Exterior photo of 1991 (L200) Daihatsu Mira Walk-Through

1991 (L200) Daihatsu Mira Walk-Through



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 24,071 km (14,957 Miles)

Exterior color: White Exterior

Interior: Grey Interior

Additional features:

Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) 25-Year Import Exemption

3-Cylinder 660cc EF-CL Engine

5-Speed Manual Transmission

Air Conditioning

Fold Down Rear Jump Seat

Walk-Through Front and Rear Doors

JDM Kei Car


1991 (L200) Daihatsu Mira Walk-Through exterior photo

The L200 was the 3rd Generation of the Daihatsu Mira Kei Car—the ultra compact small car unique to Japanese Domestic Market (JDM). The walk-through was the high-roof utility version of the L200 Mira and offered a staggering amount of space for a vehicle with a footprint the size of a golf cart. Powered by a 40-horsepower 660cc mated to a 5-speed manual transmission it is surprisingly fast for what it is. Features like air conditioning, walk-through doors, and a fold down jump seat make it downright comfortable too. By far the coolest thing about the Mira is just how unique it is. In the relative “giant” world of the United States, the novelty of the Mira never wears off. Daihatsu’s parent company is Toyota and its reliability is on par. There is no better uniquely cool run about vehicle than a walk-through Mira—if you can find one.


 exterior photo

This 1991 Daihatsu Mira came to us via a long-term Glen Shelly regular who collects unique old-school Toyotas. I originally purchased it for him two years ago from Duncan Imports, who imported it from Japan. This time around, I took it back on trade for a 1966 Toyota Sports 800. Everywhere it goes people absolutely love it! I would be perfect as a marketing platform or miniature delivery van for a small urban business (weed growers would have no problem filling it with your top notch bud plants). It has all of the L200 Mira features listed above, including functional R134 air conditioning. The little flip up fresh air vent in the roof is one of my favorite features. I have personally put 100 kilometers on it in the last few weeks and it runs like a top. The previous owner changed the oil shortly before I took it back, and the coolant and brake fluid are clean. You won’t set any speed records, but it is fast enough to operate with modern traffic—I’ve seen 110kph in 5th gear (with a tailwind)! The suspension clunks a little, the aftermarket stereo is a relic from the 1990s (it wouldn’t work on US frequency bands anyway), and the forward dome light is INOP. The exterior color was light blue at some point with hints of that color showing through where the white paint is chipped, but based on the interior color, I reckon it was originally white. There are small spots of surface rust on the lower edges of the doors, jams, and below the windshield, but nothing significant enough to be worried about in the foreseeable future. The paint is in good condition, but also not perfect. It is perfect enough for the mission of a cool little delivery van and the graphics of your choice. I left the “Charlie Bravo” decals on as an example of what is possible, but they will be removed prior to sale. The interior is missing a few trim pieces below the dashboard, but all controls are present and functional. The heat blows warm and the air conditioning blows cold. The driver seat is super comfortable and the stowable jumpseat is a nice addition. With the jumpseat stowed, the cargo volume is massive! Overall this is a great little Kei truck that will make its new owner smile every time you drive it! It comes with a clean Colorado title.

Right Hand Drive / JDM Imported Vehicle FAQs

 exterior photo

Right Hand Drive: Driving a right hand drive vehicle is as easy a left hand drive—don’t be intimidated by it. I teach performance driving and would be happy to give any necessary instruction required to develop confidence driving from the right seat. 
25-Year Rule Import: Owning a 25-year rule imported vehicle is legal according to Federal regulations, as long as it passes emissions. The only states that have extra requirements are California and Hawaii. California requires 1975 and later vehicles to be CARB legal, which the Mira is not. You would need to have it independently tested ($1500 per test at most labs) and CARB compliant in order to get it CARB certified. Hawaii is even stricter, making it cost-prohibitive to certify a 25-year rule car there.

Parts Supply and Maintenance: Daihatsu and parent company Toyota parts can be sourced via online sources. The easiest way to find the part you are looking for is by vehicle VIN. Lead-time on parts is usually 1-2 weeks, so plan accordingly.