2006 Porsche 911 Carrera (997.1)



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 64,000 Miles

Engine: 3.6-Liter Flat-6 Engine

Transmission: 6-Speed Manual Transmission

Exterior color: Arctic Silver Metallic Exterior

Interior: Sea Blue Standard Leather Interior

Additional features:

Bose High-End Sound Package

Navigation for PCM

3-Spoke Leather Steering Wheel

Bi-Xenon Headlights

Power Memory Seats

Self-Dimming Mirrors

Headlight Washer

Door Sill Model Insignia

Sea Blue Porsche Carpet Floor Mats

Aero Kit Front Bumper

Orange Brake Calipers

Lowering Springs

19-Inch OZ Racing Ultraleggra Wheels

Pirelli P Zero High-Performance Tires

Clean Carfax

California/Colorado Car


2006 Porsche 911 Carrera (997.1) exterior photo

The world is a better place thanks to the 997 Porsche 911—at least in the world of those who care about Porsche 911s. The 997 was Porsche’s reconciliation for the dramatic departure that it made with the 996 911. When the air-cooled age ended with the legendary 993, its successor, the 996 had herculean shoes to fill. When it lacked the personality of the air-cooled (and how could it not have), it stoked fears that Porsche had lost its way. It wasn’t that the 996 was bad (in fact, it was excellent), we just weren’t ready for the change that it brought. The 997 put those fears to rest, and in the eyes of many, steered the 911 ship back on course. The 997 featured refined yet classic styling, better materials and build quality, and proper headlights. As time has marched on, the 997 has become the sweet spot of the water-cooled 911-era, striking a wonderful balance of modern amenities without compromising the proper 911 driving experience.


 exterior photo

This Arctic Silver Metallic over Sea Blue Standard Leather 2006 Porsche 997.1 911 Carrera is an outstanding example. Sea Blue leather is a wonderful departure from the typical gray and black interiors that most 997s were optioned with. Other notable options include the Bose High-End Sound Package, Self-Dimming mirrors, and the Bi-Xenon headlamps. This example also stands out from the typical 997 Carrera with an Aero Kit front bumper, lowering springs, orange brake calipers, and black OZ Racing Ultraleggra wheels. It was originally delivered in Southern California and remained there under several owners, being serviced at Beverly Hills Porsche and the Auto Gallery. A friend and fellow Porsche Club member knew the previous owner and brought it to Colorado last year. That previous owner added the lowering springs, Aero Kit front bumper, and OZ wheels and had the brake calipers finished in orange. There is also an aftermarket rear wing and Porsche Motorsports rear wing, along with a DAS roll bar available. He built it to attend PCA driving schools, but he never fulfilled that goal before succumbing to health issues. It has not seen any track time as far as we can tell.

In preparation for sale, we re-installed the rear seats and seatbelt hardware (they had been removed), replaced the battery, and replaced the rear brake pads and sensors. We do a full DME report and borescope every on 996 and 997.1 that we get. The DME report showed no over-revs, and the borescope showed some very slight scoring on the cylinders. All cylinders are even, and there is no uneven soot in the exhaust pipes (which we never clean). We put 3,000 (incredible) miles on the car to pull an accurate oil sample and re-scoped the cylinders. There was no change in the scoring (still very light), and Blackstone Labs gave the oil a healthy report with lower-than-average wear metals. The invoice for our work, borescope pictures, and the oil sample results are included in the records binder. While prudent to mention, we do not expect this to be an issue for the foreseeable future. As it sits, this is a fantastic example of a 997 Carrera—it absolutely rips! The unique interior and few tasteful mods set it apart from the more pedestrian examples; we’d like to find a new owner who will enjoy it for the next chapter of its story.


2006 Porsche 911 Carrera (997.1) exterior photo

The Arctic Silver Metallic paint presents very well and is indicative of its the low-mileage. All panels gauge as original at 3-4 mils with the exception of the hood, which gauges at 6-8 mils. The front and rear bumper covers have been repainted as well, but the paint match is uniform with the rest of the car. Close scrutiny reveals typical imperfections in the form of small rock chips, light scratches, and a few swirls. The rear fenders have protectors installed. The front lip is very low and subject to scuffing. We have a moderately scuffed front lip and a replacement lip (which we managed to add a scuff to and promptly removed for safekeeping). Both are included with the sale and can be easily installed or removed. The VIN sticker and other warning stickers are present. All trim is present and accounted for. The headlights lenses are in excellent shape with only minor pitting. The fog lights have slightly more pitting, but nothing glaring. The taillight lenses are very nice as well. The windshield is crack-fee, but it does have light pitting. The wheels have no curb-rash and are wrapped in fresh Pirelli P-Zero tires with 2021 front and 2017 rear DOT date codes; both have over 70% tread remaining.


 interior photo

The Sea Blue Standard leather is very nice and has clearly been properly cared for. Overall the condition of the interior is one of the car’s highlights. There are no odors. The carpet does not have any rips or tears and the factory floor mats are presentable. There is light scuffing on the door sills from entry and exit. There is slight 997 plastic wear on the center console trim and door switch surround panels. The dashboard is very nice and the cupholders function correctly. The multimedia screen and instrument cluster have no blown-out pixels, and there are no warning lights. The climate control switches and volume knobs are in good condition. All interior functions, options, power accessories, and controls work correctly. The steering wheel leather is soft to the touch with only light wear. The shift knob also has only slight wear, consistent with the rest of the trim. The seats are very nice, with just light creasing, the worst being on the driver’s side outer bolster. The rear seats are in excellent shape, likely never being used. The frunk carpet is clean and there are no odors. The owners’ manuals are not present; only one key FOB is included.


 engine photo

This 911 has clearly been well taken care of throughout its life, and we completed the list of maintenance outlined in the summary paragraph to bring it up to par. If the entire population of 997.1s were sampled, the aforementioned light scoring is solidly on the lower end of the bell curve and will eventually be something that every 997.1 owner should consider. With this car, we have documented it and monitored it over several thousand miles with no change and a healthy Blackstone Oil report. The M97 engine starts on command, idles smoothly, and is one of the strongest pulling M97s we’ve had (once the oil temp is warmed up, of course). There are no warning lights. It has no leaks or seeps. The clutch take-up is correct and does not slip. The shifter is tight and precise. The brakes are wonderful; the rears were replaced in preparation for sale. The suspension bushings are tight, with the lowering springs being on the firm side, although offering much crisper turn-in and corning than stock. We ensure it passes and pay for emissions in the State of Colorado. We look forward to finding a new owner who will enjoy and care for it for years to come.

VIN Decode

 exterior photo

VIN Decode

  • 2006 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe
  • Division: PCNA
  • VIN: WP0AA29906S715808
  • Production Date: 9/1/2005
  • In-Service Date: 10/30/2005
  • Arctic Silver Metallic
  • Sea Blue Standard Leather

Additional Equipment

  • 267 Self Dimming Mirrors
  • 405 19” Carrera Classic Wheels (replaced by OZ wheels)
  • 446 Wheel Caps with Colored Crest
  • 680 Bose High-End Sound Package
  • FB Sea Blue Standard Leather
  • M6B Sea Blue Floor Mats
  • P74 Bi-Xenon Headlamp Package
  • X1 Arctic Silver Metallic Top (sunroof)