Michelle C.

Alex is a rockstar!  He found me my dream car at a great price and I couldn’t have been more thrilled working with him!  He is very knowledgeable which was incredibly helpful as he suggested I turn down some local BMWs that lacked good history and he ultimatly found one for me with impeccable records and maintenance history.  He was very patient in answering all of my questions and concerns as we pursued this car that I now couldn’t be more happy with!  I wound up with way more car than I ever expected for the price I was wanting to spend. I truly felt he had my best interest at heart in finding the perfect car to meet my needs and desires.  I would recommend working with him to anyone and will absolutely seek his expertise on all my future car purchases!

Dan A.

Alex, thank you so much for helping me find the car of my dreams.  I have always avoided auto brokers thinking it would be a negative experience.  This was by far the most pleasant, low pressure, informative experience I have ever had buying a car.  You were seriously the most patient, informative, person I have ever encountered and always willing to put me before the sale.  This is not the way car buying goes, I thought.  As a result, we bought a second car from you and I have already recommended you to countless people I know looking to buy cars.  I will undoubtedly be buying another car from you in the future.  If the car industry took a page from you on how to treat their customers, it would forever change the car buying experience.

Todd B.
(Bring a Trailer Letter)

I bought the BMW E36 M3 that was featured on BaT in late January.
Apparently I was the first to call about it the morning it was featured on Bat. Both Alex and Bart from GlenShelly Auto Brokers called back late in the day to let me know that the car had been put under agreement just prior to BaT picking it up. Alex also told me that they had received a significant increase in calls due to the BaT exposure. I thanked him, bummed that I had just missed it.

A week or so later, I sent Alex an email asking him to think of me if something similar came up. I had feelers out to a couple of other reputable folks to look for me also. My search was on. An email came back. In fact, the M3 had not been paid for and there was a loan and a trade-in involved. Game on! 

Alex is an enthusiast. You hear it in his voice when you speak with him on the phone and you can feel his passion in his writing on his blog and the website ad content. More than anything else, I respect passion whether its for business or pleasure. Enthusiasts tend to take care of their cars so I knew I was potentially buying a quality product from a good person. Cyber stalking, I also noticed that Alex was an airline pilot and into hang gliding. These are activities that require a consistent and strong attention to detail. People with these traits are generally good people to buy used cars from especially if they maintain or refresh their own cars.They do not short cut on maintenance and get what preventative means. Its in their nature. 

This was my rationale for not going to see the car or buying it from someone I haven’t met face to face. I would buy the car without driving or seeing it. I’m a trusting sort and this approach has worked the last three times I’ve bought cars. Some of my friends think I’m crazy. Short story long, the M3 was mine a week later.

A fly-in/road trip back was tempting but I opted to have it hauled back from CO to MA instead. The truck arrived a few days ago with my new-to-me car. Ahead of time, I received a Fedex with related paperwork along with a detailed chronology of the maintenance history (and receipts). I expected nothing less from Alex. This info helped me set a proper baseline for future maintenance.  

The car is in terrific condition especially for an 18 year old car. I ran it up and back to Vermont this past weekend and could not be happier. The sum of the mods all work together very well making it a step faster and tighter than stock - not a bad thing. The car drives like one half its age and mileage due to the proper maintenance and the refresh that Alex coordinated. Respect to Alex for his thoroughness in preparing the car and his patience with my endless questions before, during and after the sale. I encourage you to visit their site at www.glenshelly.com. The ads are fun to read and you get a sense of their passion. You want to buy all of their cars (did you see that 7 series sport they had a few weeks ago)! 

If all car purchase transactions could be this easy…and a shout out to Bat for the feature and yet another successful transaction.

M.R. M.

Alex, please accept my thanks again for the great job you did. It was a pleasure from beginning to end. You showed yourself to be an enthusiast as well as a great guy. This is the first time I have ever used a broker. Here is more proof that it was a great decision…Three days to sell my car is a record that I certainly could not have met by myself. Selling it for more than I expected is extra sweet. I will not hesitate to call you again and will recommend Glen Shelly Auto Brokers to anyone interested in selling their car.

Lisa T.

I recommend Glen Shelly Auto Brokers to any Coloradoan who wants a reliable, used vehicle at a great price. My truck was damaged in an accident and I needed a new car for a very specific price, and quickly. Bart is trustworthy and pleasant. He listened to exactly what I wanted in a new car and found it on the first day he started looking. Throughout the process Bart had my best interests in mind. I will always buy future vehicles from Glen Shelly and will recommend them highly to my friends and family. I love my new car!

Andrew S.

This was the easiest, most low-pressure dealer experience I have ever had. Alex was very knowledgeable and straight forward. It was apparent from the outset that he values his client relationships. I’ll definitely go back to Glen Shelly for my next purchase.