Exterior photo of 1990 Mitsubishi Delica Super Exceed

1990 Mitsubishi Delica Super Exceed



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 139,000 Kilometers (86,370 Miles)

Engine: 2.5 Liter Turbo Diesel

Exterior color: White

Interior: Grey Cloth

Additional features:

Colorado Assigned Vin #IDCO003610zz

JDM VIN# P35W-0106680

Crystal Lite (Skylite) Roof

Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) Import

25-Year Rule Exempt, Colorado Title


1990 Mitsubishi Delica Super Exceed exterior photo

Get your summer fun on with this 4x4 Camping/Urban Assault Vehicle. Imported from Japan earlier this year and titled in Colorado. This is your chance to own a rare vehicle for the US market. Unfortunately these were never sold in North American Markets. These Vans have a cult following worldwide and Canada has been importing them for the last decade (15yr Import Rule). Take a trip up to British Columbia and you will see these Vans all over the place. Fortunately these are finally available and legal for import into the USA (25yr Import Rule).  She is in great shape and ready to go explore. Only 139,136kms (86,455 miles). She makes for a perfect Skiing, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing or Surf Bum vehicle. Soccer Moms that are ready to roll in style are encouraged too; easily stuff this van full of a dozen of your favorite players. Take on the Whole Foods parking lot with authority, cars will move out of your way like Moses parting the Red Sea.  She is equipped with a 4 Cylinder Turbo Diesel with an aftermarket turbo timer for shutdown, Automatic 4 speed transmission with overdrive, cold A/C and a Cool/Heat Box for keeping your beverages cool and your meatball sub warm (yes, it actually still works).


1990 Mitsubishi Delica Super Exceed exterior photo

Overall the paint is in good shape with a few blemishes here and there, typical stuff you would find on any vehicle of this age. The undercarriage is rust free and surprisingly clean.


 interior photo

The interior is in good shape with minor wear and tear, however the rear bench seat is missing. The seat can be sourced through Delica online forums. Search the used parts classifieds. Most people modify their Vans for camping with a rear bench/bed combo and remove the stock bench, so finding one used isn’t that difficult. I would however recommend doing the modification, sleeping on the stock rear bench isn’t that feasible if your over 5’ tall and over the age of 18. The rear section has its own environmental system that works great too, allowing for separate driver and passenger zones. The Crystal Lite roof is absolutely amazing and allows for stargazing at night. It has a set of automatic shades too, but only one out of the four shades actually work. The motors actually run (good news), but the shades don’t deploy. I believe that someone pulled them down manually and detached them from their reels. If you’re handy, it’s probably an easy fix to open up the console and reattach them, but I can’t guarantee that parts won’t be needed.


 engine photo

Mechanically she is in good condition and ready to take on your next adventure. She doesn’t blow smoke and pulls really strong. Doing 80 mph on the freeway isn’t a problem and is surprisingly quiet given her brick like aerodynamics. She recently had her rack and pinion serviced and rebuilt along with a new set of anti sway bar bushings. The brakes are quiet and stopping is easy and straight. The Automatic transmission shifts smoothly and keeps your hands free for things like drinking your morning coffee. A new set of shocks would be a wise investment; they operate ok, but feel a little worn. Overall she is in great shape, but I always like to remind buyers, this is a 25yr old vehicle and over time things will need to be replaced and repaired. Particularly anything that is rubber (degrades over time) and any part that is subject to wear and tear like brakes, belts, and shock absorbers. 

Right-hand Drive

 engine photo

Driving from the right side of the vehicle is as easy as the left side, some people are unnecessarily intimidated by it. Driving on the left side of the road is very difficult, but driving in North America on the right hand side is just as easy as having the steering wheel on the left. 
Owning an imported RHD vehicle is completely legal in all 50 states, but you will need to title and register it locally, so check with your local DMV for requirements. Most states are pretty straightforward with California being the exception. California resident may be required to comply with emissions equipment specific to the state of California. Check first!

Parts Supply and Maintenance

 exterior photo

Any good Diesel Mechanic can work on your Delica. Parts can be a tad more challenging than buying from your local Auto Zone, but are easily bought via online sources. There are a few aftermarket parts dealers out there, but I like to source most of my stuff through Amayama where the easiest way to find the part your looking for is by vehicle VIN. Lead-time on parts is usually 1-2 weeks so plan accordingly.