Exterior photo of 2003 Audi RS 6

2003 Audi RS 6



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 63.400 Miles

Engine: 4.2-Liter Bi-Turbo V8 Cosworth Technology Tuned Engine

Transmission: 5-Speed Tiptronic Automatic Transmission with Dynamic Shift Program (DSP)

Exterior color: Daytona Grey Pearl (6Y6Y)

Interior: Ebony Leather (QH)

VIN: WUAPV64B03N905699

Additional features:

Audi Navigation System (7Q9)

Warm Weather Package (PWX)

  • Solar Sunroof
  • Power Rear Window Sunshade
  • Manual Rear Side Window Shades

Audi Sound Enhancing Exhaust w/ Black Tips (YTY)

Ultrasonic Stage 1 Tune (520 horsepower, 515 ft/lbs torque)

Stainless Steel Brake Lines

EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads

Cross Drilled Floating Front Brake Rotors

Cross Drilled Rear Brake Rotors

18” Stock RS 6 Wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport AS3 Tires (Pictured)

18” RSW6 Rep Wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires

Tinted Windows

Carbon Fiber Interior Trim (5TU)

Audi RS 6 Carpeted Floor Mats

Audi All-Weather Rubber Floor Mats

2-Owner Colorado Car

Transferrable AAA Platinum Aftermarket Warranty

Covercraft HP Car Cover

Ultimate Reflector Sunscreen

Clean CarFax, No Accidents

Standard Equipment List Below

All Maintenance Up to Date (records included)


2003 Audi RS 6 exterior photo

I am selling this 2003 Audi RS 6 on consignment for a fellow Audi enthusiast. He purchased it from the original owner (a retired engineer) in 2011 when it had 44,000 miles. It is a Colorado car that was originally sold by McDonald Audi in Littleton for $88,260. It has always lived indoors and been driven by mature adult owners. Both owners have cared for and maintained it to impeccable standards. All service records are included, along with the original window sticker. The most important factor in any high performance Audi purchase is proper care and maintenance—this example meets that pedigree in spades. In addition, a comprehensive and fully transferable AAA Platinum warranty is included and good until 75,000 miles or May of 2017. This RS 6 is completely stock except for an Ultrasonic Stage 1 ECU flash, stainless steel brake lines, Motul brake fluid, and EBC Yellowstuff brake pads. The Ultrasonic Stage 1 tune is a conservative ECU flash that boosts power output to 520 horsepower and 515 foot-pounds of torque. Ultrasonic is a proven Audi platform that in addition to the power increase improves throttle response, while emphasizing reliability and drivability. It can be completely undone if desired. The standard equipment list is long and can be found at the bottom of this listing. Two sets of wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport all season tires and Michelin Pilot Super Sport ultra high performance summer tires are included in the sale, along with a Covercraft HP car cover and an Ultimate Reflector sunscreen.


2003 Audi RS 6 exterior photo

Released to the U.S. market for just one year, in 2003, the C5 generation RS 6 was Audi’s answer to the BMW M5, Mercedes E55 AMG, and anything else that dared challenge it. Unlike the A6 and S6, the RS 6 was the exclusive product of Quattro GmbH, Audi’s in-house performance division. Only 1,200 C5 RS 6s were imported to the U.S. market. The RS stood for RennSport or Racing Sport, and was more than just initials. The RS 6 was victorious in the SPEED World Challenge GT Series for several seasons and was an equally serious contender off the track. At its heart was a Cosworth Technology tuned 4.2-liter bi-turbo V8 engine (code named BCY) that produced 444 horsepower and an asphalt-rippling 428 foot-pounds of torque available slightly before the tach needle swept 2000 RPM. It featured aluminum construction, dual overhead cams, variable valve timing, and five valves per cylinder. A ZF five-speed automatic transmission with torque converter lockup in all forward gears was the only gearbox that could handle the power. It featured Audi Dynamic Shift Program (DSP) technology that learned your driving style if you weren’t in the mood to shift yourself through tiptronic steering wheel-mounted paddles or shifter gates. And because it was a Quattro, that power went to all four wheels in a 50/50 percent split that could be electronically proportioned up to 75 percent front or rear. Active hydro-mechanical suspension dampening called Audi Dynamic Ride Control adjusted firmness during cornering to reduce body roll, but maintained a refined ride at other times. Eight-piston, RS 6-specific brakes stopped the 4,057-pound sedan smartly, which thanks to the use of an aluminum front sub-frame was only 31 pounds heavier than the BMW M5—despite being all-wheel drive.


2003 Audi RS 6 exterior photo

Daytona Grey over Ebony leather is the perfect RS 6 color combination. Daytona Grey Pearl is a dynamic metallic hue that responds dramatically to sunlight or shade. Tinted windows and the solar sunroof (a solar panel imbedded in the glass that powers the vent fan while parked) make it clear that this is an exclusive sport sedan. That said, the RS 6 is a sleeper and that is a good thing. The only external cues to the monster performance beneath are silver sport mirrors and trim, RS 6 wheels, weaved grills, flared fenders, a rear deck lid spoiler, and twin black-tipped exhausts. Rear fog lights show that this is a legit Euro-spec based car. In an age of over-styling, the conservative and refined design language of the C5 RS 6 is refreshing. Its capabilities are shown through action not looks. Those in the know give respect and friendly nods of approval, while the rest of the world lumbering along in their cross-overs have no clue there is a monster is lurking among them—that is until a fraction of its performance is unleashed. Inside, it’s a different story. Finely woven carbon fiber trim, RS 6 emblazoned logos on the seats, instrument cluster, and steering wheel under an alcantara headliner signify the RS 6’s halo model status. You are clearly entering something special. Sit down and the three-spoke leather sport steering wheel lowers and telescopes to your pre-selected driving position. Behind it is a tactical stealth fighter-like display of red lettering and black gauges surrounded by gloss black trim rings. It is wonderfully devoid of the information clutter found in modern cars, providing everything you need and nothing you don’t—this is a driver’s car. The center cluster continues the cockpit theme with buttons—lots of them. There are no menus to get lost in, no prolonged periods of heads down, just select your choice and get back to the task at hand—driving! The powered and heated sport seats are infinitely adjustable and wrapped in fine leather with white (technically silver) piping trim. Behind them the heated rear seats have individual reading lights and ample legroom for tall passengers. Audi nailed this interior; it is one of their best. Turn the key and the bi-turbo V8 comes to life in a deep rhythmic rumble thanks to the Sound Enhanced exhaust. It is loud enough to alert those nearby that is no ordinary A6, but still civilized enough not to trouble the neighbors. The driving theme of the RS 6 is power—lots of power. Mother of God amounts of power! No less than 520 horses and 515 foot-pounds of torque are on tap, thanks to the Ultrasonic tune, making this RS 6 a highly potent example. The latter is available nearly off the line, allowing accessible delivery at all times. As the turbos spool, lag, is minimal and the power becomes exponential. It is always predictable and easily controllable thanks to the automatic torque biasing of the torsen-based Quattro all wheel drive. Full throttle applications produce ear to ear grins and the exhaust note becomes intoxicating. The novelty of such prodigious power never gets old, but with great power comes great responsibility—restraint is often necessary to avoid takeoff rotation speeds. Even though I am a staunch manual transmission advocate, I never longed for a third pedal in the RS 6. The shift logic quickly learned my driving patterns, making sport mode my selection of choice over the tiptronic shift paddles. In the corners the Audi Dynamic Ride Control routes hydraulic fluid to the outboard shock absorbers to minimize body roll. It is wonderfully mechanical, lacking the delay of some modern electrically activated suspensions. The effect is organic, keeping cornering flat yet maintaining a smooth ride the rest of the time. When it’s time to stop the massive eight-piston Bremo brakes and Yellowstuff pads overcome the laws of physics with comically powerful stopping ability and zero brake fade. The C5 generation RS 6 is the sedan that can do everything. It can haul 5 adults in luxurious comfort, reward its driver with staggering performance, handle the worst driving conditions with grace, and be a civilized daily driver on the morning commute. This example is in exceptional condition, belying its age and mileage. It offers the opportunity to own a rare example of only the fourth model exclusively built by Quattro GmbH and only 1,200 examples offered in the United States.


 engine photo

Both owners of this RS 6 have been meticulous stewards. It had always been dealer serviced by McDonald Audi, Boulder Audi, or independent Audi specialists Autosport Werks. Due to the low mileage accumulation the factory 25k mile, 35k mile, 45k mile and 55k mile services were done ahead of schedule on time intervals, not mileage. Both owners purchased extended warranties that allowed replacement of items not covered by the factory warranty or premature repair of minor leaks that might have been put off by less meticulous owners. The current transferable AAA Platinum warranty is good through 75,000 miles or May of 2017 (which ever comes sooner). Oil changes have been done at 5000-mile intervals or less. Coolant and brake fluid flushes have also been completed at or less than the factory specified intervals. All factory recalls are up to date including replacement of the fuel tank, main fuel pump, and auxiliary pump and complete Dynamic Ride Control suspension replacement. The timing belt was replaced roughly 5,000 miles ago at 58,000 miles, along with the water pump, thermostat, and serpentine belt. The valve cover gaskets (a common leak spot) were replaced at 40,500 miles. In preparation for the sale, at 63,100 miles, the owner replaced the battery, both intercoolers, the driver seat memory switch, the cylinder bank 1 mass air flow sensor, and the oil pan gasket. It also got a fresh oil and filter change. A spreadsheet summary of the maintenance records is available on request and all receipts since day one are included with the sale. The result of this stewardship is an RS 6 that needs nothing. It is a turn-key car, ready to be enjoyed by its new owner. The C5 RS 6 was Audi’s flagship model of its day, buying one that has been properly cared like this example is imperative.


2003 Audi RS 6 exterior photo

After only a cursory examination it is clear this RS 6 has always lived indoors and has been spared harsh winter conditions. I am highly critical of our cars and try to point out every imperfection. The Daytona Grey paint is in excellent condition. There are a few superficial scratches and imperfections, but no major defects. The worst scratches are both about 3” long, one on the rear bumper cover and right rear passenger side door handle (pics are on our website). There is no significant pitting or chips on the leading edges that cars exposed to Colorado winters get. The rear fender flares (usually the worst areas) have only minor putting and have been protected by factory lament. There is absolutely no rust anywhere. The front grill, rear valence, body trim, badges and blackwork are all present and in excellent shape. There are minor scratches above the 4-ring logo where the hood latch pops out (this was reinforced). There are a few small faded areas on the silver grill surround trim and silver sport mirrors (a common issue), but they are not glaring. The headlight and marker light lenses are crystal clear and free of pitting. The window glass and tint are in excellent shape and the windshield is not pitted, although there is a 2mm chip slightly right of the driver’s line of sight—it does not warrant replacement. The solar sunroof panel is perfect. Both sets of wheels are free of curb-rash, bends, or paint chips. The black tipped exhaust looks like the day it was delivered. Overall the exterior is in excellent shape presenting like a much younger and lower mileage example.


 interior photo

The interior of this RS 6 is as exceptional as its exterior; it has been protected from UV exposure by tinted windows, the rear window shade, and the Ultimate Reflector windshield shade. The result is soft and supple leather with trim and plastics that are not faded or hardened. It has that fine leather smell that all Audi’s of this era have. There are no odors and it has never been smoked in. The carpets have no stains or tears. The leather seats are wonderfully soft with minimal wear and no breaks in the white piping trim. There are a few 2-3 mm indentations on the passenger seat bottom cushion, but they aren’t glaring. All power seat adjustments and seat heaters work. The carbon fiber trim is in perfect shape with no clear coat scrapes—it is hands down the best interior design element. The perforated leather on the sport steering wheel has no excessive wear, UV fade, or failed stitching. The instrument cluster has no blown out pixels in the center LCD (a common issue). The switches have no peeling plastics (another common issue). All functions and accessories work, the heat blows warm and the air conditioning blows cold. Audi Navigation discs are included, but are outdated. The alcantara headliner and pillar covers are in excellent shape. The only glaring cosmetic interior defect is peeling finish in the front driver and passenger door handles (pics on our website). It is on the inside of the door handles, so it takes some searching to find.


 exterior photo

Standard Equipment Listed on the Window Sticker

(Options are at the top of this listing)


  • 4.2 liter, 450 hp, DOHC, V8 biturbo aluminum alloy, 5 valves per cylinder
  • 5-Speed Automatic Transmission with Tiptronic
  • ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)
  • Brake Assist
  • Alloy wheels, 255/40 summer high performance tires
  • Quattro permanent all-wheel drive system with EDL (Electronic Differential Lock)
  • Four link front suspension
  • Double A-arm rear suspension
  • ESP (Electronic Stabilization Program)


  • Automatic dual zone climate control with pollen filter
  • Power adjustable steering column
  • 12-way power front seats with 3 memory positions for driver and passenger
  • Convenience close feature for windows and sunroof
  • Wood inlays for dash, console, and doors (replaced by carbon fiber option)
  • Electronic cruise control
  • Remote keyless locking with controls in folding key
  • Driver information display with auto check system
  • 60/40 Split folding rear seat
  • Symphony radio w/cassette and in-dash 6-disc CD changer
  • Concealed headlight washer system

Safety / Security

  • Driver and front passenger next generation airbag supplemental restraint system
  • Driver and front passenger seat mounted side airbag supplemental restraints
  • SIDEGUARD inflatable curtain airbags
  • Electronically adjustable heated outside rear view mirrors
  • Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH)
  • Front and rear 3-point seat belts with automatic pretensioning, front belts with force limiters
  • Side impact protection, body crumple zones
  • Anti-Theft Vehicle Alarm System