Exterior photo of 2008 BMW (E60) M5

2008 BMW (E60) M5



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 46,000 Miles

Transmission: 7-Speed Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG) w/ Drivelogic

Exterior color: Monaco Blue Metallic Exterior (A35)

Interior: Silverstone Perforated Merino Leather Interior (F2AT)

Additional features:

DSC w/ M Dynamic Mode (MDM)

M Leather Multifunction Steering Wheel

M Multifunction Seats

Active Side Bolsters

Active Seat Ventilation (front)

Heated Seats (front)

Headlight Washer System

Adaptive Self-Leveling Xenon Headlights

Automatic Headlights

Lights Package

Logic 7 Sound System

Navigation Professional

Auto Dimming Rearview Mirrors

Automatic Climate Control

Rain Sensor

On Board Computer

M Rear Spoiler

K&N Intakes

Style 166 19-Inch Staggered M5 Wheels

Continental Sport Contact 2 High Performance Tires

100% Stock and Unmolested

North Carolina / Colorado Car

Clean Carfax

4 Generations of the BMW M5


2008 BMW (E60) M5 exterior photo

The E60 generation M5 was the last of the fire-breathing, naturally aspirated, high compression, individual throttle-bodied monsters. It was powered by the F1-inspired S85 V10 engine that produces a staggering 500 horsepower. Keeping with tradition, this made it the fastest 4-door salon in the world at its release. The S85 was a blank-slate design featuring 12:1 compression, lightweight aluminum construction, and a semi-dry sump oil system. As the world marched on to CAFE requirements, and the turbo charging that followed, the E60 marked the end era for BMW M GmbH. There is simply no substitute for ten individual throttle bodies snarling in direct proportion to your right foot while exhaling through an exhaust un-muffled by turbo chargers. It was the last M5 that demanded driver participation to extract all of its performance. While there is no shortage of power in the lower RPMs, the S85 requires prodigious excursions above 8000 RPM to unleash its 500 horses. The SMG III Drivelogic 7-speed gearbox was also a blank-slate, designed specifically for the S85. It is 20 percent faster than SMG II in the E46 M3 and significantly smoother in normal driving. There is something highly satisfying about the old-school single clutch SMG. Like an early Nintendo, it has carved its own niche in the technological arc of automobile evolution while still delivering faster than humanly possible gearshifts—that said from a diehard manual enthusiast. There are fewer more potent weapons for the money than the E60 M5. It is the last of the truly driver-focused M5s, as BMW has shifted away from the enthusiast with each successive generation.


 exterior photo

This 2008 Monaco Blue Metallic M5 is a striking example with only 46,000 miles on the odometer. Outfitted with Silverstone perforated Merino leather and brushed Aluminum Shadow trim it is the perfect color combination. It is well optioned with heated and ventilated perforated leather seats and active side bolsters (BMW calls it Dynamic Seatback Width Adjustment). It never gets old startling unsuspecting passengers the first time the bolsters squeeze them during hard cornering. The adaptive Xenon HID headlights are not only self-leveling, but also turn with the steering wheel—the effect is almost telepathic. Inside the interior is outfitted with nearly every E60 option (except the heads up display), including Logic 7 sound system—which is moot because the symphony of that V10 is the only soundtrack you need. It was originally delivered on July 25, 2008 in Charlotte, North Carolina as a personal lease. The MSRP was a staggering $92,875.00! It was returned in 2011 and sold as a Certified Pre-Owned BMW to the current owner. I am selling it on consignment for them due to growing family needs. Since living in Colorado it has always been dealer serviced or by independent specialists 3Zero3 Motorsports. The records show regular oil changes, routine services, and fluid flushes. It was given a fresh service in preparation for sale including a fresh oil change, brake fluid flush, spark plugs, several coil packs, and a cabin air filter. This is a turn-key car (if it had a key). I wouldn’t hesitate to drive it across the country. The SMG operates perfectly, there are no warning or check lights, it passes emissions, and all functions work correctly except for the auto-stop of the folding mirrors.


2008 BMW (E60) M5 exterior photo

The Monaco Blue Metallic paint is in excellent condition. This is a blasphemous statement from an old-school M5 fanatic like myself, but I think the E60 may be the best looking M5 of them all. I’ve spent quite a bit of time admiring, photographing, and scrutinizing this car and Chris Bangle nailed the E60 in M5 trim. It was the first M5 with flared fenders, along with the aggressive front and rear bumpers, which clearly differentiate it from its lesser siblings. This example has clearly always lived indoors and has been spared harsh weather and UV exposure. There are no glaring imperfections. Close examination reveals minor pitting on the hood and bumper cover, a scratch on the roof next to the antenna, and a scratch on the rear bumper cover (pictures are on our website if you are reading this elsewhere). All panels are original and the factory VIN placard is in place. There is no rust. All trim work is in place. The windshield is BMW glass that is crack-free with only minor pitting. The adaptive headlights operate correctly, there are no inoperative design elements, and the lenses are clear with only minor pitting. The LED rear taillight lenses also function correctly and are crack-free. The Style 166 19-Inch Staggered M5 wheels are straight and true with minor curb rash; the worst is on the left rear wheel. They are wrapped in Continental Sport Contact 2 high performance tires. They are near the wear bars, but do not warrant immediate replacement. We have factored the cost of replacement tires by the buyer into the asking price. Tire brand is highly subjective, but we will assist in getting the tires of the buyer’s choice mounted if desired.


 interior photo

The interior is as accentuated by Silverstone perforated Merino leather with brushed aluminum trim, and complements the Monaco Blue exterior perfectly. There is leather on virtually every surface that isn’t brushed aluminum and it is all in excellent shape. There is no odor other that wonderful leather smell; it has never been smoked in. The carpet has no stains or tears and is protected by BMW M5 front floor mats. The seats are in excellent shape, with no excessive wear. All seat functions work, including the active side bolsters, heat, and ventilation. The small-diameter thick-rimmed 3-spoke M steering wheel has soft leather and no failed M stitching. The multi-function, tilt, and telescope functions work. There are no failed LCD pixels in the instrument cluster or iDrive screen. The navigation discs are not present, but your smart phone will do a better job. There are no service requirement warnings, the oil level is good, and there are no check control messages. The extendable cup holders function correctly. The Logic 7 sound system is amazing. The heat blows warm and the air conditioning blows cold; the blower motor does not chirp at any speed. The center console is not scratched and the iDrive controller functions correctly. All power windows, door locks, and the sunroof operate correctly. The door cards are tight and the window regulators are quiet. There are a few faint shoe rubber scuffs on the lower driver’s door card. The anthracite headliner is excellent. The trunk carpet has no stains; the tool kit and first aid kit are present, as is the M mobility kit. All owners’ manuals are included, along with the original window sticker and two key FOBs.


 engine photo

All maintenance is up to date and no common issues are present. The later model year E60 M5s were notably more reliable than the early model years. The S85 fires on command, idles smoothly and pulls strongly to redline. It does not leak, drip, or spot. The VANOS units are quiet, early model VANOS oil pump issues were remedied by the 2008 model year. The throttle body actuators are functioning correctly and throw no codes. There is no history of oil pressure fluctuation or any sign of poor rod bearing health. As with any S85, I recommend Blackstone oil analysis, but rod-bearing failure at this example’s mileage is rare. The SMG functions correctly, throwing no codes or indications of hydraulic pump failure. It shifts correctly in automatic and manual modes through both the steering wheel mounted paddles and shift lever. The clutch is healthy with no slippage. The M Servotronic variable speed steering is fantastic. Early E60s had issues with the steering angle sensor, which was remedied by 2008. The suspension is firm and compliant. There is no driveline or wheel bearing vibration or whine. There are no exhaust leaks and we pay for and ensure it passes emissions in Colorado. It does not appear to have ever been abused or tracked, but performance driving instruction and coaching are available through us if desired.

This is a properly cared for E60 M5. It has relatively low miles and is ready to be enjoyed by its new owner. Make no mistake, like any E60 M5, it will need continued care and maintenance and E60 M5 maintenance is not inexpensive. In my experience, S85 rod bearing issues tend to be overblown. Proper oil warm up operation is important, along with regular oil analysis. SMG hydraulic pumps will eventually fail (it seems like 80-120K miles is the average window), I recommend budgeting for this and preventative rod bearing replacements in advance—similar to how airplane maintenance costs are built into the cost of operation. That said, the experience of the F1-inspired V10 is worth it. The E60 M5 was the last of the fire breathing monsters, the peak of naturally aspirated M car evolution. As the world continues its march away from this, I suspect that E60 values will respond in kind. We would like to find a new owner for this one that will enjoy and care for it for years to come.

VIN Decode

 exterior photo

VIN Decode

  • Vehicle Identification Number: WBSNB93508CX09333
  • Type: NB93
  • Model: M5 – USA
  • Development Code: E60 (M5)
  • Chassis: Sedan
  • Steering: LL
  • Doors: 4
  • Engine: S85
  • Displacement: 5.00

  • Power: 500 Horsepower

  • Drivetrain: Rear

  • Transmission: Manual

  • Color: Monaco Blue Metallic (Monacoblau Metallic – A35)

  • Upholstery: Silverstone Merino perforated Leather (Klimavolllede/silversont Ii – X2A9)
  • Production Plant: DINGOLFING
  • Production Date: 7-17-2007


  • 1CA Selection Cop Relevant Vehicles
  • 2VB Tire Pressure Indicator
  • 319 Integrated Universal Remote
  • 4MA M Multifunction Front Seats
  • 4MF Dynamic Seat Back Width Adjustment
  • 403 Glass Roof
  • 430 Interior and Exterior Mirror Package
  • 431 Auto Dimming Mirror
  • 441 Smokers Package
  • 453 Active Front Seat Ventilation
  • 502 Headlight Washer System
  • 508 Parking Distance Control (PDC)
  • 524 Adaptive Headlights
  • 6UH Traffic Information
  • 609 Navigation System Professional
  • 620 Voice Input System
  • 639 Complete Cellular Phone Prep
  • 677 Hifi System Professional
  • 693 Satellite Tuner Preparation
  • 694 Preparation for CD Changer
  • 697 Area Code 1
  • 737 Blushed Aluminum Shadow Interior Trim
  • 754 M Rear Spoiler
  • 8SP Cop Control
  • 818 Main Battery Switch
  • 9AA External Skin Protection
  • 925 Shipping Protection Package

Standard Equipment

  • 302 Alarm System
  • 354 Green Stripe Windscreen
  • 442 Cup Holder
  • 459 Power Memory Seats
  • 473 Front Armrest
  • 494 Heated Front Seats
  • 522 Xenon Headlights
  • 534 Automatic Air Conditioning
  • 540 Cruise Control
  • 563 Lights Package
  • 645 Radio Control US
  • 845 Acoustic Belt Warning
  • 850 Add Fuel Tank Filling for Export
  • 853 Language Version English
  • 876 Radio Frequency 315 Mhz
  • 992 Number Plate Attachment