Exterior photo of 1992 Volkswagen Corrado VR6 SLC

1992 Volkswagen Corrado VR6 SLC



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 153,XXX Miles (TMU)

Engine: 2.8-Liter 12-Valve VR6 Engine (AAA) (Replaced at 140k miles)

Transmission: 5-Speed MK3 Manual Transmission

Exterior color: Satin Silver Metallic (LB7Z)

Interior: Canadian Market Recaro Cloth Interior



  • Replacement Long Block from VW at 140,000 Miles
  • Built by a VW Technician
  • All Sensors, Accessories, Belts, and Filters Replaced
  • Air Conditioning Deleted
  • Black Crinkle Intake Manifold and Valve Cover
  • Neuspeed Intake
  • Neuspeed Spark Plug Wires
  • Fresh Radiator in 2017
  • 42 Draft Design Billet Water Pipe
  • Converted to G12 Coolant
  • 42 Draft Design Test Pipe
  • Techtonics Tuning 2.5-Inch Cat-Back Exhaust


  • MK3 Transmission (with about 35k miles on it)
  • Diesel Geek Short Shifter
  • G60 Solid Mounts
  • Redline Fluid
  • Corrado Leather Shift Knob
  • Beetle Turbo S Leather Boot


  • Koni Adjustable Coilovers
  • Autotech Front Strut Bar
  • Front Control Arms with R32 Bushings
  • All Mounts, Bushings, Ball Joints, and Tie Rods Replaced
  • Front and Rear Wheel Bearings Replaced
  • Recent Alignment


  • Porsche Boxster 4-Piston Front Calipers
  • Porsche Boxster Front Pads
  • Audi TT 12.3-Inch Front Rotors
  • Pure EMS Porsche Brake Brackets
  • Speedware Adapter Plates
  • MK4 Aluminum Rear Calipers
  • MK4 Rotors and Pads
  • Silver Powder Coated Calipers (all four)
  • Rotor Centers Painted Satin Black (all four)
  • Lines and Hardware Replaced


  • 17 x 8 Inch Front, 17 x 9 Inch Rear BBS RS 320 Wheels
  • Rebuilt with Polished Lips and Powder Coated Centers
  • Adapted Adapters
  • Falken FK452 Tires


  • Repainted in Original Satin Silver Metallic
  • Passat B3 Glass Roof and Seal
  • Fully Functional Active Aero Rear Spoiler (recently rebuilt)
  • 90mm Front Spoiler (50 mm Spoiler Included)
  • Pulled Fenders (1.5” Front, 2” Rear)
  • Lupo Aero Blade Wiper Conversion
  • Shaved Washer Squirters
  • Shaved Marker Lights
  • VR6 E-code Headlights with Amber City Lights and Frenchie Bulb Caps
  • New Dimensions MOWA Relay Headlight Harness
  • Red Tail Lights
  • Euro Rear Plate Filler


  • Canadian Market Corrado Recaro Seats
  • Missing Side Panels, but Power Recline Works via Hidden Switch
  • Heated Seats, but Not Hooked Up
  • Euro Seatbelts
  • Black Suede A-Pillars and Headliner
  • Crack-Free Pristine Dashboard
  • 1993 Model Year Gauge Cluster with Chrome Rings
  • E-code Headlight Level Switch
  • Momo Steering Wheel
  • Hella Dual Air Horn
  • Alpine Stereo w/ iPod connectivity
  • Alpine Amp
  • MB Quartz Door Speakers
  • JL Audio 8-Inch Subwoofer
  • Euro Tape Holder
  • Euro Center Console
  • Passat Retractable Cup Holder
  • Audi TT Aluminum Pedals
  • Monster Rubber Floor Mats


1992 Volkswagen Corrado VR6 SLC exterior photo

The Corrado was Volkswagen’s sport hatchback successor to the venerable Scirocco—a winning recipe for the previous two decades. Volkswagen reckoned that if it took all of the things that made the Scirocco so successful and turned them up a notch, the Corrado would be even better—and it was! Its perfectly proportioned wedge shape was quintessentially 1990s Volkswagen, but uniquely different than any other car. In the US market it came with two engines; the most powerful being the 2.8-liter VR6 engine producing 180 horsepower. The VR6 configuration allowed the benefits of an in-line engine with the cylinders of a V6 in a compact footprint, making the Corrado the fastest production Volkswagen of the period. Technological advancements like an active aerodynamic rear spoiler that deployed above 45 miles per hour and suspension that made the FWD platform handle like a proper RWD sports car further set the Corrado apart. But, so did its price tag—a number well above $20K in 1990s dollars when a GTI could be had for half that. The working man’s car company had made a proper sports car that the working man could not afford. Poor marketing and mechanical complexity further hindered the Corrado from the success enjoyed by the Scirocco, but two decades on its resulting low production numbers have cemented the Corrado as one of the most unique classics of the ‘90s—if you can find one.


 exterior photo

If you have been looking for the right Corrado, look no further. This 1992 VR6 Corrado spent its early years with a dedicated original owner who traded in a Scirocco for it. It comes with a 2.5” binder of records dating back to 1997 with the Carfax reporting to 1992. It benefited from regular service until 2007, when a Volkswagen technician purchased it and meticulously restored and built it into the car it is today. The build (outlined above) was comprehensive, with nearly every mechanical component being replaced. Highlights include a new VR6 long-block from Volkswagen 13,000 miles ago, MK3 transmission 35,000 miles ago, Koni adjustable coilover suspension, Porsche Boxster brakes, and BBS RS wheels. The exterior was repainted in the original Satin Silver metallic, and the active aerodynamic rear spoiler was rebuilt (it works perfectly). Ecode headlights were installed, along with a Euro rear plate filler. The marker lights and washer squirters were shaved. Inside a Canadian Market Recaro cloth interior was installed, along with a black suede headliner, 1993 model year cluster, Alpine stereo, and Euro dashboard trim bits. The result is a stunning Corrado that draws attention and compliments every time it is driven. It drives fantastically, and truly handles like a rear-wheel drive car. The melody of the Neuspeed intake and Techtonics Tuning exhaust noise under throttle is glorious! In preparation for sale I replaced the radiator and had an alignment performed. The 2.5-inch binder of records are included with the sale, along with a larger front spoiler and several spare parts. The Carfax reports no accidents, but it does note two mileage discrepancies, likely due to the 1993 model year cluster replacement. Total mileage is unknown, but probably around 163K based on the Carfax. But that is moot, as all work, including the engine replacement is documented in the comprehensive records.


1992 Volkswagen Corrado VR6 SLC exterior photo

The Satin Silver Metallic paint is in very good condition. It has clearly always lived indoors and been spared harsh weather and UV exposure. It is a good paint job, but not as perfect as a factory job. There are no glaring flaws, but close examination does reveal small imperfections—most notably some spray inconsistencies on the roof and a tiny spot of lifted clear coat on the roof. The large factory door jam VIN tag and placard are in place, along with the hood and hatchback tags, but all others are missing. There is no rust. All trim work is in place and an extra deeper front spoiler is included. The windshield is free of cracks, although some minor pitting and chipping. The driver’s side window has a chip at the top, but is only noticeable when the window is down. The Ecode headlight lenses are crystal clear. The fog lights are also in great shape, but the left turn signal lenes has two two cracks. The rear tail light lenses are likewise crack-free and look great! The 17-inch BBS RS wheels are straight and true with no curb rash. They were professionally rebuilt when the car was restored, with powder coated centers and polished lips. The fenders are rolled and adapter spacers fitted. The rear tires are sized with slight stretch to aid in fender clearance. The tires are Falken FK452s with over 60% tread remaining. There is minor camber wear on the front tires that does cause a slight pull to the right. I had the shop verify this when it was aligned by swapping the front tires and the pull followed the direction.


 interior photo

The Canadian Market Recaro cloth interior is in excellent condition. There are no odors and it has never been smoked in. The carpet has no stains or tears and is protected by Monster rubber floor mats. The Recaro cloth seats are in excellent condition, having no glaring wear spots. The side trim panels are missing, but it is not immediately evident to the untrained eye. The driver’s seat has power recline, which is controlled through a switch underneath the seat bottom. The rear seats are in excellent shape and the center bolster has no wear. The dashboard is crack-free and in excellent shape. A Momo steering wheel is fitted and is also in very good shape. The horn button functions through a Hella dual air horn, and it sounds like an old 911! E-code headlight and level switches are fitted, but the level switch does not work, nor do the foglights. The Alpine stereo sounds great through upgraded speakers and an Alpine subwoofer. Below it is a European tape holder and center console. A retractable Passat cup holder is a very nice upgrade. The shifter and leather Corrado shift boot are in great shape, as are Audi TT pedals. The heat blows warm and the blower fan is quiet; the air conditioning was deleted by the previous owner. All power windows and the sunroof operates correctly, the central locking is INOP. The cruise control is INOP. The door cards are tight, but there is very minor peel back on the passenger side covering. and the window regulators are quiet. The black suede headliner looks fantastic. The rear hatch is clean. The parcel shelf is present, and the hath shocks are firm.


 engine photo

This Corrado comes with maintenance records going back to 1999. They show regular oil changes, regular services, along with all restoration and upgrade work done by he previous owners. In preparation for sale I had a pre-purchase inspection done by Volkswagen specialists Autosport Werks. I had an aftermarket aluminum radiator replaced with a factory one due to a hairline crack, the serpentine belt replaced, the transmission fluid flushed, and an alignment performed. Items worth mentioning beyond what I replaced were minor oil seeps (it does not drip or spot), superficial tow hook damage to the under body channels, minor shift of the rear subframe that is correctable through alignment, and a sticky 2nd to 3rd gear Syncro if not rev-matched under hard shifting. I had Autosport Werks replace the transmission fluid with Liqui-Moly and it made it significantly better.

The engine fires on command, idles smoothly and pulls strongly to redline. It does not leak, drip, or spot any fluids. The clutch take up is correct and the shifter is crisp and smooth if done with proper technique. The brakes are firm, the suspension is compliant, and there is no driveline or wheel bearing vibration or whine. There is minor pull associated with the aforementioned tire wear, but it is tolerable even on long drives.

It’s not perfect, but compared to most Corrados, it is an excellent example. We would like to find a new owner who will appreciate what it is and maintain and enjoy it for years to come.