Exterior photo of 1995 BMW (E36) M3 Coupe

1995 BMW (E36) M3 Coupe



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 86,600 Miles

Engine: 3-Liter Inline 6-Cylinder S50B30US Engine

Transmission: 5-Speed Manual Transmission

Exterior color: Cosmos Black Metallic Exterior (303)

Interior: Black Leather Interior (0522)

Additional features:

ZKW Replica Glass Projector Headlights with 55W HIDs

European Tail Lights (OEM Taillights included)

Smoked Indicator and Marker Lights

Lightweight Replica Rear Wing

Second Black Trunklid with M Tech Rear Spoiler Included

3-Spoke Steering Wheel

Tilt Steering Wheel

Manual Vader Sport Seats

11-Button On-Board Computer

BMW HiFi Sound

Cruise Control

Fold Down Rear Seats

Keyless Entry

Tinted Windows

Z3 Short Shifter w/ ZHP Shift Knob

RK Tunes Tune

Riot Racing Big Bore Throttle Body

MoFab 2.5” Custom Stainless Cat-Back Exhaust with Vibrant Muffler

Dr. Vanos Stage 2 with Race Cam Chain

Stewart High Performance Water Pump

Z3 Front Cross Brace

Turner Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Limiter Kit

Rouge Engineering Reinforced Rear Shock Mounts

Centric Cryo Treated Brake Rotors

Hawk HP+ Pads

Bimmer World 75mm Wheel Studs

17-Inch Style 22 DSI Motorsport Wheels

Yokohama S.Drive Tires

17-Inch Style 24 Light Weight Motorsport Wheels (extra set)

All Preventative E36 M3 Maintenance Up to Date

Texas / Colorado Car

Clean Carfax / No Accidents


1995 BMW (E36) M3 Coupe exterior photo

The BMW E36 (1992 to 1999 3 Series) M3 is the best car for the buck—period! I have found, sorted, and sold many over the years including my own 1997 M3/4/5 sedan. Time has been kind to the E36, aging it with grace. When it debuted in the spring of 1991 for the 1992 model year it was revolutionary. It was the first BMW designed by computer-aided design and a stark contrast to the traditional 3-box design language used in the E21 and E30 generation 3 series. Don’t get me wrong, I love the iconic E30, but the E36 was such a leap forward that it still looks relevant amongst today’s modern cars.

When the E36 M3 debuted in the US for the 1995 model year, it occurred at a sweet spot of BMW evolution where power, weight, size, suspension design, reliability, and luxury all intersected. The driving experience is connected and visceral, yet the driver enjoys luxuries that took other marquees years to offer. With only the slightest amount of talent it is a highly capable platform that can easily outperform much more powerful and expensive vehicles. The ease at which it can be pushed to the limit makes it the weapon of choice in many track applications. Abuse, neglect, and entry level buyers have decimated the population of worthy examples. Clean, unmolested, stock examples command significant premiums—and in my opinion, as newer cars get worse with each successive generation, they are worth every penny.

The 1995 E36 M3 had several subtle, but notable differences over 1996 to 1999 model year M3s. The biggest was the S50B30US engine. The S50 received a larger intake manifold and did not have the restrictive traction control throttle body that later S52-powered cars had. It was also OBD I, which is easier to maintain and also results in more power from modifications. The later S52 M3s had slightly more torque, but the S50 breathes better and therefore revs more freely to redline. This difference is most noticeable in high performance driving situations like on the track or autocross.


 interior photo

This 1995 Cosmos Black M3 Coupe has a build sheet that promotes the early M3’s advantages. It was equipped from the factory with lightweight options like manual seats and no Luxury package, yet it has steering wheel tilt (a very rare option for an E36 M3). The steering wheel itself is upgraded to the highly desirable late-model 3-spoke wheel. From there it was mildly modified to capitalize on the S50’s ability to breath with a Riot Racing big bore throttle body, RK Tunes tune, and a custom MoFab 2.5-inch cat-back exhaust and Vibrant muffler. All preventative maintenance is up to date, including the cooling system, VANOS, brakes, shocks, shifter components, all suspension bushings, tie bar ends, and a new front factory under tray. The lighting upgrades include glass ZKW replica projector headlights with HID lamps—a massive improvement over the original headlights. It also includes European taillights along with smoked corner and marker lights. A replica lightweight wing makes no mistake that this an M3, but it comes with a black trunk lid and M Tech rear spoiler if the lightweight wing isn’t to your liking. The BMW Motorsport DS1 wheels are wearing very fresh Yokohama S Drive high performance rubber. An extra set of Style 24 Lightweight wheels are also included with the sale. Maintenance records date back to 1998, including all receipts from the previous owner, along with an outline of all work completed by the second owner, who had the car for the preceding fifteen years.

This is a properly sorted, tastefully upgraded, low mileage, turn-key E36 M3 that has benefited from excellent stewardship by its previous owners. It is certainly not the cheapest E36 M3 on the market, but it is worth every penny of its premium. When you buy a used BMW the most important factor is the previous owners’ care.

We would like to find a new owner who will appreciate and care for this car as it has been. Contact us with any questions or to schedule a viewing.


1995 BMW (E36) M3 Coupe exterior photo

Cosmos black is one of the best colors to accentuate the lines of the E36. The paint on this example is in very good condition. All paintwork is original and there is no failing clear coat. There are no significant dents or dings, other than minor rock chipping on the lower front hood that all Colorado cars get and a small impression in the hood leading edge above the passenger side headlight. There is no rust. All VIN tags are in place. The Roundels and M3 badges are brilliant with no faded paint. The replica lightweight wing does have mild waviness if looked at in the right light, but it isn’t glaring. All trim and black-work are present and not UV faded. The lower front splitter has a few scuffs, but it is presentable. The front bumper cover does not flex side to side (a common issue), the brake ducts are present, and the fog light lenses are not cracked. The glass headlight lenses are crystal clear and not cloudy like the original plastic lenses are prone to. All indicator lenses and taillight housings are clear and crack-free. The Style 22 M Double Spoke I non-staggered wheels (17” x 7.5” front and 17” x 8.5 “ rear) have no bends or significant curb rash. The Yokohama S Drive tires have less than 200 miles on them. The extra set of Style 24 Lightweight wheels do have some minor curb rash and clear coat failure and they are wrapped in tires that need replacement. The extra rear trunk lid and spoiler are in good condition, but would require some finishing work to match the condition of the rest of the car.


 interior photo

Interiors are a weak spot of the E36, but this one is in excellent condition. In my experience, black seems to age better than other E36 colors. Open the door and you are greeted with that lovely leather smell that all BMWs of this era have. There are no odors and it has never been smoked in. The carpet has no stains or tears and has been protected by factory BMW floor mats. The Vader sport seats have no failed stitching or excessive bolster wear. There are some visible creases on the driver’s side bolster, but it is presentable (pictured on our website). They are manual seats, which are considerably lighter than power seats and have no motors to fail. The rear seats are in great shape, and fold-down (which is a great way to haul extra wheels or gear to your next autocross event). The 3-spoke steering wheel is the best factory E36 M3 steering wheel—period. It has no excessive wear or failed M-colored stitching. There are no failed pixels in the instrument cluster, warning lights, or check engine lights. The center vent louvers do not sag (a common issue). The early style dual independent climate control HVAC panel has pixels to fail; the heat blows warm and the air conditioning blows cold. The blower motor does not chirp and the final stage resistor functions correctly (common issues). The 11-button on-board computer does have some failed pixels (they all do). The check panel is okay, except for a low beam failure associated with the HID upgrades (this is normal). The glove box and headliner do not sag (other common issues). All power windows, door locks, and the sunroof operate correctly. The door cards are not delaminated and the map pockets are largely intact. All door-mounted tweeter and mid-range speaker trim circles are intact; there are two small cracks in the passenger side tweeter. There is a small tear in the lower corner of the driver’s door card (pics on our website). The trunk tool kit is complete and the spare tire is present. All factory manuals are present along with the original window sticker. Two keys and keyless entry FOBs are included.


 engine photo

This is a turn-key E36 M3. All preventative maintenance is up to date. The oil has always been changed religiously with Schaeffer’s premium synthetic oil. The most recent oil change was done less than 100 miles ago. Here is a list of other recent maintenance:

78,000 miles: The VANOS was replaced with a DR. Vanos Stage 2 kit that includes friction coated gears and thrust washers with a race cam chain. The valve cover gasket, spark plugs, thermostat and thermostat housing were also done.

80,000 miles: Rear shocks and spring pads. Inner and outer tie rods.

82,000 miles: Coolant flush, silicone radiator hoses, Stewart high performance water pump, all power steering hoses and reservoir.

83,000 miles: Rouge reinforced rear shock mounts, front control arm bushings, rear trailing arm bushings, Turner RTAB limiter kit. Transmission and differential fluid flush with Redline fluid. Spark plugs. Brake lines (OEM), Centric cryo treated rotors, Hawk HP+ pads, and brake fluid flush.

86,460 miles: Front shocks, sway bar end links, factory under tray, brake ducts, and bumper molding.

The S52B30US engine idles smoothly, pulls strong, and has no Vanos rattle or lifter knock. The Schaeffer oil impressively reduces S50 lifter tick; this is by far the quietest S5X engine I’ve ever heard. It does not leak, drip, or spot. The clutch and shifter are factory-crisp. The brakes are firm, the suspension is compliant, and there is no driveline or wheel bearing vibration or whine. All suspension bushings are solid. As it sits, this is a turn-key E36 M3. It will need and deserves the preventative care and maintenance that all BMWs do, but the E36 is robust platform that will last forever if maintained correctly.

VIN Decode

 exterior photo

VIN Decode

  • Vehicle Identification Number: WBSBF9326SEH00177
  • Type: BF93
  • Model: M3 – USA
  • Development Code: E36 (2)
  • Chassis: Coupe
  • Steering: LL
  • Doors: 2
  • Engine: S50US
  • Displacement: 3.00

  • Power: 240 Horsepower

  • Drivetrain: Rear

  • Transmission: Manual

  • Color: Cosmos Black Metallic, Cosmosschwarz Metallic - 303

  • Upholstery: Black Leather, Schwarz Wn - 0522
  • Production Plant: REGENSBURG
  • Production Date: 3-17-1994


  • 243 Airbag For Front Passenger

  • 401 Sliding/vent Roof, Electric

  • 530 Air Conditioning
  • 540 Cruise Control
  • 676 HiFi Loudspeaker System
  • 686 Diversity-function Aerial 
- 694 Cd Changer Preparation
  • 710 M Leather Steering Wheel

  • 818 Main Battery Switch
  • 900 Immobilizer 

  • 925 Shipping Protection Package