Exterior photo of 2007 Porsche 911 (997.1) Turbo

2007 Porsche 911 (997.1) Turbo



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 31,100 Miles

Engine: 6HTTG3.6 H6 Turbocharged 6-Cylinder Engine

Transmission: 6-Speed Manual Transmission

Exterior color: Arctic Silver Metallic Exterior

Interior: Black Full Leather Interior

Additional features:

Sport Chrono Package

3-Spoke Multi-Function Steering Wheel

Remote 6-Disc CD Changer

Supple Leather Front and Rear

Porsche Crest in Headrests

Metal Door Sill Model Insignia

Aluminum Foot Rest

Alabama / Texas / Colorado Car

Clean Carfax


2007 Porsche 911 (997.1) Turbo exterior photo

The world is a better place thanks to the 997 Porsche 911—at least the world of those who care about Porsche 911s. The 997 was Porsche’s reconciliation for the dramatic departure that it made with the 996 911. When the air-cooled era ended with the legendary 993, its successor the 996 had herculean shoes to fill. When it 996 fell short (and how could it not have), it stoked fears that Porsche had lost its way. It wasn’t that the 996 was bad (in fact it was excellent), we just weren’t ready for the change that it brought. The 997 put those fears to rest, and in the eyes of many, steered the 911 ship back on course. Then the 997 Turbo was released, and even those who had left the 911 faith were born again.

The name Turbo evokes certain emotions when used in conjunction with the 911. Fear is probably near the top of the list. That was because the first 911 Turbo, the 930, was a murderous hooligan that would punish those who dare throttle without a delicate touch. Even so, lust outweighed fear, thanks to the Turbo’s wide-body fenders, whale-tail, and a forced-induction flat six-cylinder motor that quickly evolved into 300 horsepower monster, not a small number in the 1970s. The Turbo quickly became an iconic halo model in the 911 lineup that evolved with successive generations. The 997 Turbo continued this lineage with staggering performance figures, all-wheel drive, and none of the original Turbo’s murderous traits. Make no mistake about it, the 997 Turbo is still a hooligan, just one well mannered enough to bring home to meet your mother.


 exterior photo

We are selling this Arctic Silver over Black Full Leather 2007 911 Turbo with only 31,100 miles on consignment for a local Porsche enthusiast along with a 996 GT3. In addition to the standard Turbo kit, is optioned with the proper 6-speed manual gearbox, Sport Chrono package, Supple Leather seats with Porsche crests in the headrests, and Turbo door insignias. It left the factory in Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart, in April of 2007 and was sold to the original owner shortly thereafter in Tampa, Florida, quickly moving to reside in Birmingham, Alabama. In 2013 it had a short stint in Connecticut, from which it went to Texas. It came to Colorado with its fourth owner in 2018, who we are selling it on consignment for. It is bone stock and in very nice condition. The Carfax is clean and shows regular servicing. In 2017 it received the 30,000-mile service at RAC Performance in Carrolton, Texas, including spark plugs, ignition coils, fuel filter, water pump, accessory belt, and an oil change with Mobil 1. In preparation for sale we replaced the clear bra protecting the lower rear fenders and replaced the scuffed up front lip, then turned it over to Porsche specialists Black Canyon Performance for a pre-purchase inspection and over-rev report.


2007 Porsche 911 (997.1) Turbo exterior photo

The exterior condition of this 911 Turbo is excellent and indicative of its low mileage. It has clearly lived indoors and has been well taken care of. The Arctic Silver Metallic paint is glossy with no excessive swirling or marring. There are few exterior gripes: the front bumper has some small scuffs where paint is missing, there are a few isolated rock chips on the front clip (not the rash that many Colorado cars have) and there is a short section of curbing on the left rear wheel. The only notable dent on the body is a relatively sharp impression right behind the passenger door in front of the intake duct. This is a difficult place to perform paintless dent removal and we were advised that living with it is the best option, but have a PDR. The front bumper has a half-inch nick in the middle and a one-inch long scuff on the passenger side. The rear bumper has been refinished at some point, but is a perfect match. The glass is great condition; the windshield has minor pitting, but no chips. All of the wheels are in excellent condition aside from the driver’s rear, which has a short (inch and a half) section of curbing. The tires are Michelin Pilot Sport PS2’s. They have 2013/2014 DOT dates, but do not appear to have any dry rotting. The fronts are at 40% and the rears are around 30%.


 interior photo

The interior condition is as exceptional as the exterior. When you open the door, you are greeted with nothing but the smell of fine leather. The interior leather is soft and supple (like its name implies), with no rips, tears, or side bolster wear. The driver’s seat has minor creasing on the outer bolsters. The rubber door seals are soft and seal quietly. The carpet is clean and free of stains or tears; factory floor mats have protected it. It has never been smoked in and there are no odors. All interior functions, options, power accessories, and controls work correctly. The multimedia screen and instrument cluster have no blown out pixels. The front trunk carpet is clean and protected by its own floor mat. The only interior flaws are some scuffing on both of the door sill plates, some wear around the headlight switch, and some light wear on the center console where the emergency brake sets down. Two keys and all factory manuals are included with the sale.


 engine photo

This 911 Turbo has clearly been the recipient of impeccable stewardship; it has no mechanical issues. The Mezger engine used in the early 997.1 Turbos are among the most robust Porsche engines ever built. The design is an evolution of Hans Mezger’s racing engines, and in the 997, it specific to the 997.1 Turbo and GT variants, before being retired with the GT3RS 4.0. The important thing about the Mezger engine is its proven reliability and strength. The last major service documented in 2017 is described in the summary paragraph. The pre-purchase inspection from Black Canyon Performance showed no significant issues, and is included in the records. The car idles smoothly, pulls very strongly to redline, and has no leaks or seeps. The clutch take-up is positive and precise and does not slip. The brakes, suspension, and all-wheel drive operate exactly as they should. There are no codes or check engine lights. We ensure it passes and pay for emissions in the State of Colorado.

VIN Decode

 exterior photo

VIN Decode

  • 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo Coupe
  • Division: PCNA
  • Commission #: 624374
  • Production Month: 04/2007
  • VIN: WP0AD29937S786039
  • MSRP: $127,970.00
  • Exterior: Arctic Silver Metallic
  • Interior: Black Full Leather
  • Warranty Start: May 17, 2007

Additional Equipment

  • 431 3-Spoked Multifunction Steering Wheel
  • 650 Sport Chrono Package Turbo
  • 666 Module for Telephone PCM
  • 692 Remote CD Changer (6 Disc)
  • 982 Supple Leather Front and Rear
  • AT Black Full Leather
  • M6A Black Mats – Porsche Lettering
  • X1 Arctic Silver Metallic