Exterior photo of 2001 Audi S4 Avant

2001 Audi S4 Avant

Price: SOLD

Mileage: 36,200 Documented Miles

Exterior color: Casablanca White

Interior: Silver Leather

1 of 6 2001 Model Year Casa / Silver S4 Avants Imported to US

Collector / Enthusiast Owned and Maintained

Timing Belt, Water Pump, Coolant Flush, Oil Change done at 35.5K miles

Achtuning Stage III RS4 Upgrade done in 2002

RS4 Clutch, Pressure Plate, & Flywheel

UUC Short Shift Kit

Audi Performance Racing Exhaust and Cats

Stoptech 332mm Brakes / Pagid Orange Pads

19” HRE 845R Wheels

Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires (less than 1000 miles)

Custom Fitted Car Cover

Stock Wheels Available

Stock Exhaust and Cats Available

The following is directly off the original window sticker (included):

  • Casablanca White Exterior
  • Silver Leather Interior (over Black with Birdseye Maple Wood Inlays)
  • 6-speed Manual
  • Premium Package: Power Glass Sunroof, Homelink Remote Transmitter, Auto Dimming Inside & Outside Mirrors
  • Bose Premium Sound
  • Integrated Hands-Free Mobile Phone
  • Heated Front Seats
  • Silk Napa Leather Interior


2001 Audi S4 Avant exterior photo

This is one of six Casablanca White over Silver Leather Audi S4 Avants imported in the 2001 model year (confirmed by Audi USA). To put that in perspective Audi imported a total of 1,540 B5 S4 Avants, the majority of which were some 1,257 2001 model year cars (both pre and post facelift). Of those, only six were Casa over Silver. I am selling it as part of a collection belonging to a Santa Fe based art dealer. He is a member of the Audi, BMW, and Porsche Clubs, an avid German automobile enthusiast. He ordered the S4 new and has meticulously built, driven, and maintained the car to impeccable standards. It has lived its life in a climate-controlled facility on a battery tender under a custom car cover (included), but has also been driven regularly, the perfect balance of preservation and enjoyment.


2001 Audi S4 Avant interior photo

The condition of this S4 Avant is remarkable. The interior still smells like it did when the car was delivered. The Casablanca white paint and black shadow line trim are in excellent condition with glossy clear coat and zero UV fade. The headlight lenses and windshield glass are perfectly clear and free of pitting. The only imperfections are a few small rock chips on the front bumper cover. The front bumper cover overhangs are slightly extended, but nothing like most B5 front bumper clips. The leather seats, steering wheel, and shifter, are soft, unworn, and supple. Even the rubber door seals are smooth to the touch and delightfully soft. The interior door pulls have no wear or faded paint. All interior functions work exactly as they should. The Audi Symphony Bose Premium sound is excellent. The automatic climate control provides hot heat and cold AC on demand. The original factory cell phone, sporting 4 beautiful Auto-Union rings, is snugly encased in the leather-covered armrest. The only interior imperfections are a ¼” spot on the driver’s seat bottom cushion and a few lines of faded pixels in the center cluster display and only when it’s hot out. I can repair this common issue at the buyer’s discretion.

The Build

2001 Audi S4 Avant

The first thing my client did back in 2001 was swap out the stock wheels with polished 19” HRE 845R wheels. Currently these wheels are wearing fresh Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires with less than 1000 miles since installation. The OEM wheels (and tires) are available (shipped from NM) and have less than 100 miles on them. The next thing he did was replace the suspension with H&R coilovers. In 2002 the real fun began. He flew two Audi trained master technicians from Achtuning in Redmond, WA to Santa Fe, NM to install a genuine RS4 Stage III upgrade. This was an early RS4 Stage III upgrade that included:

  • RS4 K04 Turbos
  • RS4 Turbo Inlet Pipes
  • RS4 Airbox
  • RS4 Mass Air Flow Meter
  • RS4 Intake Y Pipe
  • RS4 Y Pipe Connector Hoses
  • RS4 Fuel Injectors
  • RS4 Fuel Injector Seals
  • Custom Brass Fuel Injector Adaptors
  • RS4 Fuel Pump
  • RS4 Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • All Misc Hardware
  • Custom AMS Tuned ECU Software Upgrade

The following items were also upgraded at the same time:

  • RS4 Split Intercoolers
  • RS4 Oil Cooler
  • Forge Bypass Valves
  • AMS Reinforced Throttle Body Boot
  • RS4 Clutch Disc and Pressure Plate (with new throw out bearing)
  • RS4 Flywheel
  • Transmission Stabilizer Bar
  • UUC Short Shift Kit
  • Neuspeed Rear Sway Bar
  • Stoptech 332mm Front Brake Kit (w/cross drilled rotors and no-logo calipers)
  • Pagid Orange Brake Pads
  • Audi Performance Racing (APR) Prototype Stainless Steel Exhaust with custom Catalytic convertors. Note: The original exhaust and cats are available (shipped from New Mexico).

In addition to the upgrades, all factory preventative maintenance has been complied with and the engine and gearbox oils have been changed annually using Redline fluids.


2001 Audi S4 Avant exterior photo

The result of this build is a highly competent S4 Avant that represents the sophisticated tastes of the seller. He insisted that I drive, not ship, the car from Santa Fe to Denver in order to accurately describe it (a moot point for the likely buyer of an Audi of this caliber). Over Four-hundred miles behind the wheel left me with strong impressions. I enjoyed an early summer twilight drive with blissfully rolling sweeping turns through the Sangre De Cristo Mountains of Northern New Mexico followed by the desolate wide-open plains of Southern Colorado. My face hurt from smiling by the time I reached Denver. The strongest impression I had is why Audi even bothered with the regular S4? They all should be like this. The B5 Stage III RS4 S4 upgrade has evolved over the years, and this is an early upgrade done at a time when it was highly exclusive. It doesn’t have some of the later RS4 upgrade bits, but it was done right.

The modifications are complementary improvements that don’t sacrifice the stock look or nature of the B5 S4 Avant. The power (an estimated 420hp at the flywheel) is more than ample and always available when you need it. The APR exhaust note is purposeful, yet refined and unobtrusive. I wasn’t the least bit bothered by it after hours behind the wheel. The fresh Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires and Stoptech brakes offer grip and stopping power that far exceed the needs of even the most spirited drive on public roads. The H&R coilovers offer an amazingly athletic, yet very compliant ride. This is at the expense of a little front fender liner wear, but perfectly set up for GT cruising even with 19” wheels. HRE wheels don’t usually find themselves mounted on B5 S4’s, but this is no ordinary B5 S4. They are polished, which is period correct for 2001, but not necessarily the current trend. When I first saw them I didn’t like the polished look, but over time I grew to appreciate the look and the quality of HRE wheels. If I were going to keep the car, I would have them refinished in gloss black to match the door trim and S4 shadow line trim. If they don’t match the buyer’s tastes, than can easily be sold for enough money to afford the wheel of their choice.


2001 Audi S4 Avant exterior photo

In preparation for the sale, the owner performed a complete service including timing belt, water pump, valve cover gaskets, coolant flush, and engine oil change using OEM parts and Redline oil. He also ordered two new key FOB’s, in addition to the original two for a total of four remote locking keys. All records, including receipts from the swap are available, along with the Carfax. We would like to find a buyer that appreciates this B5 for what it is and will continue its ownership pedigree and enjoy it for years to come. The population of B5 Audi S4 Avants in the US have been well enjoyed by their owners, and rightfully so. The low mileage and premium condition of this Avant make it extremely exclusive. It is our pleasure to offer it for sale. I have photographed the car in sunlight and shade along with all accessible relevant areas and am pleased to answer questions or comments.