Exterior photo of 2002 BMW Dinan M5

2002 BMW Dinan M5



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 96,900 Miles

Engine: S62B50 5-Liter V8 Engine

Transmission: 6-Speed Manual Transmission

Exterior color: Carbon Black Metallic Exterior (416)

Interior: Embossed (Ostrich) Silverstone Silver / Black Leather Interior (O5SS)

Additional features:

Titanium Line Trim

Dinan Cold Air Induction

Dinan High Flow MAF’s

Dinan Stage 4 Engine Software

Dinan Billet Short Shifter

Dinan Front Sway Bar

Dinan Rear Sway Bar

Dinan Front Strut Brace

Beast Power Rear Sway Bar Brackets

Dinan Stage 2 Suspension w/ Koni Adjustable Front and Rear Shocks

Evolve 4 in 1 Headers w/ Custom High Flow Exhaust (Cats Retained)

Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips

Test Pipes Included

Stoptech Front ant Rear Brakes w/ Stainless Steel Brake Lines

18” x 9.5” Style 65 M5 Wheels (Square not staggered)

Original Front 18” x 8” Style 65 Wheels Included

1 Extra 18” x 9.5” Spare Wheel Included

Carbon Fiber Front Splitter Included (Not installed)

iSimple Aux Input

BMW Enthusiast / Car Club Member Owned

Exceptionally Well Maintained

California / Colorado Car

Clean Carfax


2002 BMW Dinan M5 exterior photo

The BMW E39 generation M5 (2000 to 2003 model years) was the pinnacle of M5 evolution. It was born from an era of BMW design that was both classic and modern. The E39 M5 was significantly more powerful, advanced, and modern than its E34 predecessor, yet was the last of the iconic traditional designs before Chris Bangle and Adrain van Hooydonk’s awkwardly styled E60. Simply put, the E39 M5 was the last of the classics. It came from a time before what I consider the modern “throw-away” BMW, a time when the M5 was also offered exclusively with a manual transmission. It was and still is the supercar that does it all. It can accommodate four adults in comfort while rewarding its driver with astonishing performance. It is refined enough for civilized daily driving and even delivers over 25 mpg if driven conscientiously. 2001 and later model years are the best, having received Angle Eye’s, LED “CELIS” wave taillights, a wider navigation screen, thicker M steering wheel, and numerous other technological and safety updates.


 exterior photo

I am selling this 2002 BMW E39 M5 on consignment for a fellow BMW enthusiast and BMW Car Club of American member. He is a retired Marine who built this M5 into a finely tuned monster and has maintained with an exceptional level of detail—a Marine’s attention to detail. It is a known car within the Colorado BMW community, no surprise considering its condition and build. With exception of Stoptech big brakes, the build is nearly exclusively Dinan components, all added in the last 15,000 miles and totaling over $30,000. Square, not staggered, 18 by 9.5-inch Style 65 wheels shod with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires aid the added power and stopping ability. The result is an E39 M5 with significant performance improvements, but thanks to Dinan’s meticulous engineering, one that does not compromise the original DNA M GmbH Division engineer’s intended. All upgrades were installed by Dinan licensed BMW specialists Autosport Werks.

BMW’s are like airplanes. Age and mileage are relevant, but the most important element is proper care and maintenance, especially with an E39 M5. When you buy a used BMW, you buy the previous owner’s stewardship. This M5 has benefited from impeccable stewardship from its current owner in the form of the Lifetime Maintenance Schedule, also known as Old School Maintenance. The result is a turn-key E39 M5, ready to be enjoyed by its new owner. Scroll down for comprehensive exterior, interior, and mechanical descriptions.


2002 BMW Dinan M5 exterior photo

Before I get the condition, this M5’s story needs to be told. Gaze at the E39 M5 and subtlety is the theme. BMW did not find it necessary to over-style this car; its capabilities are spoken through action more than appearance. The classic lines of the 3rd generation 5 Series are fluid, dynamic, and appealing from every angle. Those in the know will appreciate M bumpers, a trunk lip spoiler, quad exhausts, and one of BMW’s best wheel designs—Shadow Chrome Style 65s. To my eye, the Carbon Black Metallic paint is more blue than black—a hue that adds a sinister element eluding to this monster’s capabilities. It also wonderfully accents design cues like hood creases that flow from the kidney grills into the aerodynamically shaped M mirrors and door creases that flow from the front wheel arch through the door handles into the taillights. Manhole cover-sized red Stoptech brakes under deeply barreled, pitchfork-spoked Chrome Shadow Style 65 wheels make the boldest statement—that is, until you hear the exhaust note.

Open the door and sporting luxury is the theme. “Ostrich” Silverstone Silver / Black Leather interior and Titanium Line trim are a striking color combination, and one that clearly differentiates this M5 from its lesser non-Motorsport E39 siblings. It has that fantastic leather smell that all BMW’s of this vintage have. Sit down under the individual anthracite Alcantara headliner and a 3-spoke M steering wheel lowers into place in front of exclusive grey Motorsport gauges. The M bits remind you of what makes this car so special, the S62 engine breathing and exhaling through Dinan high-flow intakes and Evolve 4 in 1 headers. Fire it and—Mother of God—it sounds good. Children will scream, mothers will weep, and grown men will tremble with equal parts fear and envy. The exhaust note is unmistakably V8, but clearly that of a refined German thoroughbred. The sounds emitting from it are by far the best part of the M5 experience.

Once the oil is warmed up (indicated by the variable redline tachometer) the S62 screams to 7000 rpm through eight individual throttle bodies in a chaotic symphony that can only be made by the combination of high compression and normal aspiration. The M3 gets most of the credit for BMW’s motorsport exploits, but the S62 engine is one of BMW’s most winning competitive power plants. It has won sports car, GT, and prototype championships for multiple teams in the U.S. and abroad. The absurdity of a thoroughbred racing motor hidden in a refined luxury sedan is the recipe that has made the M5 so successful arcing back to the very first M car, the E12 generation M535i.

On the road the E39 M5 is a bundle of contradictions—it really can do everything. It can be civilized or frenzied, subdued or raucous. Some big BMW’s require you to mind their mass to corner with grace—it can be done, but you have to dance with them, ever mindful of the physics at play. Thanks to its Dinan Koni-based suspension and wider front wheels, this E39 M5 defies those physics with nimble precision and athleticism that should not be possible in a 4000-pound sedan. Turn-in is crisp, while plentiful torque and a long wheelbase allow rotation in mid-corner and control through the exit. The Dinan intake and Stage 4 software improve throttle response, flattening the torque curve and reducing throttle-by-wire delay. When it’s time to throw out the anchors, the Stoptech brakes will allow retina separating, passenger scream-inducing late braking applications without a hint of brake fade. The best part about Dinan upgrades is that they improve on and negate the stock M5’s shortcomings without compromising its original nature. Like original Motorsport components, Dinan bits compound to a sum greater than their parts.

With great power comes great responsibility, the power of this M5 must be unleashed judiciously. My civilized side appreciates its refinement, but it brings out my inner hooligan in spades. The soundtrack is intoxicating. At 4000 rpm the exhaust is glorious, but so are eight individual throttle bodies snarling in proportion to my right foot. Depress that right foot and chaos erupts, bringing smile-invoking giggles and if I’m honest, occasional doses of fear. The E39 M5 was the “Fastest saloon car in the world” when released. It may not retain that title at present, but it is still very fast—which comes in handy when presented with the occasional stop light drag race. To my surprise the challengers were not boy racers (they knew better), but middle-aged men in mundane luxury sedans (ahem - Lexus). Each was safely dispatched with ease (and no need to endanger a clean driving record) to the tune of that wonderful Dinan S62 soundtrack. When restraint is in order civility returns with heated seats, premium sound, and ample luxury appointments. The M5 is the supercar that does it all – a bundle of contradictions!


2002 BMW Dinan M5 exterior photo

This M5 is a California / Colorado car. It presents like a much younger and lower mileage car. Its exterior condition is indicative of fair weather use and indoor storage. The Carbon Black Metallic finish is still brilliant with no glaring defects. There are no significant paint chips, dings, scratches, or clear coat lifting. The leading edge of the hood as some very minor paint chips. The Carfax is clean, it has never been in an accident, and all panels are original. I had the front bumper cover repainted by high-end specialist SVE Automotive in Broomfield due to normal paint pitting. They also repainted the trunk lid after it was scratched while being worked on. The paint matches perfectly and looks factory spec. All trim and black-work are present and in great shape. The headlight and indicator lenses are clear and crack free. The Angel Eyes have no missing filaments and all bulbs work. The windshield is free of cracks and excessive pitting. The wheels have no curb rash, paint chips, or bends. The Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires have 60% tread remaining, and are worn evenly.


 interior photo

The interior also belays its age and mileage. There are no odors and it has never been smoked in. The carpet is free of stains or rips and is protected by factory BMW floor mats. The seat leather is soft and supple to the touch. There is no excessive seat bolster wear or failed seams. The dashboard leather is soft and there are no cracks. The steering wheel has no excessive wear. The instrument cluster, navigation screen, and HVAC displays have no failed pixels. The navigation system DVD’s are dated, but the system works. The BMW Premium sound is fantastic and is updated with an iSimplicity iPhone aux input. There are no check codes on the onboard computer and no engine, DSC, or ABS warning lights. All power functions, seat motors, seat heaters, and window shades work. The owner reported to me that the small right rear window shade, the one on the fixed glass forward of the Hofmeister Kink, can stick sometimes, but it recoiled fine for me. He also rebuilt the power rear sunshade mechanism (a common issue). The door lock and window regulators work. The heat blows warm and the air conditioning blows cold. The final stage resistor was recently replaced, so the blower fan works at all speeds. The fan makes a chirp when you first start it, but it is quiet the rest of the time.


 engine photo

This current owner of this car has always followed the Lifetime Maintenance Schedule including intervals of: 5000-mile or annual Castrol 10W-60 oil changes (which ever was less), bi-annual transmission and differential Redline Fluid oil changes, bi-annual (or less) brake fluid flushes with ATE DOT 4 brake fluid, and bi-annual or less BMW Coolant flushes have always been done. Common E39 items like the valve cover gaskets, fuel pump, door and window regulators, and the HVAC blower final stage resister have all been addressed. All work was performed by BMW dealers or Dinan licensed BMW specialist Autosport Werks. The S62 fires on command, idles smoothly, and pulls strong to redline. It has no VANOS rattle or lifter noise. There are no fluid leaks or drips. 2002 and later model year E39 M5’s do not have the carbon build up issue that 2000s and 2001s do. This example has never had any SES lights or engine management codes indicating carbon build up and it as always been driven as an M5 should—that is properly exercised respecting oil warmed up and engine cool down. The Carfax shows the clutch and flywheel were replaced at 28,000 miles, the clutch take up is correct and the transmission shifts smoothly through the Dinan short shifter. The driveline, differential, and wheel bearings are quiet with no vibrations. The brakes are excellent. Their the initial bite is slightly different than stock, but normal for Stoptech big brakes. This M5 will certainly need continued preventative maintenance and repairs, as is the case with any E39, but it deserves it. All records from the current owner are included with the car and a spreadsheet summary is available on request. This is a turn-key M5 ready to be driven across country.

Proper care, impeccable stewardship, and highly desirable improvements make this E39 M5 an outlier in a rapidly shrinking population of worthy E39 M5’s. We have priced it accordingly—while it certainly isn’t cheap, it is an excellent value for its condition and build. We would like to find a buyer who will continue to care for and appreciate it for years to come.

VIN Decode

 exterior photo

VIN Decode

  • VIN: WBSDE93432CF90021
  • Type: DE93
  • Model: M5 – USA
  • Development Code: E39
  • Chassis: LIM
  • Steering: LL
Doors: 4
  • Engine: S62
  • Displacement: 5.00
  • Power: 394 Horsepower (in stock form)
  • Drivetrain: RWD (HECK)
  • Transmission: Manual (MECH)
  • Color: Carbon Black Metallic (Carbonschwarz Metallic – 416)
  • Upholstery: Embossed Silverstone Silver / Black Leather Interior (Praegeleder/Silverstone – O5SS)
  • Production Plant: Dingolfing
  • Production Date: 9-28-2001

Option Codes

  • 265 Tire Pressure Control (RDC)
  • 319 Integrated Universal Remote Control
  • 403 Glass Roof, Electric
  • 416 Sunblinds
  • 465 Through-load System
  • 470 Child Seat Isofix Attachment
  • 521 Rain Sensor
  • 609 Navigation System Professional
  • 640 Car Telephone Preparation
  • 672 BMW 6 Disc CD Changer
  • 752 Individual Audio System
  • 776 Individual Alcantara Anthracite Headliner
  • 818 Main Battery Switch
  • 925 Shipping Protection Package


  • 415 Sunblind for Rear Window
  • 464 Skibag
  • 602 On-Board Monitor with TV
  • 694 Preparation for CD Changer

Standard Equipment Codes

  • 210 Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
  • 216 Servotronic (Steering)
  • 249 Multi-function Steering Wheel
  • 302 Alarm System
  • 354 Green Stripe Windscreen
  • 430 Auto-Dimming Interior Exterior Rearview Mirrors (Anti-dazzle)
  • 441 Smokers Package
  • 459 Electric Seats with Memory
  • 473 Front Armrest
  • 488 Lumbar Support Driver and Passenger Front Seats
  • 494 Heated Driver and Passenger Front Seats
  • 500 Headlight Washer / Intensive Cleaning
  • 520 Foglights
  • 522 Xenon Headlights
  • 534 Automatic Climate Control
  • 555 On-Board Computer
  • 645 Radio Control US
  • 710 M Leather Steering Wheel
  • 785 White Direction Indicator Lights
  • 845 Acoustic Belt Warning
  • 850 Fuel Tank Filling for Export
  • 853 Language Version English
  • 876 Radio Frequency 315 MHz
  • 992 Number Plate Attachment