2000 BMW M Roadster



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 128,900 Miles

Engine: S52B32 Inline 6-Cylinder Engine

Transmission: 5-Speed Manual Transmission

Exterior color: Cosmos Black Exterior (303)

Interior: Black Nappa Leather Interior (Q6SW)

VIN: WBSCK9348YLC91217

Additional features:

1 of 522 Cosmos Black / Black 2000 Model Year M Roadsters

Fitted Sheepskin Seat Covers

Koni Adjustable Yellow Sport Shocks

CD 43 BMW Business CD Stereo

Carpet Floor Mats

100% Stock Except for the Koni Shocks

17-Inch Style 40 Roadstar Wheels

Sumitomo / Sailun All Season Tires

Complete Maintenance Refresh (details in the Summary paragraph)

Clean Carfax / No Accidents


2000 BMW M Roadster exterior photo

The BMW M Roadster was the M variant of the BMW Z3. The Z3 made its public debut in 1995 in the Bond film GoldenEye with a young and dashing Pierce Brosnan behind the wheel. The scene with 007 and Natalya (Izabella Scorupco), her hair blowing in the wind, was the perfect picture of top-down motoring—except for the dirt road, the Cessna 172, and the villain’s evil layer in Cuba. Nonetheless, if you were 18 years old (as I was) and you saw that movie, you wanted a Z3—and Natalya!

Initially, Z3 sales followed suit, but it soon became apparent that a more aggressive iteration was in order. BMW M GmbH solved this problem in 1998 with the M Roadster. At its heart was the E36 M3’s 240-horsepower S52B32 inline 6-cylinder engine. Power reached the ground through a manual gearbox (the only option), M-tuned suspension, and a limited-slip differential. When it was time to stop, M3 brakes made short work of the job. The exclusive exterior kit featured a bold front splitter, M badges, staggered Style 40 Roadstar wheels, and a quad exhaust—the first BMW M car to get one. Inside, the exclusivity continued with M Roadster lettering on the doorsills and instrument cluster, an illuminated gearshift knob, and chrome ringed gauges featuring an oil temperature gauge. The end result was one of the best retro-classic roadsters ever made. It had the fluid and graceful lines of a proper British sports car, with the raw power and driving dynamics that can only be found in a BMW M car. And because it was based on the Z3, it was produced right here in the good ol’ USA in Spartanburg, South Carolina.


 exterior photo

I purchased this 2000 BMW M Roadster from a friend who sold it to get a motorcycle. It was a second car that was driven sparingly. Overall it’s in good shape and would make a great driver-quality Z3M. The Cosmos Black paint presents very well, and the convertible top and interior are in good shape. It has just enough imperfections to use and enjoy without guilt, which is a good thing because it pulls super strong. There is no rust, all panels are original, the rear trunk floor spot welds are in good condition, and the Carfax is clean and shows regular service from the previous owners. It is 100% stock besides Koni Adjustable Yellow Sport shocks. When we got it, we gave it a full round of routine and preventative maintenance to bring it up to spec and address all common Z3M issues. We started with a complete cooling system replacement including the radiator, water pump, thermostat, thermostat housing, expansion tank, fan clutch, and hoses. Then we replaced the alternator, spark plugs, valve cover gasket, oil stand gasket, both pre-cat O2 sensors, all accessory belts, and gave it a fresh oil change. From there we replaced the clutch, all shifter bushings, shift pins, and re-sealed the gearbox. ASC and ABS lights were addressed with a replacement ASC module and a left rear wheel speed sensor. Fitted Z3M sheepskin covers cover good seats, except for a tear in the driver’s seat bottom leather. The commonly cracked center switch console has been replaced with a factory BMW part (one of 3 left in the country), the auto-dimming rear view mirror has been replaced with solid state internals, and a replacement seat belt receptacle finished the interior. Last, but not least, the Roadstar wheels were professionally refinished and fresh rear tires were mounted. The end result is a turn-key M Roadster ready to be driven and enjoyed by its new owner. It’s available just in time for convertible season—fall in Colorado!

I have several performance upgrades including a UUC short shifter / DSSR, Dinan intake, Apec Arc-8 wheels, and a Super Sprint exhaust I will sell and install for extra if a buyer desires.


2000 BMW M Roadster exterior photo

Cosmos Black Metallic is an excellent Z3M color. It captures the subtleties of the roadster form that other colors wash out. The paint on this example is in good condition, but it does have imperfections if scrutinized closely. There are no significant dents, dings, or the rock chips that Colorado cars get. It does have clear coat abrasion in spots from a flapping car cover in the wind. There is no failed clear coat, no rust, and all VIN tags are in place. The convertible top has no rips or tears and the rear window panel is not cloudy and is crack free. The Roundels have no cracks or faded paint. The M badges have very minor fading of the red stripe (an easy replacement). All trim and black-work are present and not UV faded. 2000 and later model year M Coupes received chrome rings around the headlight lenses. The outer lenses are clear and translucent. All indicator lenses and taillight housings are clear and crack-free. The Style 40 Roadstar staggered wheels (17” x 7.5” front and 17” x 9“ rear) have been refinished, and have no bends or curb rash. They are wrapped with Sumitomo front and Sailun rear all season tires with lots of tread remaining.


 interior photo

The interior is one of the M Roadster’s most striking design features. Open the door and you are greeted with that lovely Nappa Leather smell that only Z3 M Coupes and Roadsters have. The carpets have no stains or tears and are protected by factory M floor mats. The seat leather (aside from the driver’s bottom having a tear) is in excellent condition with no tears, stains, or failed seams. The seat bushings have no excessive rock. All seat motors work. The seats are covered with fitted sheepskin covers. The 3-spoke steering wheel has no excessive wear. The instrument cluster has no blown out pixels and all gauges work correctly. The CD-43 Business CD player has missing doors over the set screws. I will either replace this with a better CD-43 or install an aftermarket stereo at the buyer’s discretion. The center HVAC panel functions correctly, the heat blows warm and the air conditioning blows cold. The lower switch panel was replaced and has no cracks in the switch backing plate (a common issue). Black panels are no longer available from BMW, so I had it refinished in matching black. The glove box has very minor sag on the right hand side (another common issue). The auto-dimming rearview mirror has been replaced with solid state internals. All interior functions work correctly: power windows, power door locks, cruise control, and power top. The convertible top headliner has minor sag.


 engine photo

This is a turn-key M Roadster; all major and preventative maintenance is up to date. The Carfax shows regular service with the first two owners, when we got it we gave it a complete mechanical refresh including all common Z3M issues. The list includes:

  • Oil and Filter Change
  • Preventative Cooling System Replacement
  • Radiator
  • Water Pump
  • Thermostat
  • Thermostat Housing
  • Expansion Tank
  • Hoses
  • Fan Clutch
  • Alternator
  • Valve Cover Gasket
  • Spark Plugs
  • Oil Stand Gasket
  • Post-Cat O2 Sensors
  • Accessory Belts
  • Resurfaced Flywheel
  • Clutch Kit (clutch disc, pressure plate, throw out bearing)
  • Shift Bushings
  • Shift Pin Bushings
  • Transmission Output Shaft Seal
  • Transmission Shift Selector Seal
  • Sway bar End Links
  • ASC Module
  • Left Rear Wheel Speed Sensor
  • Driver’s Seatbelt Receptacle

The S52 engine is one of BMW’s most reliable power plants, having none of the rod bearing issues or needing the valve adjustments that later S54 powered M Roadsters did. The engine idles smoothly, pulls strong, and has no Vanos rattle or lifter knock. It does not leak, drip, or spot. The clutch and shifter are crisp and precise. There is no 5th gear lean thanks to the shift pin bushing service. The brakes are firm, the suspension is compliant, and there is no driveline or wheel bearing vibration or whine. The suspension bushings are solid. The rear trunk floor has no failed spot welds and the rear differential ear has no tears. One weld is sunken below the paint (pictured on our website), but in my experience this does not indicate imminent failure. This has been confirmed by Randy Forbes (designer of the dual-ear subframe replacement kit). Like any M Roadster, it will need and deserves the preventative care and maintenance that all BMWs of this vintage do, but at present it is properly sorted and ready for its new home.

BMW M Roadsters are one of the best buys in the M car market. They are the last of the old-school recipe, that is, a normally aspirated engine routed through a manual gearbox powering only the rear wheels. The M Roadster’s Z4 successor that followed had none of the grace and fluid classic roadster lines thanks to Chris Bangle’s flame surface design language. Bang for the buck, you can’t beat an M Roadster. This M Roadster is just imperfect enough to enjoy without guilt, yet it looks great and pulls super strong. We would like to find an owner who will continue to care for it and appreciate it as much as we do.

VIN Decode

 exterior photo

VIN Decode

  • Vehicle Identification Number: WBSCK9341YLC92757
Type: CK93
  • Model: M Roadster - USA
  • Development Code: E36 (7)
  • Chassis: Roadster
Steering: LL

  • Doors: 2
  • Engine: S52

  • Displacement: 3.20

  • Power: 240 Horsepower

  • Drivetrain: Rear

  • Transmission: Manual

  • Color: Cosmos Black Metallic (Cosmosschwarz Metallic – 303)

  • Upholstery: Nappa Leather Black (Leder Walk Nappa/schwarz – Q6SW)
  • Production Plant: SPARTANBURG
  • Production Date: 01-11-2000


  • 260 Driver / Passenger Side Airbags
  • 388 Soft Top Black
  • 395 Roll-bar Protection System
  • 398 Power Soft Top Operation
  • 530 Air Conditioning
  • 540 Cruise Control
  • 658 Radio BMW Business CD RDS

  • 674 Hifi Loudspeaker System Harmon Kardon

  • 692 Cd Changer I-bus Preparation
  • 818 Main Battery Switch

Standard Equipment

  • 209 Limited Slip Differential (25%)
  • 243 Airbag For Front Passenger
  • 314 Heated Windscreen Washer Nozzles
  • 354 Green Stripe Windscreen
  • 481 Sport Seats F Driver/front Passenger
  • 494 Seat Heating F Driver/front Passenger
710 M Leather Steering Wheel
  • 785 White Direction Indicator Lights
  • 845 Acoustic Belt Warning
853 Language Version English

  • 992 Number Plate Attachment Management