Exterior photo of 1989 Honda Civic SI

1989 Honda Civic SI



Price: SOLD

Mileage: 207,900 Miles

Engine: D16A6 1.6-Liter Inline 4-Cylinder Engine

Transmission: 5-Speed Manual Transmission

Exterior color: Polar White (NH512Z)

Interior: Off-Black Cloth Interior (Type 0) w/ JDM Recaro Fishnet Seats

VIN: 2HGED7361KH516368

Additional features:

Stock Options:

Shortened Gearing


Power Sunroof

Passenger Side Mirror

Sport Seats (replaced w/ JDM Recaros)

Air Conditioning (removed)


Color-Matched Bumpers

14-Inch Wheels (removed)


JDM Recaro Fishnet Seats w/ Red Highlights

Momo Steering Wheel

AEM Short Ram Air Intake

DC Sports 4-2-1 Ceramic-Coated Headers

2 1/4” Cat-Back Exhaust

Koni True Choice Race-Valved Single Adjustable Shocks w/

Ground Control Coilover Sleeves

Eibach and Hyperco Springs

SPC Rear Upper Control Arms

Suspension Techniques 22mm Rear Sway Bar

No Front Sway Bar

15x7” Sparco FF-1 GLS Wheels

Continental ExtremeContact Sport SL Tires

Clean Carfax

Colorado Car


1989 Honda Civic SI exterior photo

The Honda Civic Si debuted in the U.S. market with the third-generation Civic in 1986, following the release of the CRX Si the year prior—and with it, one of the best hot hatches ever was born. This was followed in 1989 by the fourth-generation Civic Si, where the Si truly honed its form. Commonly referred to as the “EF” Civic Si, the U.S. market never got an EF-vin’ed fourth-gen Civic; the Si was actually an ED. Nonetheless, the ED Civic Si was among the best Si’s ever. The ED was the sweet spot of an early Civic Si; its boxy hatchback lines have aged wonderfully. Power came from the 108-horsepower 1.6-liter D16A6 engine, which was livened further by shortened gearing and the standard Si kit: a power sunroof, sport seats, air-con, a clock, color-matched trim, and amenities we take for granted today, like a tachometer and passenger side mirror! Unfortunately, most ED Si’s have been decimated by generations of kids (and adults), who have neglected, stolen, or modified them into obsolescence—or folks who drove them into oblivion because they were that good!


 exterior photo

This Polar White over Off-Black cloth with JDM Recaro Fishnet seats 1989 ED Honda Civic Si with 207,900 miles is one of those examples that has not been decimated by neglect, over-modification, or entry-level buyers. It wears its miles proudly, and you will brag about them at the gas station when people compliment how clean it is. Modifications on this example are tasteful and purposeful—it has been a class-winning autocross car, built and driven by mature professionals—the antithesis of the Sunday night street racing crowd. The clean Carfax shows the first record in 1993 in Fort Collins, Colorado, with 53K miles; it has remained here ever since. It has also clearly lived indoors for the majority of its life. Other than superficial rust on the undercarriage components (brake calipers, spindles, etc.), there is no notable corrosion (the killer of these cars east of the Mississippi), and there is minimal sun damage (only faint paint defects on the roof, slight UV fade on the trim, and some degradation of the driver’s upper door car vinyl). We know the previous three owners of this car and brought it into the Glen Shelly fold because a clean ED Civic Si that isn’t beat was just too good to pass up.

The current build started at 185,000 miles, where it was purpose-built for SCCA and NASA autocross in the modified street classes. The car’s history and previous listings can be found on various autocross forums. The modifications include an AEM short ram air intake, DC Sports 4-2-1 ceramic-coated headers with a 2 1/4” cat-back exhaust, Koni True Choice race-valved single-adjustable shocks in Ground Control coil-over sleeves, Eibach and Hyperco springs, SPC Rear Upper Control Arms, a Suspension Techniques 22mm rear sway bar, and no front sway bar. The air conditioning and stereo were deleted, and there are no original parts other than the passenger seat available with the car. The intake noise alone precludes the need to listen to anything else! When we got it, we replaced a worn Momo steering wheel with a nicer one and added a set of JDM Recaro LX fishnet headrest seats on custom brackets and sliders. The seats were $2K, shipped from Japan, and have subtle red stitching that perfectly matches the OEM Si red weave. We also added 15x7-inch Sparco FF-1 GLS wheels with freshly mounted Continental ExtremeContact Sport high-performance summer tires that came straight from Tire Rack specifically for this car. They have less than 100 miles on them. Then we did a round of tuning to dial it down slightly from the autocross mission. My friend raised and softened the suspension prior to giving it to us and changed the alignment to a more street-able spec. We replaced the solid motor and transmission mounts to reduce interior vibration. We also replaced the oil pan gasket with an oil service, upper control arms, steering rack boots, tie rod ends, distributor o-ring, rear hatch struts, and the front brake pads and rotors to bring all maintenance up to spec.

As it sits, it is still extremely sharp-edged, and easily the most fun car we have at the hangar. The ride is very firm, but it is also a corner carving scalpel and the epitome of slow-car-fast fun! We fight over who will do parts runs in it, always picking it over the Porsches and BMWs. If you are salty that these are no longer $400 or even $4,000 cars, I am empathetic (my first CRX Si was a $400 wonder, and I loved it)—but times have changed, and a clean ED Civic Si is rarer than an NSX. The price is firm; the longer you don’t buy it, the more we get to enjoy it!


1989 Honda Civic SI exterior photo

The Polar White paint is in excellent condition, given the Civic’s mileage and age. The front fenders, hood, roof, rear hatch, and driver’s rear quarter paint gauge at 3-4 mils, indicating original paint. The driver’s door gauges at 5-6 mils, and the passenger door and rear quarter gauge in the 8-9 mil range, with areas of double digits above the right rear fender. The paint match is nearly perfect on all panels. There are typical chips and scratches commiserate with age and mileage, and faint UV cracking on the roof and heavy scratches on the driver’s rear quarter below the window. The pin strip is awesome! There is no notable rust besides superficial browning on the brake calipers, suspension, and undercarriage components. All trim is present with slight UV fade, and moderate UV fade on the rear upper bumper trim. The glass is in excellent condition. All indicator lenses and taillight housings are clear and crack-free. The Sparco wheels are perfect; they are wearing Continental ExtremeContact Sport tires with less than 100 miles on them.


 interior photo

Overall the interior is also in very good shape. The carpet shows wear, but is in good shape. The headliner has some scratching; the sunroof functions correctly. The seats are in excellent shape and are the defining feature of the interior. Every Civic should have JDM Recaros! The rear seats have some wear, but are presentable. The driver’s door card does have typical UV shrinking and tears on the upper surface. The 3-spoke Momo steering wheel is in good shape, and the horn works correctly. Due to age, the ignition tumbler takes a little technique to disengage the steering wheel lock. However, there is no evidence of it ever being tampered with. The instrument cluster functions correctly, as does the clock. The blower motor and heater function correctly, the air conditioning has been removed, but the switch is still present. The center console and shifter surround have some visible wear, but are presentable. All interior functions work correctly. The trunk carpet is clean, backs of the seats, and the trunk trim have moderate wear, and the tool kit and spare tire are present. The owners’ manual is present and included, as are two keys.


 engine photo

This Civic SI has always been adult-owned and maintained to a high standard. We know several previous owners over the years. In preparation for sale we did the work outlined in the summary paragraph. The D16A6 engine starts on command and pulls strongly once up to operating temperature. The timing belt and water pump were reportedly done when the engine was built, roughly 23K miles ago. The clutch take-up is correct, and it shifts smoothly. The suspension is very firm, but that also makes it extremely agile. The ride is not for the faint of heart, and should you want to daily it, you would probably want to soften it or raise it. As it sits, it would be extremely competitive in autocross. We brought the brakes up to spec in the service work we did. It may not pass emissions in its current state, but we can talk about options if you live in an emissions area.