Exterior photo of 2007 Porsche 911 (997.1) Turbo

2007 Porsche 911 (997.1) Turbo



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 37,100 Miles

Engine: 6HTTG3.6 H6 Turbocharged 6-Cylinder

Transmission: 6-Speed Manual

Exterior color: GT Silver Metallic

Interior: Black Full Leather

Additional features:

Sport Chrono Turbo Package

3-Spoke Multi-Function Steering Wheel

Heated Front Seats

Supple Leather Front and Rear

Porsche Crest in Headrests

Silver Seatbelts

Metal Door Sill Model Insignia

Aluminum Foot Rest

Texas / Colorado Car

Clean Carfax

All Season Car Cover


2007 Porsche 911 (997.1) Turbo exterior photo

The world is a better place thanks to the 997 Porsche 911—at least the world of those who care about Porsche 911s. The 997 was Porsche’s reconciliation for the dramatic departure that it made with the 996 911. When the air-cooled age ended with the legendary 993, its successor 996 had herculean shoes to fill. When the 996 fell short (and how could it not have), it stoked fears that Porsche had lost its way. It wasn’t that the 996 was bad, we just weren’t ready for the change that it brought. The 997 put those fears to rest, and; in the eyes of many, steered the 911 ship back on course. Then the 997 Turbo was released, and even those who had left the 911 faith were born again.

The name Turbo evokes certain emotions when used in conjunction with the 911. Fear is probably near the top of the list. That was because the first 911 Turbo, the 930, was a murderous hooligan that would punish those who dare throttle without a delicate touch. Even so, lust outweighed fear, thanks to the Turbo’s wide-body fenders, whale-tail, and a forced-induction flax six-cylinder motor that quickly evolved into 300 horsepower monster—not a small number in the 1970s. The Turbo quickly became an iconic halo model in the 911 lineup that evolved with successive generations. The 997 Turbo continued this lineage with staggering performance figures, all-wheel drive, and none of the original Turbo’s murderous traits. Make no mistake about it, the 997 Turbo is still a hooligan, just one well mannered enough to bring home to meet your mother.

Summary and Build

2007 Porsche 911 (997.1) Turbo exterior photo

The pre-2009 facelift 911 Turbo I am selling—also known as the 997.1—unleashes that hooligan spirit even further, while still retaining the stock 997’s civility and refinement. It left the factory in Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart, in April of 2007 and was sold to the original owner in good ol’ Houston, Texas, one month later. From there it founds its way to Colorado, where I am selling it on consignment for its current owner. Along the way, it was professionally and tastefully built into its current form with over $27,000 worth of upgrades installed by Motorwerks of Houston, an exotic car specialist. Most of the modifications were installed at approximately 10,000 miles. In researching this car, I confirmed the installation of the Switzer 550 Package with Doug at Switzer Performance. Nearly all of the original components have been retained and are included with the sale. Here are the specs:


Switzer P5500 Package

  • Switzer Stainless Steel Sport Exhaust
  • Switzer 200 Cell Sport Cats (Includes Bypass Pipes, not-installed)
  • DME Calibration and Programming

Werks1 Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake Airbox (stock intake included)


Clutch Masters FX100 Puck Race Clutch (FX100: 20934-HD00)

Suspension, Wheels and Tires:

GMG WC Sport Lowering Springs

GMG WC 99TT Sway Bars

19 x 9” Front GMG 130R Monoblock Front Wheels

235/35ZR19 Hankook Ventus V12 evo Front Tires

19 x 12” Rear GMG 130R Monoblock Rear Wheels

305/30ZR19 Hankook Ventus V12 evo 2 Rear Tires


Getty Design Carbon Fiber Hood (stock hood included)

Agency Power Carbon Fiber GT2 Style Wing (stock spoiler included)

Carbon Fiber Headlight Rings

Carbon Fiber Mirrors (stock mirrors included)

DB Carbon Side Intake Scoops (stock intakes included)

Tinted Rear Taillights (stock taillights included)

Zunsport Front Grills

18% Window Tint


Rennline Shift Knob

RSS Clutch Stop

Milled Aluminum Pedals

Once it landed in Colorado, this 997 Turbo was meticulously cared for by the experts at 3Zero3 Motorsports. In preparation for sale, it was gone through by 3Zero3 with fresh fluids and a complete mechanical inspection. It is a turn-key car, ready to be enjoyed by its new owner. Scroll down for complete cosmetic and mechanical descriptions.


 interior photo

Gaze at this 997 Turbo and it stirs your soul. The 997’s lines are elegant, graceful, and simply put—correct. I have coveted this car from every angle and I cannot find a displeasing perspective. Copious amounts of finely woven carbon fiber and a GT2-style rear wing unapologetically announce to the world that this is no normal 911. The pilot in me loves carbon fiber, but I was apprehensive when I first heard about this 997. In an age where you can buy such novelties as a carbon fiber toilet seat (Google it), if done incorrectly, carbon fiber can be trite. One look in person and my apprehension was squashed. Mother of God it looks good! The grayish black carbon weave compliments GT Sliver Metallic paint perfectly, creating a fantastic two-tone theme. The GMG 130R Monoblock wheels are a significant improvement in appearance and weight over the stock three-spoke Turbo wheels. Together the wheels, carbon fiber bits, and a proper rear wing add up to a sum greater than their parts, making the stock 997 look plain generic in comparison.

Open the aluminum door, a Turbo exclusivity, and the two-tone, black and silver theme continues. The cheap interior materials used in the 996 might have helped Porsche survive a brush with bankruptcy, but the no-expense-spared focus had returned by the 997. Luxury has long been a staple of the 911 Turbo, and this example lives up to that expectation. Soft, plush leather, an option Porsche called “Supple Leather,” wraps seats emblazoned with Porsche crests in the headrests. An alcantara headliner resides above another option named “Full Leather” covering the doors, dashboard, and center console. Contrasting the dark colors are white Turbo gauges, silver seatbelts and trim, turbo logo doorsills, along with aftermarket milled aluminum pedals and a Rennline shift knob. One very important silver bit is at the centerpiece of the dashboard, the Sport Chrono Stopwatch. On the Turbo, among other things, this feature allows a 10-second over-boost that bumps peak torque to over 500 foot-pounds.

Turn the key and the 997.1-specific Mezger 3.6-liter engine fires and settles into an idle that is unmistakably that of Porsche flat 6-cylinder. Let the oil warm up to operating temperature and the fun begins. The 997 Turbo really is the supercar that does everything. Zero to 60 mph happens fast enough that a regular person can achieve it in the real world through a manual gearbox in around four seconds. Zero to 100 mph occurs at just over eight seconds. Top speed is near enough to 200 mph that you will be too terrified to split hairs. A more realistic feat is a second-gear 40 to 60 mph jaunt that occurs in just one second—one second! Nearly the time you took to read those two words! Twin BorgWarner turbos breathing through variable intake vanes, or “Variable Turbine Geometry” in Porsche speak, are responsible for such madness. They are further aided by a Werks1 cold air intake and the Switzer stainless steal sport exhaust and DME tuning. The result is a monster, but a friendly one—one that does not want to kill you.

The reason why is a rear-biased intuitive all-wheel drive system that splits thrust front and rear via Porsche Traction Management. GMG lowering springs and sway bars help dispense power to each corner through Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM), enabled via a button that when pushed firms up the suspension. The result is a very well-mannered 911 Turbo. If treated with only the most basic performance driving techniques, it is as docile as a well-trained family dog. Porsche Stability Management (PSM) is there as a safety net lest you get overzealous. Massive six-piston brakes make quick work of stopping when it’s time to reel things in. Engage Sport Mode, which automatically activates PASM, switch off the stability control (if you dare) and the world is your playground.

Personally, I don’t like most turbocharged cars. I much prefer a high-revving, high-compression, normally aspirated engine, but the 997 Turbo is different. The variable vanes of the turbochargers allow you to modulate boost through throttle position more so than just RPM, like bumping the afterburner in a fighter jet. In any 911, steering and throttle inputs MUST be linked. The ease with which the prodigious power in the 997 Turbo can be dispensed allows precisely linked inputs. Set up the turn entry, down shift, turn in, roll into throttle and induce any desired rotation, then point the exit and go to full afterburner. The only thing that hurts more than your neck straining against the Porsche crest on the headrest are your cheeks from smiling! If anyone dares to follow, they will be dispatched like a lion toying with its prey. All of the euphemisms that define the 911 Turbo—precision, power, veracity, fear, lust, and love, to name a few—bombard your senses and result in an effect that can only be described as intoxicating. This in a car that is comfortable, luxurious, and civilized enough to drive to work every day; it even has a back seat (technically). The 911 Turbo is a paradox: it really is the supercar that you can drive everyday. It is the supercar that does everything.


2007 Porsche 911 (997.1) Turbo exterior photo

The exterior condition of this 911 Turbo is exceptional and indicative of its low mileage. It has clearly lived indoors and has been well cared for. The GT Silver Metallic paint is in excellent condition, with no door dings, swirl marks, or glaring defects. I scrutinize all of our cars for imperfections; here’s what I found (pictures are on our website if you are reading this elsewhere). The black plastic front splitter has some driveway lip rash on the lower passenger side and a faint crease behind the front right corner. It is tolerable, but it also could be easily replaced. There is a small quarter-inch sized paint chip in the front bumper cover to the left of center, and another near the driver’s side headlight. A previous owner reported that he had the front bumper cover replaced due to someone scratching it a parking lot. The fitment and paintwork are outstanding; I would not have known otherwise. The carbon fiber parts are in exceptional shape with absolutely no cloudy or peeling clear coat. The Getty Design carbon fiber hood is a good fit, although not as precise as the stock hood. That said, its quality is on par with the caliber of a 911 Turbo and it looks correct. If scrutinized under flat light at low angle, there are two slight rises above where the cross brace is glued to the hood skin. It takes some searching to notice and was difficult to capture in photos. The glass is in exceptional condition, with a fresh windshield installed by 3Zero3 Motorsports in May of this year. The side and rear glass are tinted to 18% light transmission and in excellent shape. The GMG wheels are in excellent condition with no bends or curb rash.


 interior photo

The interior condition is as exceptional as the exterior. Tinted windows have protected from it from the heat and UV exposure that kills fine leather. The leather is soft and supple (like its name implies), with no rips, tears, creasing, or side bolster wear. The rubber door seals are soft and seal out wind noise effectively. The carpet is free of stains or tears and has been protected by factory floor mats. It has never been smoked in and there are no odors other than the lovely aroma of fine leather that all Porsches of this generation came with from the factory. All interior functions, options, power accessories, and controls work correctly. The multimedia screen and instrument cluster have no blown out pixels. The front trunk carpet is clean and is protected by its own floor mat. Two keys and all factory manuals are included with the sale. The only interior flaws I could find are some wear on the driver’s side plastic doorsill trim and a finicky front hood release switch. It works, but takes a little finesse. Both of these could be remedied without great expense.


 engine photo

This 911 Turbo has been the recipient of impeccable stewardship; it has no mechanical issues. The Mezger engine used in the early 997.1 Turbos are among the most robust Porsche engines ever built. The design is an evolution of Hans Mezger’s racing engines, and in the 997, it is specific to the 997.1 Turbo and GT variants, before being retired with the GT3 4.0 RS. The important thing about the Mezger engine is its proven reliability and ability to safely handle modification—very mild modification in this example with the Switzer 550 Package.

In preparation for the sale, this 911 Turbo received a complete mechanical inspection at 3Zero3 Motorsports, which it passed with flying colors. It received a fresh oil change while at 3Zero3 for its inspection. Looking farther back, in September of 2015, at 34,658 miles, both mass airflow sensors were replaced, and the car received a brake fluid flush, a four-wheel alignment, and fresh tires. In August of 2013, at approximately 27,000 miles, the spark plugs and accessory belt were replaced, along with the turbo boost pressure sensor.

The car idles smoothly, pulls strong to redline, and has no leaks or seeps. The Clutch Master’s FX100 clutch is positive and precise. There is a bit of a learning curve with the clutch the first time you drive the car, but the rapid-fire shifting it allows is worth it. The brakes, suspension, and all-wheel drive operate exactly as they should. There are no codes or check engine lights. The Hankook Ventus V12 Evo tires have no excessive or uneven wear. The rears have 90% tread remaining and the fronts have more than 60% tread remaining.

VIN Decode

 exterior photo

VIN Decode

  • 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo Coupe
  • Division: PCNA
  • Commission #: 623435
  • Production Month: 04/2007
  • VIN: WP0AD29987S785890
  • Price: $132,420.00
  • Exterior: GT Silver Metallic
  • Interior: Black Full Leather
  • Warranty Start: May 10, 2007

Additional Equipment

  • Heated Front Seats (342)
  • 3-Spoke Multifunction Leather Steering Wheel (431)
  • Sport Chrono Package Turbo (640)
  • Module for Telephone PCM (666)
  • Remote CD Changer 6 Disc (692)
  • Floor Mats – Interior Color (810)
  • Supple Leather Front and Rear (982)
  • Black Full Leather (AT)
  • GT Silver Metallic (U2)
  • Metal Door Sill Model Insignia (X70)
  • Porsche Crest in Headrest (XSC)
  • Seat Belts – Silver (XSH)
  • Foot Rest Aluminum (XXZ)