Exterior photo of 1993 BMW M5 Touring

1993 BMW M5 Touring



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Mileage: 136,497 Miles

Engine: S38B38 In-Line 6-Cylinder Engine

Transmission: 5-Speed G280 Transmission

Exterior color: Daytona Violet Metallic Exterior (283)

Interior: Black Full (Extended) Leather Interior (0318)

Additional features:

1 of 891 E34 M5 Tourings Worldwide

S38B38 Inline 6-Cylinder Engine

5-Speed Getrag G280 Transmission

Federalized in 2001

Speedometer and Odometer Converted to Miles when Federalized

540i Catalytic Converters (emissions compliant)

M Tech (1994-1995 Euro M5) Mirrors with Convex Glass

Original Mirrors Included

Depo Euro “Smiley” Projector Headlights w/ City Lights

OEM BMW Clear Indicators (Amber US markers added when federalized included)

OEM BMW BMW Clear Taillights (Amber US taillights added when federalized included)

Front / Rear Sunroof

M Tech II Steering Wheel (original steering wheel included)

Heated Manual Sport Seats

Rear Fold-Down Seats w/ Headrests

Removable Cup Holder

Alpine CDE-1638T Stereo with Bluetooth

Carpeted Floor Mats

Rear Rubber Cargo Mat

Rear Cargo Cover / Nets

Boge E34 M5 Touring SLS Shocks

UUC E34 M5 Touring (H&R) Lowering Springs

SLS Intact

Illuminated (original) M Shift Knob

Front Arm Rest Pads

Lightly Tinted Windows

Alcantara Headliner

BMW First Aid Kit

BMW Fire Extinguisher (no longer charged)

Factory Tool Kit w/ BMW Blue Rag

Clear Bra

17” Style 21 Forged (square not staggered) M System Wheels w/

Throwing Star Covers

Fresh Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 High Performance All-Season Tires

Original 18” Style 37 M Parallel Wheels and Spare Included w/ Continental Tires

Clean Carfax

Belgian Market M5 Touring

Federalized and Imported to Tennessee in early 2000s


1993 BMW M5 Touring exterior photo

The E34 was the end of an era for the BMW M5. It was the last hand-built M5, assembled by the same M GmbH technicians from start to finish, once taken to Garching from the normal E34 assembly line in Dingolfing. It was the last 6-cylinder S38-powered BMW, an engine based directly on the fire-breathing, high revving, high compression, individual throttle-bodied architecture that helped BMW dominate Motorsport for the previous two decades. It was the last M5 to retain the classic and iconic 3-box BMW design language—and the best evolution of it in this enthusiast’s opinion. Then, for the 1992 model year, BMW upgraded the M5 to the 3.8-liter S38B38 engine—and didn’t bring it to the U.S. Market. The S38B38 was good for 335 horsepower and is the largest naturally aspirated inline six-cylinder BMW M engine ever produced. Starting for the 1993 model year, BMW also built 891 M5 Tourings—the first BMW M wagon! The BMW M5 Touring is the pinnacle of evolution in M cars; it is the last hand-built M car and the first M wagon. Unlike M5 sedans, many M5 Tourings were used and enjoyed in Europe making the surviving population of the already low original production numbers extremely rare. Owning and driving an M5 Touring is an experience that is virtually un-matched in the enthusiast world, not only because BMW was brave enough to cut M GmbH loose on building an M wagon, but also because virtually nobody else has one!


 exterior photo

This Daytona Violet Metallic over Black extended leather 1993 BMW M5 Touring has been a personal car for over two years at Glen Shelly. It features the stunning two-tone Daytona Violet and Granite Silver E34 M5 color scheme. Daytona Violet was actually a common color for M5 Tourings, but that is because it is one of the best—there is just something about a purple wagon! Inside it features extended “full” Black leather on every appropriate surface. It is an early M5 Touring, so it has the old-school narrow BMW kidney grilles and 5-speed gearbox with taller ratios than the later 6-speed M5Ts. Besides the Euro 3.8-liter S38B38 engine, other notable M5 Touring features are an illuminated shift knob (one of the first M cars with this option), heated manual seats, front and rear fog lights, Euro smiley headlights with city lights, and 18-inch M Parallel wheels. Upgrades that we have added include a small-diameter M Tech 2 steering wheel, ’94-’95 M Sport mirrors with convex glass (original mirrors included), a modern Alpine Stereo with Bluetooth, clear front indicators, genuine clear Touring tail lights, and genuine 17-inch forged and square (not staggered) M System II wheels with factory Throwing Star covers.

It started as a Belgian market M5 Touring that was federalized in the early 2000s (not a 25-year exempt example). Because it was federalized, the speedometer and odometer were converted to miles per hour and the front indicators and taillights were converted to amber. These have been retrofitted back to the clears referenced above, but the ambers are included. U.S. 540i catalytic convertors were install and it passes emissions in Colorado. When it was imported it was titled as a 1994, but the VIN decode shows it is a 1993 with a build date of January 11, 1993. Maintenance records date back to 2002 and show regular and frequent services. The work shows lots of “old-school” M5 /S38 maintenance including an SLS suspension refresh, cooling system overhauls, regular fluid and filter changes, spark plugs, valve adjustments, oil analysis, and more. A fuel injector service, along with the clutch (replaced at 83K miles), rod bearings and oil pump (preventatively replaced at 98K miles) were also done. Around this time (100-110K miles) there was a major service / light restoration of many parts and components including the sunroof, consumables, and cosmetic items. The work was well north of $5K. In my ownership we have replaced the differential output seals, shift detent plate, clutch slave cylinder, a wheel bearing, the heater core, blower motor, fuel sender, and fuel lines.

As it sits, it is one of the best M5 Tourings on the market. Unlike most 25-year exempt imports that have been imported with the sole purpose of being re-sold, this M5 Touring has excellent long-term ownership pedigree and documentation dating back to when it was federalized. Having imported a dozen or so Euro and JDM cars, I can assure you that they almost always need extensive work to bring up to par. This M5 Touring is very presentable, but not perfect, making it an example you can actually use—as an M5 and as a wagon! It has been the pinnacle of the Glen Shelly collection; I am selling to offset the purchase of a small bush plane. We would like to find a new owner who will continue its ownership pedigree and enjoy it for the next chapter of its story.


1993 BMW M5 Touring exterior photo

The Daytona Violet paint is in very good condition and presents fantastically. It has clearly lived in the friendly Southern climate and been spared exposure to harsh conditions since we’ve had it in Colorado. At some point it was rear-ended and repainted. The most evident area is in the rear hatch floor / spare tire well sheet metal and where the fuel sender unit is. There is also some faint cracking in the paint in the right rear door belt line. It was repaired correctly, it tracks straight, and aligns correctly. We have lift pics and a paint gauge on our website if you are reading this elsewhere. The only other paint defects are small imperfections in the form of small scratches and rock chips on the leading edges. When it came to Colorado we added Clear Bra to the hood, fenders, and front bumper cover to prevent any further rock chips. There is no rust; all common E34 areas are clean, including the lower door trim strips. All trim is in place, including the M5-specific bits. Two sets of extra tow hook covers are included with the sale. The windshield glass is crack-free, but it does have several pits. The side and rear window glass are lightly tinted and in excellent shape. The headlights lenses are crack-free as are the clear indicators. The fog lights, markers, and taillights are also clear and crack-free. The M System II Throwing Star wheels are straight and true with no curb rash. They are the desirable forged versions in square (not staggered) fitment to reduce oversteer. They are wrapped with fresh Continental ExtremeContact DWS tires with just a few hundred miles on them. The M Parallel wheels are also true and straight with no curb rash. They are genuine E34 Style 37s, not the more common E38 Style 37s. The M Pars are wearing older Continental tires.


 interior photo

The interior is likewise in very good condition. There are no odors and it has never been smoked in. The carpet is free of stains and tears, and is protected by carpet floor mats. The headliner does not sag as a result of being replaced with black alcantara. The leather seats are in good shape with some creasing and bolster wear, the worst being on the driver’s seat outside bolsters. The manual seats are much lighter than the power seats that were standard in US market M5s and they have no motors to fail. All seat adjustments work as they should and there is no seat twist because they are manual. The driver’s side seat heat works, the passenger side does not. The rear fold-down seats are optioned with adjustable headrests, a center armrest, and a ski pass-through. One of the trim pieces that surrounds the right rear seatbelt receptacles is missing. The dashboard is crack-free and the center vent cover is not warped. All dashboard and center console leather is in very good shape with no failed stitching. The M Tech II leather steering wheel is also in good shape (the original 4-spoke airbag steering wheel is included with the sale). The instrument cluster has no failed bulbs or pixels and shows no warning lights. The onboard computer functions correctly and shows no check items. The HVAC control panel works as it should, the heat blows warm and the R134 AC blows cold. The original stereo was replaced with an aftermarket unit when we got it; we’ve added a late-model Alpine CD player with Bluetooth. There is an amp and wiring in the rear for subwoofer if desired, the speakers have been replaced at some point too. The shifter surround has some wear and a scratch on the right side. The illuminated M shift knob is original and has slight deformation on the bezel, the illumination works. It could be easily replaced, but I appreciated the patina of the original shift knob. The records show a UUC short shifter being installed, but I have not verified this. There is a matching black removable cup holder that goes in the rear center armrest. The power door locks work, but the alarm can be finicky at times (this could be easily disconnected). All power windows work, but the left rear can be slow to raise and lower. The regulator will likely need to be replaced in the medium-term future. The dual panel sunroof works too, but you are rolling the dice when daring to open an E34 Touring sunroof. I mostly just angle the front panel up. The clips that hold the front sunroof panel headliner are broken, but the panel is installed. The extended leather door cards are in good shape besides some shrinking leather on the armrests. We had leather pads added to the front armrests, which is nice for long road trips. The rear hatch carpet is in good shape. We made a rubber mat to protect it. The rear cargo net cargo covers are present on both rear seats, but like E39 rear window shades, you are rolling the dice in extending the vertical cargo nets. Two spare tires are included: one matching M Par and one 5-lug steelie to go with the M System wheels. The tool kit is complete and includes the Euro hazard triangle, spark plug tool, and a pristine blue BMW rag. The tool kit mounts to the inside of the rear hatch door trim in the E34 Touring, a poor design. The plastic hinge points where it mounts are broken (a common issue). The best solution to this would be to put the entire tool kit in a Porsche-style roll and store it next to the spare tire. There are lots of small rattles that come from the hatch area (common in E34s), but they are tolerable on all but the worst road surfaces. The BMW first aid kit is present under the passenger seat, and there is a BMW fire extinguisher (no longer charged) that is also included. The M5 manual and one key in a folding leather BMW sheath are also included.


 engine photo

I have driven this M5 Touring for the last two years without issue. I wouldn’t hesitate to drive it across country, in fact I’ve done several cross-country trips with it and it shines out on the open road. The list of recent maintenance is outlined in the summary paragraph and the documentation shows it has been maintained the “old school” way. The S38 starts on command, idles smoothly, and pulls very strongly to redline. The secondary air pump activates on cold starts. A Dyno report in the records shows it making just shy of 300 horsepower at the rear wheels. There is no timing chain or valve train rattle. The rod bearings were preventatively replaced at roughly 100K miles. There are no oil leaks or significant seeps, and the timing profile cover is dry. The clutch take up is correct, the shifter is crisp, and the gearbox shifts smoothly. There are also no driveline or wheel bearing vibrations. The SLS is intact with no leaks. The M5 Touring brakes are comically strong and the brake pads and rotors have plenty of life left. The previous owner retrofitted E39 540i catalytic converters; it passes emissions in Colorado. I have an Eisenmann 540i cat-back exhaust I will include in the sale if desired.

VIN Decode

 exterior photo

VIN Decode

- VIN: WBSHJ910X0BL01486

  • Type: HJ91
  • Model: M5 – EUR
  • Development Code: E34
  • Chassis: Touring
  • Steering: LL
  • Doors: 5
  • Engine: S38
  • Displacement: 3.80

  • Power: 335 Horsepower 

  • Drivetrain: Rear

  • Transmission: Manual

  • Color: Daytona Violet Metallic (283)

  • Upholstery: Black Full Leather (0318)
  • Production Plant: DINGOLFING
  • Production Date: 1-11-1993


  • 240 Leather Steering Wheel
  • 302 Alarm System
  • 303 Interior Protection
  • 404 Double Sliding Electric Sunroof
  • 530 Air Conditioning
  • 564 Interior Light Package
  • 676 HiFi Loudspeaker System
  • 687 Radio Preparation
  • 811 Belgium Version
  • 899 Export Vehicle

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