in the Japanese Market and this example was also optioned with the ultra-rare “Cyber glass” roof. The Cyber glass roof is a full glass roof panel with mirrored tint on the upper surface, which combined with the steeply sloped windshield, rear hatch glass, and second-generation lower hatch glass makes the entire cockpit feel like a glass house! Another JDM option is the 2+2 seating with rear folding seats that can accommodate very small people somewhat comfortably—and larger people somewhat uncomfortably! The CRX 1.5X is powered by the JDM 1.5-liter 16-valve D15B 4-cylinder engine, which features dual constant velocity (also known as variable venturi) carburetors. Good for 103 horsepower, I wouldn’t say it’s fast, but these have been known to make considerably more horsepower with a good build. It has been re-painted in a black with subtle gold flake, different than the original Flint Black Metallic, a nice detail you can see with close examination. Other options include the rear spoiler, CR-X floor mats, fog lights, and a double-din Pioneer Carrozzeria stereo with Mini-Disc player, CD player, and equalizer. In preparation for sale we replaced the timing belt, tuned the carburetors for altitude and replaced catalytic convertor and center resonator (it passes Colorado emissions). As it sits, this is one of the cleanest CR-Xs we’ve ever seen. The value in this example is in its condition and rare options. If anything, the only thing I might do is swap it to a 5-speed manual. The D15B engine shares many parts with the D15B2 engine found in the U.S. market. It comes with a clean Colorado title. We’d like to find a new owner who will appreciate it for what it is and enjoy it for years to come.


1989 Honda CR-X JDM 1.5X exterior photo

The exterior condition of the car is very good. It has been repainted in a color similar to Flint Black, but with a subtle gold flake. It’s a wonderful subtle detail, but you can only see it under close examination. The paint job is good, but close inspection does reveal some flaws. The finish has some inconsistencies and the trim wasn’t masked in preparation in the process. There are also small dings on the body panels, the worse being the panel forward of the glass roof, but nothing glaring. It has zero rust (lift pictures are on our website if you are reading this elsewhere). The black trim and plastic work is all present and intact. There is some age-related fade / wear on the window trim and weather seals. The glass is in overall in good shape, especially the rare Cyber roof panel. The windshield does have some deformation between the limited panels, but they are not in the driver’s field of vision. The rear hatch class also has some opaque tint that could be removed if desired. The headlight lenses are clear and crack-free, as are the fog lights, with the exception of some discoloration on the lower right fog light. The rear taillights have moderate cracks, with the worst being the left side. The steel wheels and hubcaps are in good shape. The tires are serviceable, but are near the end of their life and should be replaced soon.


 interior photo

The interior is utterly fantastic. The texture of the steering wheel, buttons, and cloth is pristine. There is no typical wear on the switches or knobs. There are no rips, tears, or smells. The dashboard is crack-free and in excellent condition. The steering wheel rubber is firm, not loose like many high-mileage Honda’s. All buttons and functions work correctly. The Pioneer Carrozzeria stereo sounds amazing. The JDM FM radio band is different than the U.S. frequency band, but the CD player works. I can’t test the mini-disc player because I don’t have any mini-discs! The heat blows warm and the air conditioning is ice cold. The black cloth seats with tri-color inserts are in excellent shape. The rear fold-down seats have some wear on the seat bottom cushion. The rear hatch cover is present. Underneath is the factory spare tire and jack. Three keys are included with the sale.


 engine photo

This CR-X is a great example of 1980s Honda reliability. The D15B engine fires on command, idles smoothly, and pully strongly to redline. We reset the timing belt interval and it passes emissions thanks to a fresh cat (we pay for emissions in the State of Colorado). The transmission shifts smoothly and engages in all gears correctly. The suspension does not clunk, and it corners wonderfully. There are no driveline or wheel bearing vibrations. The brakes are good. The Bridgestone Sneaker tires are serviceable, but are nearing the end of their lifespan and should be replaced in the near future.