2004 Ford Excursion Limited 4x4 6.0-Power Stroke Fully Bulletproofed



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 209,950 Miles

Engine: 6.0-Liter Power Stroke Diesel Engine (studded and fully bulletproofed)

Transmission: 5-Speed 5R110W Automatic Transmission

Exterior color: Black Exterior

Interior: Medium Parchment Interior

VIN: 1FMSU43P64ED92211

Additional features:

Upgraded Head Studs

Within last 20K Miles:

Bulletproof Diesel FICM

Bulletproof Diesel EGR Cooler

Bulletproof Diesel Oil Cooler Relocate Kit

Aluminum Turbo Pipes

Oil Pump/Oil Stand Pipes/O-Rings

Glow Plugs

Glow Plug Harnesses

Fuel Injectors

Intake Manifold Gaskets

EGR Pipes, Gaskets, EGR Valve

Water Pump

Fuel Filters

Transmission Cooler Line

Transmission Filter

Wheel Bearings

Front End Upper/Lower Ball Joints/Axle Seals

Rear Pinion Seal/Inner Out Pinion Bearings

Two Sets of Shocks:

OEM Grade for Smoother Ride

Bilstein Off-Road Shocks

Front and Rear Brakes

Airlift Air Bag System w/ Bluetooth Controller

Airlift Compressor

Tekonsha Programable Trailer Brake Controller

Receiver Hitch

SCT Livewire Engine Monitor

Conservative Tow Tune

Scheel-Mann Vario XXL Driver Seat (Mounted on factory power bracket)

Leather/Heated Front Seats

Middle Split Bench Seat

Rear Bench Seat

Factory DVD Player/Screen (no clue if it works)

Removeable Platform Bed w/ Drawer

Memory Foam Mattress

LED Rear Interior Lights

Fitted Reflective Blinds for Each Window

Steering Wheel Controls

Rebuild Overhead Compass/Fuel Economy Gauge

Thule Aerobar Roof Rack

Yakama Load Warrior Roof Basket

Hella Driving Lights

16-Inch Excursion Limited Wheels w/ Fresh Michelin Defender LTX M/S Tires

17-Inch American Racing AR172 Baja Wheels w/ BF Goodrich T/A KO2 All-Terrain Tires

Built and Maintained to Commercial Standards

Colorado Excursion


 exterior photo

This 2004 Ford Excursion Limited 6.0 Power Stroke Diesel was professionally built for a multi-role mission. It was built tactically with purpose which is significantly more capable than a stock X, but not the Bro-Truck lifted X’s that many modified X’s have succumbed to. It needed to serve as the Glen Shelly tow rig/race car hauler, but also serve as our personal Colorado outdoor/recreational vehicle. After owning everything from a 7.3 Power Stroke Ford F250 to an 8.1-liter gasser GMC Explorer van, we sought out a 6.0-liter Power Stroke Diesel Ford Excursion Limited for the 6.0’s power and the stout 5-speed R110W transmission. That combination fit perfectly in the Venn diagram of meeting our towing needs, having proper 4x4 capability, and having ample interior room to build out as a light camper. We wanted a good example with a clean body and interior, but not a perfect one as we would use on and off road. Most importantly, it needed to have the head studs done (the costliest part of bullet proofing the 6.0 Power Stroke).

After a few months of searching, we found this 2004 Limited just up the road in Longmont, CO. It had the head studs done and the EGR system deleted. The story was that a previous owner was the general manager at a Colorado Ford dealership, and likely the owner who replaced the head studs. We couldn’t substantiate this, but the Carfax shows it splitting time between Colorado and the Mid-west, living exclusively in Colorado since 2015. The head studs were confirmed as being replaced with upgrades studs. Carfax also reported two incidents, both to the left rear, and our inspection revealed paint and body work in this area—it wasn’t perfect, but it was presentable, which was perfect for our mission. There was some light corrosion in spots, but nothing overly concerning. At the time it had 190K miles on the odometer.

We bought it and handed it over to Power Stroke specialists Lucky’s Diesel with an open checkbook. Our goal was the reset the maintenance clock to ensure future reliability. Lucky’s built it to our spec, resetting the clock on costly maintenance items like the fuel injectors, harnesses, glow plugs, water pump, a transmission service and lots of other basic items. Then we had Lucky’s install a Bulletproof Diesel FICM, Bulletproof EGR, and Bulletproof oil cooler relocation kit (for easy replacement in the future) making it emissions compliant and ensuring the 6.0 was fully bulletproofed. We rebuilt the front end to make the steering was tight and ensure there would be no future “death wobble” out on the open road. We had the brakes, wheel bearings, and axles done as necessary. The oil pump, oil stand, and O-rings have also since been done.

From there we had Lucky’s Diesel outfit the X with an SCT Livewire engine monitor and conservative tow tune, Airlift airbags and compressor, Tekonsha programable trailer brake controller, and Bilstein off-road shocks (currently fresh OEM grade shocks are fitted, but both sets are included). Two sets of wheels and tires are included: OEM Limited wheels wearing freshly mounted Michelin Defender LTX M/S tires for highway hauling and American Racing AR172 Baja wheels wearing BF Goodrich T/A KO2 all-terrain tires. For long hours in the saddle we mounted a Scheel-Mann Vario XXL seat (a $2300 seat!) on the factory bracket retaining the power functions. The original leather driver’s seat is included. In the rear, we removed the middle larger split bench seat and rear bench seat (both are also included) and built a removable platform bed with a drawer underneath. This is shackled to the rear cargo tie-downs and is removable in less than 10 minutes. It has double Costco memory foam mattresses on top and a large single drawer underneath which leaves space on either side for longer items. Programable color LED lights are plugged into the rear 12V outlet which can be controlled by the remote from the front seats and are easily removed if not wanted. We relocated the spare tire to the roof rack for extra storage room. The roof rack consists of Thule podiums and Thule Aero Bars mounted to the factory rails with an extended Yakama Load Warrior basket. Hella driving lights are mounted to the front (from an older Safari build), but they are not hooked up. Extras include both sets of wheels and shocks already mentioned, all of the original interior parts, and LED fog light replacements and 12” light bar and a rearview mirror back up camera that are not installed.

Over the last 20K miles it has served us flawlessly, sans an oil-stand O-ring leak, which we remedied with an OEM oil pump and stand parts. It tows like a beast, has gone anywhere we have needed to go, and soaks up the miles with ease. It averages 16 MPG without towing and around 8-12 MPG with an 8,000lb enclosed race car trailer depending on cruise speed. On one hyper-mile tank we saw 19 MPG, but that took some gentle throttle applications. We have always maintained it to commercial standards with frequent regular maintenance since we completed the initial build. We are reluctantly selling it because our towing payload needs have increased beyond the 10,000lb capability of the Excursion. We have invested nearly $50K total; the rule for a good late-model Diesel Excursion is around $35K which is what we have priced it at. You can get a cheaper example and bring it up to spec, or you can get one that is done. Very few X’s have had the extensive recent preventative parts and maintenance that ours has. It’s turn-key and ready to go, be it into the back country or as a cross country hauler.