Exterior photo of 1998 BMW M3 Sedan

1998 BMW M3 Sedan



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 118,000 Miles

Transmission: Automatic Transmission (will manual swap)

Exterior color: Hellrot Red

Interior: Dove Grey Leather

Additional features:

Completely Stock

Excellent Condition

DSII Wheels with Good Tires

All Records

Clean Carfax, No Accidents


1998 BMW M3 Sedan exterior photo

This is an amazing Hellrot Red M3 Sedan, a rare color for the sedan. I bought this car from a fellow BMW Car Club of America member. I think the E36 M3 sedan is simply the best single car there is. I have found and sorted a lot of them over the years. I also have a Cosmos Black over Modena leather M3/4/5 for sale. My personal car is an Alpine White over Mulberry leather M3/4/5. I happened to drive all three of them back to back the other night and the Hellrot Red one is as close to a time capsule as I’ve found. I originally bought it with the intention of manual swapping it, but after driving it on nice weather days the last few weeks, I’m seriously re-considering that. It’s such a nice car with the automatic gearbox. I’ve never missed the 3rd pedal in it and I am a manual fanatic. In sport mode will hold a gear to redline and manual shifting keep it there as long as you like. It’s going to be a couple weeks before I get space on my lift to do the swap, so I’m posting this to see if there is interest in it as an automatic.

Swap or not, I am going to give this car the full treatment. I maintain all of my cars per the Lifetime Maintenance Schedule recommended by Mike Miller of the BMW CCA. Prior to it being delivered it will get a full preventative cooling system overhaul including the radiator, expansion tank, water pump, thermostat, thermostat housing, hoses, coolant flush, and coolant level sensor. I’m going to preventatively replace the oil filter-housing gasket while I have it apart. It will get an engine oil and filter change in addition to new gearbox and differential fluids. I’m refreshing the suspension with Bilstein sport shocks and new shock mounts. House keeping items will include a replacement factory headliner and new door lock actuators in each door (they all seem to fail around this mileage).

It is a stunning M3 that gets thumbs ups and compliments every time I drive it. There is just something about a Hellrot E36, especially a sedan! The previous owner meticulously cared for it during his stewardship over the last 14 years. I have all of his records in addition to the first owner’s on the Carfax report. The car is in excellent condition. It has always lived indoors and never been driven in winter weather. The paint is very good with no fading or clear coat peeling. There is no rust anywhere. The dove grey interior is great shape. There are no tears or blown out stitches. I haven’t detailed the exterior or interior in the pictures shown and it is clean. You are looking at the raw product - the best way to buy a car so you can see every imperfection. Before delivery it will get a proper detail and the leather will be cleaned and moisturized just to preserve it. All VIN tags are intact and the Carfax is clean. Thanks for looking!