Exterior photo of 1998 Audi A4 2.8 Avant Quattro

1998 Audi A4 2.8 Avant Quattro


MILEAGE: 108,300 Miles

EXTERIOR COLOR: Pearlescent White Clearcoat

INTERIOR: Ecru Ambiente with Wood Trim

Time Capsule Pre-Facelift B5 Avant

First 2 owners were Ed Carroll Audi Employees

3rd owner was an Audi / BMW enthusiast

Every single maintenance record since new (over 50 pages!)

The following is directly off the original window sticker (included):

  • Pearlescent White Clearcoat Exterior
  • Ecru Ambiente Interior with Wood Trim
  • Quattro AWD
  • 5-Speed Automatic Transmission w/ Tiptronic
  • Bose Premium Sound with Dension iPhone and Bluetooth Adaptor
  • All Weather Package (Heated Seats, Windshield, Washers, & Door Lock)
  • Glass Sunroof / Remote Locking Package
  • Trip Computer w/ Auto-Check System
  • Leather Seat Upholstery
  • Sport Steering Wheel, Leather Covered

Also included are:

  • Factory Audi Roof Racks
  • Clear Euro Corner Lights (stock US ambers included)
  • Stock Carpet Floor Mats
  • Rubber S4 All Weather Floor Mats
  • Rear Cargo Cover is Present and Works Correctly
  • Rear Cargo Net
  • Post-Facelift B5 Cup Holders
  • Heated Euro Blind Spot Driver’s Mirror
  • Dennison iPhone and Bluetooth Module
  • Funk Button


This Pearlescent White over Ecru Ambiente leather Audi A4 2.8 Avant Quattro is a time capsule pre-facelift B5 Avant. It is the quintessential Audi experience that defined the marquee for a generation – especially in Colorado. This is a turn-key car that needs nothing, all major Audi B5 issues have been addressed. It has every single maintenance record since new. The original purchaser was the owner of Ed Carroll Audi, the second owner was his sales manager. Both meticulously dealer-serviced the car. The 3rd owner was an Audi / BMW enthusiast who continued this service pedigree. He also added the post-facelift B5 cup holders, a heated Euro blind spot driver’s mirror, a Dension iPhone and bluetooth adaptor to the stock Bose premium sound, clear corner lights, and a Fuink button (just for show).


Mechanically it needs nothing. At 105,000 miles the transmission was professionally replaced with a unit that has a 3 year / 36,0000 mile fully transferrable warranty. In the last 500 miles it has had an oil change, valve cover gaskets, and fuel pressure regulator vacuum line replaced. In the last 3000 miles it has had the timing belt, timing belt tensioner and pulleys, serpentine belt, water pump, thermostat, and coolant replaced. I just replaced the center cluster screen because it was just starting to fade (a common B5 issue). There are lots more repairs and preventative maintenance detailed in the comprehensive service records. If you know German cars, you know that the previous owners’ stewardship is more important than mileage. The fact that this car has had a pedigree ownership history and only has 108,000 miles makes it a rare find.


The exterior condition is in excellent shape. The pearlescent white paint is fantastic with minimal pitting or fading. There is no clear coat lifting. The black-work and trim are also very nice with very little fading or cracks. The headlights are not glazed. The lower front valence has a few spider cracks, which are noticeable, but don’t stand out without close examination. The fuel filler door spring sometimes requires help popping the door out. The wheels have minimal curb rash and are wrapped in very low mileage Michelin tires.


The interior is likewise in fantastic shape. There is minimal bolster wear on the driver’s seat. There are no cracks, rips, or tears in the leather or plastic work, except for one small quarter-sized indent in the right rear seat back. All electronics and accessories work as they should. The automatic climate control function works correctly and the air conditioning blows cold. The Bose premium sound is awesome. There is visible wear on the driver’s inside door handle, the emergency brake handle, and the gearshift selector. The sport steering wheel is the single best option on this Avant and the leather is in excellent shape.