Exterior photo of 2013 BMW M3 ZCP

2013 BMW M3 ZCP



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 4,900 Miles

Engine: S65B40 4.0-Liter V8 Engine

Transmission: 6-Speed Manual Transmission

Owner: 1-Owner

Exterior color: Speed Yellow Exterior (490)

Interior: Black Novillo Leather Interior (NCSW)

VIN: WBSKG9C59DJ593513

Additional features:

ZCP Competition Package (7MA)

  • 10 mm lower ride height
  • Revised Electronic Dampener Control (EDC)
  • 19” Forged Style 359 Competition Wheels

M Performance Exhaust

1 of 3 Individual Order Speed Yellow E92 M3 Coupes in the U.S.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires

Carbon Leather Interior Trim

Black Cube Fiber Trim

Comfort Access

Heated Manual Leather Seats

Carbon Fiber Black Kidney Grills (OEM Kidney Grills Included)

Black Chrome M3 Side Gills (OEM Side Gills Included)

Adaptive Xenon Headlights

Carbon Fiber Roof

M Dynamic Mode DSC w/ M Differential Lock

Fold Down Rear Seats

3M Crystalline Window Tint 50%

Complete SunTek PPF Clear Bra Protection (Full Hood, Fender, Front Bumper,

Headlights, Headlights, Mirrors, Side Rockers, Rear Bumper)

BMW Aluminum Pedals

BMW M3 Carpet Floor Mats

BMW Rubber All-Season Floor Mats

BMW Trunk Cargo Net

BMW Enthusiast Owned and Maintained

European Delivered

Factory Warranty

Clean Carfax

Original Owner


2013 BMW M3 ZCP exterior photo

We are selling this 2013 Speed Yellow Individual ZCP E92 M3 on consignment for a fellow BMW enthusiast and BMW Car Club of America member. It was special ordered through BMW Individual and received via European delivery from BMW Welt in Munich. It is one of only three BMW Individual Speed Yellow E92 M3s in North America. It is properly equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission, ZCP Competition Package, M Performance exhaust, and a host of other desirable options. When you buy any pre-owned BMW you are buying the previous owner’s stewardship. Proper ownership is key, especially with an M car. The seller is a long time BMW enthusiast and BMW CCA member who also holds a NASA GTS racing license. The other cars in her stable were an E39 M5, E90 335Xi, and NASA GTS E36 M3 race car, which served touring, daily driving, and track duty respectively. The Speed Yellow M3 was the halo model of her collection, being enjoyed sparingly and making a statement everywhere it went. It has always lived in a climate-controlled facility and has never been tracked or exposed to inclement weather. It has been protected by extensive SunTek PPF clear bra and 3M Crystalline window tint. It has always been dealer serviced and retains the factory BMW warranty. Its condition is flawless and still smells new inside. This is one of the most pristine and well-cared-for E92 M3s in the country, an extreme outlier in the available market population. We would like to find a home for it where it will be well cared for, appreciated and enjoyed.


 engine photo

The E92 generation M3 (2008-2013 model years, the 2 designates a coupe) marks the end of an era for the BMW M3. It was the last M3 that followed the high revving, high compression, normally aspirated, individual throttle body recipe that started with the iconic original E30 M3. If you are an M car fanatic of the old school, this is a big deal. The E92 M3 is the most highly evolved and potent example of that recipe. It is even the last two-door M3 (the coupe form being replaced by the M4 for the F80 generation). It’s not that the E92’s successor F80 M3/M4 isn’t fantastic—it is. The F80 is more rigid, has better low-end torque, and more technology—it even has a carbon fiber driveshaft, but it just isn’t as special. It really isn’t. After the initial novelty wears off, you realize that something is missing. It lacks the theater, the drama, and the passion that can only be created through that old school M car recipe. There is a lineage and a connection to the legacy of what defined the M3 for a generation that you just don’t feel in the F80 M3/M4.

Put another way, the E92 M3 is a fire breathing monster that shrieks to a redline of well over 8,000 rpm while inhaling through no less than eight snarling throttle bodies and whaling through an exhaust unimpeded by turbochargers. The F80 M3/M4 makes up for this deficiency by playing exhaust and engine noise through cabin speakers, but it’s not the same. The E92 M3 delivers those noises and that experience organically to its driver. It is the M3 with the volume turned up to eleven. And because it’s an M3, it still offers wonderful daily drivability, comfort, luxury, and practicality. Car and Driver, Motor Trend, and Edmunds called the E92 M3 the finest, single best, and most complete car on the market. Even the sanctimonious Jeremy Clarkson said it was the best car and there is no point in thinking otherwise. The thing is, nothing is constant but change, and as technology inevitably marches along we must accept a future where all M cars will be turbocharged and will have names based on their number of doors. They will be brilliant and we will learn to love them, but if you are like me, you will always love the E92 and its predecessors even more.

The Color

 engine photo

The E92 M3 we are offering is more than just a pristine example, it is yellow—Speed Yellow. If you are still reading, then that is a good thing. Details are important to the seller and when she ordered this M3 it had to be perfect. It was replacing a Jerez Black E92 M3 and she wanted something special. Laguna Seca blue was a serious contender, but at the time that hue was more reminiscent of the E46 generation M3. Yellow was another favorite. Phoenix Yellow was another E46 color (and now an F80 color), Dakar Yellow was too pale, and Acatama Yellow was too orange. Speed Yellow (which BMW borrowed from the Porsche catalogue) was perfect. She paid the $5000 BMW Individual premium and took a chance that it would look as good in person. When she arrived at the factory in Munich and first saw the M3 in person it did. I would agree—in a word it is striking. Against a backdrop of white, black, and silver BMWs, Speed Yellow announces to the world that this is an M3, and a special one at that. For the last years of E92 production BMW offered many unique colors, including flat “frozen” colors that proved to be maintenance intensive and the notable Fire Orange of the Lime Rock Park Edition. According to BMW North America this example is one of only three Speed Yellow E92 M3s in the U.S., making it exceptionally rare, even among the exclusive colors.

The Build

 engine photo

BMW M cars are sums greater than their parts, especially the M3. Each bit has been fastidiously engineered by M GmbH to enhance its specific performance area, transforming the already brilliant 3 series into an M. Add the Competition Package (option code 7MA, abbreviated ZCP) and the M3 is subtlety transformed again. The biggest visual difference is the wheels. Style 359 19 x 9” front and 19 x 10” rear wheels are one of BMW’s best and most aggressive designs. They are forged and nearly four pounds lighter with an 18% larger contact patch per wheel than regular Style 220 M3 wheels. From the driver’s seat the larger contact patch and the suspension are what you notice most. It’s not just reduced body roll from the 10 mm drop, it’s the electronic dampener control (EDC) tuning in sport mode—it’s firm The DSC and M Dynamic Mode, and have been revised accordingly. Suspension tuning is highly subjective, but revised dampening, reduced rotational mass, and increased grip are things that any performance driver can feel. Speaking of grip, Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires offer astounding grip—cat claws on Astroturf levels of grip! This is further improved by the seller’s own tuning. She aligned the maximum front negative camber possible from the factory setup, reducing factory understeer resulting in a more neutral yet still predicable composure.

The M Performance exhaust is the exhaust every M3 should have come with. It is constructed of inconel mufflers and titanium exhaust tips with laser engraved M logos. It is 40% lighter than the stock exhaust and the sound is glorious. BMW M struck a perfect balance between an aggressive sound that amplifies the intensity of the S65 engine, yet doesn’t drone or overpower the intake noise that equally contributes to the symphony. It is quiet and unobtrusive when you want it to be, then roars when it’s time to be loud. Full throttle between 3000 and 6000 RPMs is the best exhaust note, above that it’s all intake!

Inside this M3 is spec’d to an enthusiast’s taste, with a constant attention to weight. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t. A 6-speed manual gearbox is the most important option. The DCT shifts faster and a vast improvement over previous automated-manual BMW transmissions, but it weighs 55 pounds more and the there is no replacement for shifting your own gears. Time has always proven that manually equipped M3’s earn higher premiums too. Rowing through your own gears is the best way to get the complete M3 experience. The added driver involvement only heightens the drama and theater of that old school M3 recipe. Heated manual seats with full bolster adjustment are 22 pounds lighter than power seats. OEM aluminum pedals add bling. The dash is uncluttered with navigation and other technology options, which inevitably become obsolete and add weight.


2013 BMW M3 ZCP exterior photo

This M3 is perfect. It has always lived indoors and been driven sparingly, only in fair weather. The exterior is protected by professionally installed SunTek PPF self-healing clear bra on nearly every wear prone surface. The entire hood is covered in a single sheet—no seams like you get with the commonly used narrow sheets. The front bumper cover, lights, front fenders, mirrors, rear bumper cover, and rockers. SunTek PPF heals with hot water, so scratches and imperfections can be removed easily. The windows have been covered with 3M Crystalline ceramic tint, 50% VLT. The carbon fiber roof clear coat is brilliant and translucent; it sparkles like fresh snowflakes at dawn. The wheels have absolutely no blemishes or curb rash.

The interior is equally pristine. It still smells like the day it was delivered. There are no odors, tears, scuffs, or stains. It has never been smoked in. The leather steering wheel, shifter, and seats are soft and supple with zero bolster wear. The carpets have been protected by factory floor mats, two sets are included, carpeted and rubber. The factory cargo trunk net is also included.

All maintenance has been done more frequently than the factory intervals. The 1,200-mile engine break-in was done strictly per BMW instructions. Oil changes have been done annually. Gebhart BMW installed the M Performance exhaust (which came off the seller’s previous E92 M3 and has about 25,000 miles on it). SCR Performance did the alignment, which puts the front wheels at about -.5 degrees of camber—the maximum stock setting. This diminishes factory understeer significantly, but keeps excessive tire wear to a minimum. It has never had any mechanical issues, thrown any codes, or gone into limp mode.


 interior photo

This is one of the most pristine and well-cared-for E92 M3s in the country. Nearly new examples are rapidly becoming difficult to find. We are asking a nearly new price tag, but if you wanted a new M3/M4 you stopped reading a long time ago. This M3 is for someone who values what the E92 is—the last and most potent example of the recipe that defined the M3 since the iconic original. We would like to find a home for it where it will be well cared for, appreciated and enjoyed. Thanks for reading!

VIN Decode

 interior photo

VIN Decode

  • Vehicle Identification Number: WBSKG9C59DJ593513
  • Type: KG93
  • Model: M3 - USA
  • Development Code: E92 (M3)
  • Chassis: COUPE
  • Steering: LL
  • Doors: 2
  • Engine: S65
  • Displacement: 4.00
  • Power: 309 (414 Horsepower)
  • Drivetrain: Heck
  • Transmission: Mech
  • Color: Sonderlackierung - 490
  • Upholstery: Leder Novillo/schwarz – NCSW
  • Production Plant: REGENSBURG
  • Production Date: 10-19-2012

Optional Equipment

  • 1CA Selection Cop Relevant Vehicles
  • 1CC Automatic Start/stop Function
  • 2MD M Drive
  • 2VB Tyre Pressure Indicator
  • 223 Dynamic Damper Control
  • 302 Alarm System
  • 322 Comfort Access System
  • 4AE Armrest Front Retractable
  • 4MY Black Ltr. Carbon Structure
  • 423 Floor Mats, Velour
  • 428 Warning Triangle
  • 441 Smokers Package
  • 490 Seat Back Width Adjustment
  • 494 Seat Heating F Driver/front Passenger
  • 521 Rain Sensor
  • 563 Lights Package
  • 6AA Bmw Teleservices
  • 6AB Control Teleservices
  • 6FL Usb-/audio Interface
  • 6VC Control Combox
  • 639 Complete Prep. Cellular Phone Usa/cdn
  • 676 Hifi Loudspeaker System
  • 693 Satellite Tuner Preparation
  • 697 Area-code 1
  • 7MA Competition Package
  • 760 Individual High-gloss Satin Chrome Shadow Line Trim
  • 8SC Country Spec. Release Of Teleservice
  • 8SP Cop Control
  • 8TN Daytime Driving Lights Selectable B
  • 9AB Ext. Skin Prot., Delet. Spec. Chec
  • 925 Shipping Protection Package

Standard Equipment

  • 431 Interior Rr Vw Mirror W Aut Anti-d
  • 5DS Luggage-compartment Emerg. Release
  • 522 Xenon Light
  • 524 Adaptive Headlights
  • 534 Automatic Air Conditioning
  • 540 Cruise Control
  • 645 Radio Control Us
  • 663 Radio Bmw Professional
  • 775 Individual Roof-lining Anthracite
  • 845 Acoustic Belt Warning
  • 853 Language Version English
  • 876 Radio Frequency 315 Mhz